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» The General - Chapter 13

General Conrad was resting comfortably or at least trying to, military cargo jets were hardly known for their accommodations. He had a good eight hours to reflect on what had happened over the past few years and weeks for that matter, he wondered what he had missed that had caused such grave suffering in his homeland, what clues had been overlooked, why couldn't we see it coming was the question he kept asking himself and to this he had no answer. Across the aisle Agent Tanya had been studying the General for a good time now and finally spoke up.
"Is something the matter, Sir?" She questioned.
"Oh, nothing," he said with a slight grin, "just wondering when our allies are going to become our allies." Noticing a British Captain was sitting a few rows behind, he made sure he said it loud enough for him to hear.
"Well sir if it was up to me we'd have been there the day after [the Russian invasion], but my country men have good reason to hold committing our forces, currently the mad-man Romanov has nukes pointed at us, holding us back." the Captain came back with trying best to appease the American officer.
"I know, I know." Conrad started, "I know you'd be there at our side of you could." Although Conrad had no indifference to the British or other Europeans for that matter, with the exception of the French, he still thought that a pretty lame excuse to him, but never publicly said that, for fear of really doming his country. But that's why he was here to end the nuclear threat to the euros and allow them to join the war against the soviets and hopefully end the red menace once and for all. The plane finally touched down at London's Heathrow Airport about ten minutes later at 1810 HOURS by his watch. Conrad stared out the window for a moment and then back down at his watch again.
"It awfully early to be this dark, Captain Theary" Conrad pointed out. The good Captain had moved into the empty seat during their initial conversation at the Generals request.
"Ah, sir did you forget to factor the five time zones we passed through from Montreal to London." Theary asked. Then General Conrad realizing his error quickly adjusted his watch to the correct time of 2310 HOURS.
"But of course." he replied. Then the plane, the HMS Lady Foot as he had noticed when he boarded, came to a rest on the runway. The cabin doors opened and General Conrad gathered his bag and headed for the exit, when he got off the plane he followed by Captain Theary and Agent Tanya were greeted by several top British generals, they exchanged salutes and pleasantries, then the British brass pointed to a limousine that was stationed a few meters away.
"It's been an honor meeting the American responsible for the American resistance to the Soviets." One of the British generals said. This statement rather upset Conrad; it made him feel like he was a leader of some rebel territory or province, not the best commander of the most powerful nation on earth.
"Why thank you sir, but I must say the honor has been all mine, meeting some of the great hero's from the Russian invasion of Europe is quite inspiring." Conrad came up with. This was again a lie, but necessary to keep them on his side, because as he figured they probably had absolutely nothing to do with the allied victory, as was the way it usually was, he thought. The out of the limo stepped a woman, General Conrad noticed this out of the corner of his eye. And only where she could hear he quietly muttered, "There she is, the Evil Queen of Information." That's what he called, the Prime Minister of Great Britain. He and Tanya each had a good laugh and then quickly recomposed themselves before she got closer.
"It is good to finally meet you in person General." The Prime Minister stated in her very thick English accent.
"As it is you, Madame Prime Minister." He responded in his best English accent, that he'd been rehearsing on the plane flight. Judging by the looks on everyone's face he quickly assumed that only he and Agent Tanya got the humor in what he said.
"I didn't ask you to here to hear your cheesy accent, General." she scolded.
"Forgive me, Madame Prime Minister, my mistake." Conrad said with a grin still on his face.
"If the introductions are finished might I suggest we adjourn to a more proper meeting area." Prime Minister Bridgeforth asked the assembly of officials. They all agreed and a they group was motioned into an an armored limousine and headed into the heart of London via a police escort. The streets were relatively empty, this was most likely due to the flashing sirens. Inside the limousine, General Conrad got a grasp of what they were about to embark on. The main background and objectives of the mission were presented in a rather crude manner and when they neared the MI6 Headquarters Bridgeforth spoke again,
"Failure is not an option gentlemen, the fate of the entire free world may depend on the successful completion of this mission. All agreed and they left the limousine and headed for the MI6 Secret Briefing Room. There they were greeted by Admiral Tomplimson and his very dear Colonel Durvey of CIA Intelligence, the man that was responsible for all of the intelligence on his operations in the states. The groups again exchanged a variety of salutes and pleasantries before they were all finally seated, except for the Admiral who was near a projector.
"Operation Quell, Gentlemen is the destruction of the Soviet Nuclear Missile Facility located in south-central Poland in the Sudetenland Heights. It is heavily guarded fortress located deep in the forest; also there is a river that runs near the base, as you can see there are only two roads that can support vehicles, here and here. Our plan calls for ALPHA Team to be dropped here a few kilometers outside the base. Special Agent Tanya will, proceed to the base, cause enough confusion while the rest of the team picked by General Conrad infiltrates the Underground facility and reduces it to rubble, then you are to regroup and make your way back to Germany, as usual if you are capture you it must become necessary for you to take your cyanide capsule to prevent the enemy from gaining the information of the mission. Now, the base itself is guarded by three divisions of the regular Soviet army, but there is a whole army group in Warsaw to the north and there is rumored to be a Yuri division somewhere in the general region, although this is a risk, we must take it to accomplish the mission. Now any questions?" Almost the entire group was wide-eyed and silent except for General Conrad.
"This sounds like a smashing plan Admiral, but where do I fit in to the grand scheme of things?" Conrad asked.
"Ah, yes General you will be in Eastern Germany, in command of twelve divisions just in case the Soviet army gets any wise ideas, until we can convince the German Chancellor to mobilize his army to the border with Poland, now he will only do this if and when the Nuclear Silo's are destroyed." the Admiral responded.
"With all do respect I believe I can be a greater asset on the ground with the team." Conrad shot back. He forgot that everyone, I mean everyone thought he was nothing more than your average, well near genius, in his case, tank commander, his file had been altered to more fit his new job, he supposedly graduated West Point near the top of his class, which he considered amusing since he had never been to West Point, never the less graduated from there. Only a handful of people (Helmsy, Durvey, Tomplimson, and a few other higher CIA and MI6 personnel) really knew who he really was - A Harvard grad, a brilliant son of a bitch when it came to languages, was recruited as a agent because of his linguist skills, he had complete mastery of nine different languages (English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, and Greek) and could speak three others relatively well(Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, and some African language that no one knew about, sources believe this one is completely made up). No one knew where he found time to learn all these languages, but they know that he does really know them, and promised someday to let them in on his little secret.
"My dear General, your president wouldn't be very happy to hear his top general was killed in damn wild expedition, would he? Tomplimson said with a wink.
"No, I guess your right Admiral, silly me for thinking that." Conrad retracted his initial statement.
"Now if there are no further questions I suggest that you try to get some sleep, you leave for Switzerland first at 0600 HOURS tomorrow morning." the old Admiral said with a tired look on his face. Everyone agreed and all retreated to their designated sleeping quarters, everyone except General Conrad who began to go over the mission data again, as would any good military type. No one thought anything of his staying up, as soon is everyone left the room he waited a few minutes, grabbed one of the bags he had carried with him, opened it up. He then grabbed a piece of paper punched in a few lines of code on the device, picked up the receiver and said:
"Watch Dog calling Babysitter, know targets and assignment, mission objectives feasible, but complicated, leave for target tomorrow morning, next communications uncertain, stay tuned over and out." He quietly switched off the device and replaced it back in its parcel and headed to his quarters for a few miserable hours of sleep before the plane left tomorrow.

*    *   *   *   *   *

"So is does exist!" General Conrad acting surprised. He knew it existed and had been there several times before, he just wanted to make scene.
"I see you know your Eurasian War legends, General." Captain Theary responded. "Btw, how does the COEUSF know about the most secret base on the planet?" Theary prodded.
"Lets, just say I have big ears and some of my former teachers at West-Point have even bigger mouths." Conrad lied quickly.
"Too bad you never joined the intelligence community my dear General, you'd have made one hell of a spy." the British captain complemented."
"Yes, perhaps maybe in my next life time, Captain." Conrad said with a half smile.
"What is X-35 Theary?" Tanya questioned.
"Allow me." Conrad cut in. "X-35 is only the most secret of bases used during the Russian invasion of Europe to run special ops missions freely without worrying, because Switzerland is neutral and the Russians would ignore neutral traffic, for the most part. I wasn't sure about its existence until just a few moments ago."
"But isn't that violating Switzerland's neutrality?" Tanya questioned again.
"Only when you get caught." General Conrad joked. Even Captain Theary and some of the others on the mission found the humor in that. Moments latter the Colonel Durvey appeared from the front of the craft and began to speak.
"Okay when we land at X-35, ALPHA Team: Agents Matthews, Carswell, Hofferty, Theary, Garrvey, and Tanya your plane to destination A will depart at 1145 HOURS and BETA Team: that's you General you'll leave for Dresden at 1135 HOURS." Perfect Conrad thought, just enough time to contact Babysitter and hop a ride with ALPHA Team. The plane began touchdown procedures and touchdown at X-35 at precisely 1100 HOURS. General Conrad secured all his baggage, which consisted of five bags. A group was waiting for ALPHA Team; only a lone officer was waiting for BETA Team.
"Those bags look awfully heavy for one?" the officer question Conrad.
"But just right for two?" Conrad responded. "Are you Masquerade?"
"No, but I will take you to him." the officer responded.
"Excellent." Conrad said with a smile. The two men grabbed up the bags and proceeded to a building not far off and once inside they proceeded to a small closet and once inside the room/closet Conrad asked if it was safe to use his radio, the officer nodded in the affirmative.
"Watch Dog, calling Babysitter. Watch Dog, calling Babysitter." Conrad said in the receiver.
"We read you loud and clear Watch Dog." came through the other end. "Have you made contact with Masquerade over?"
"Negative, over." responded Watch Dog. "On way to contact Masquerade now, and then flight to Poland in a few minutes after contact with Masquerade, over."
"Good luck, Watch Dog, were counting on you over and out." Babysitter replied. Conrad quickly turned off the radio and replaced it in its bag.
"Now, take me to Masquerade." demanded Watch Dog. The officer complied and they proceeded through a series of hallways and doors enough to make even the most observant person perplexed.
"In here." the officer told Watch Dog.
"Good, go and wait for Masquerade on the run way. With any luck I'll be back to Dresden before anyone gets too good of a look at Masquerade." Watch Dog ordered. The officer nodded and turned and headed in the opposite direction. Watch Dog then entered the room the officer where Masquerade awaited.
"Halt!" a voice echoed as Conrad entered the room.
"Masquerade?" Conrad asked.
"Do you understand your mission?" the real Conrad asked.
"Yes, Sir." replied Masquerade.
"Here is all the information you need, I will meet with you in the shed behind the Manheim Cafe in Dresden two nights from now at exactly 2100 HOURS." Conrad said as he handed him a briefcase and a bag. "Perhaps if you pull this off Masquerade I'll see about getting you an Oscar nomination." He then turned and headed back towards the runway he had exactly five minutes to catch a ride with ALPHA Team. On the runway we saw one Soviet C-130 transport plane and one Nighthawk Helicopter, which was for Masquerade apparently. The C-130 had been captured by MI6 in Libya, when the failed invasion of Egypt took place a few years ago or so the mission data said. The plan was to that the C-130 is in transit from Libya and is delivering supplies to St. Petersburg, which it will never reach because it will have engine trouble and crash land in Norway, well not crash but that's what the deception is. He could see two soldiers; probably privates loading gear into the back of the plane, he saw his chance.
"You two, the control tower wants a word with you." Conrad lied.
"We can't we have to finish loading the cargo." on of the enlisted man yelled back.
"Don't worry about that, I'll finish it, just go it's terribly important." Conrad yelled above the engine noise. The two privates consulted and then one spoke.
"Yes, Sir." and they proceeded to go towards the control tower. Conrad quickly loaded the rest of the cargo and then while no one was looking, he loaded himself along with his gear and hid in one of the back compartments. A lone guard wandered by he was curious as to why the back was left open. Then someone from the front of the plane came into the back and ordered the guard to close it so they could lift off. The guard complied and ALPHA team lifted off for their destination in Poland. Meanwhile, in the back General Conrad exchanged his American uniform for a Soviet uniform(a colonel) and on top of that he wore a winter outfit worn by the standard Soviet military in winter operations.

*    *   *   *   *   *
General Conrad was greeted quietly by two German commanders, one he was "assisting," The commander of German forces in Eastern Germany and the other was the Minister of German Defense.
"Guten Tag, welcome to Dresden General Conrad, can I get you anything?" asked MOGD.
"No, thanks, just get me up to date on the situation here, Sir." replied Masquerade.
"Ja. But first we have drink, No?" asked the Minister of German Defense. Masquerade smiled and replied, "Well I guess just one to get me acquainted with the local flora and fauna."
"Of course this way General." replied the MOGD. They walked together to the COGF's Headquarters where they exchanged stories and beer for the rest of the evening. Hopefully neither of them had ever met Conrad before or this might get ugly real fast, thought Masquerade as he was briefed on the situation in Eastern Germany.

» Chapter Fourteen

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