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» The General - Chapter 9

The American victory near Colorado Springs, was to say the least a much needed one, to say the least. With the Californian front on the verge of collapse, a Russian victory would have allowed them to link up their two armies and have a stranglehold on the Western US, however, the victory and subsequent counter-attack pushed Army Division 'South' completely out of Colorado and a good ways back into Oklahoma. And had it not been for lack of strategic planning of resources (fuel, ammo, etc) the counter-attack could have been much more sustained.
The news of the victory spread, faster than a Florida wild-fire, however, when the news reached Conrad, he seemed less than surprised.

"Sir, did you hear about Colorado?" Harrison said bursting into the room full of excitement.
"Yes, I've known for sometime." Conrad replied unenthusiastically.
"Well....isn't it great news."
"Of course it's good news, but there is still a long way to go in this war and it would be wise to save that enthusiasm for when we win."Harrison then went from his jubilant mood to that of a depressed one and slowly turned around and headed for the door."Oh by the way, what is the status of our "maneuvers" in southern-PA, Harrison?"
"They're in position."
"Good, That'll be all." Which meant it was time for Harrison to leave, which he did, and Conrad to get back to what he previously was doing, writing a letter to his wife.

*    *   *   *   *   *

The soviet fleet, after their flagship dreadnought was destroyed, had taken several precautionary maneuvers to make sure that nothing like that happened again. They now positioned their fleet about a hundred miles off the Eastern Sea-board of the US, where air strikes and other subversive attacks were less likely. Despite losing their main attack ship, their commanding officer General Vladimir and Admiral Heulizi were on another ship doing routine inspections and avoided the catastrophe, with only General Velos not being so lucky, but he'd have probably suffered a crueler more gruesome fate had he lived. The soviets next course of action was to open a third front in America, on the East coast, because of the failures of the Army Division 'West' to break the stalemate in the Eastern California and the recent setback at Colorado Springs forced the attack to be pushed back due to the need of forces to be reallocated to the open fronts. General Timoka had been recalled from Army Division 'South' to assist in the planning of the attack on the Eastern US.

"Comrade Timoka, what happened in Colorado?" General Vladimir asked as Timoka boarded Western Fleet's flagship, an older version dreadnought.
"I was ambushed; the Americans knew where I was going and were waiting for me and destroyed me." Timoka replied.
"Nonsense, our intelligence system is perfect, our codes unbreakable, the only way they'd know our plans is if they stole them out of my safe, which is impossible to do, so YOU are to blame for this failure and as will be reported back to HQ." Vladimir replied, hoping to get Timoka to crack, however, it had quite the opposite affect.
"How dare you accuse me of treason when you yourself couldn't even keep your flagship from blowing up due to "mechanical' problems. I'm sure Romanov will be pleased that you allowed one American agent to destroy the most expensive dreadnought ever. And for the New York operation....don't even go there.
"LIES!!! Velos was responsible for both New York mishaps." Vladimir responded.
"Velos, was following your instructions, you couldn't have had our armies land more north of New York, they had to go right into it, allowing for the American victory. And it was you who was in charge of fleet security."
"Enough, there is enough blame to go around, this bickering is pointless." Admiral Heulizi finally stepped in. "I am expecting communiqué, with our top agent in Washington any moment now." And just as he had predicted, an officer came running in.
"Admiral, Agent 4 is on the line."
"You see." Admiral Heulizi smirked and then picked up the phone. "This is Red Bear, Agent 4, go ahead."
"My report of the D.C. area is complete; the best course of action is to land in Delaware and proceed west to Washington, via Annapolis."
But won't that allow the Americans time to meet us?" Heulizi asked.
"No, the American army is to the south of Washington as well as the fleet and I will make sure things stay as they are, there should be little or no resistance."
"Thank you, Agent 4." Admiral Heulizi said hanging up the phone. "It is decided, the landing will take place at 0100 hours tomorrow morning in southern Delaware and then the attack will proceed to the primary objective...Washington D.C. This will allow for the maximum amount of surprise. Helm, signal the fleet and prepare to embark."

The Soviet landing occurred near Lewes, Delaware a few minutes after 1:00 am, the vast American sea-board was prime for being able to slip in and out an invasion force with out notice. To compound matters for the Americans, their Atlantic fleet had been positioned to block a direct Soviet assault on Chesapeake Bay and hadn't worried as much with northern operations, and the fact that the US relied too much on aerial reconnaissance which had failed to spot the Soviet fleet lying in the Atlantic waiting to pounce. A little over an hour after the invasion started, lead elements of the Soviet army had reached the other side of Delaware and were preparing to advance across the Chesapeake Bay and proceed to Washington. In a fluke maneuver General Timoka, who had been given a force to move north and secure the Delawarean peninsula had stumbled on to a reserve division of infantry who had been up on training exercises, the first exchange led to a draw, but Timoka knew he had armor reserves on their way and the Americans had none. The American commander, realizing this, radioed Washington that he was under attack and needed tank reinforcements, so one of the two tank divisions that had been assigned to guard Washington was transferred to Delaware, unknowing that they had significantly reduced their fighting strength for the upcoming attack. At a little before 0400 the first soviet elements had entered the outskirts of Washington. The people who saw it took little notice as it was common for tanks to be on patrol at that time of the morning, so by the time that they realized what it was, it was too late and Washington, north of the Potomac River, had been taken with out so much as a dozen shells fired.

*    *   *   *   *   *

Conrad had stayed up later than usual to watch some war special on CNN, where "experts" tried to explain the situation to the public. If anything else it gave him a good laugh He then dozed off reading more reports and analysis.
"Sir, wake up. Wake up." Harrison said bursting in Conrad's office.
"What is it!" Conrad replied almost jumping out of his chair and spilling his neatly organized papers all over the floor.
"You better have a look at this." Conrad got up adjusted his uniform and tossed on his jacket, not bothering to button it and headed out the door to the briefing room.
"Okay, what's so important that it has to be taken care of at 4:30 in the morning." Conrad barked as he entered the briefing room.
"Sir, the Soviets, they've hit Washington." one of the officers in the room stated. Conrad instead of being upset or other emotions that usually coincide with an event of that scale, began to chuckle. "Sir, I fail to see what's funny this is serious situation."
"What's funny is that I told those arrogant assholes this was going to happen, but do they listen to, they have their heads so far stuck up each others asses that if I didn't know better I'd think they were trying to lose this war. 'The fleet will protect us' what bullshit." Conrad replied lashing out at the officer. The room was silent as Conrad massaged his face trying to think up a solution and after a few moments spoke. "Okay, here's what's going to happen...we are transferring this office to Baltimore, I want to be up and on-line in...four hours at 0830. Baltimore is the key, if we can hold it we can keep the Soviet forces separated and it puts in perfect position to hit Annapolis and cut Washington off from the rest of the Soviet army. Now, call Major Tate who's in charge of our transferred forces in PA, tell him to move towards Annapolis immediately, but tell him not to attack, until I say so. Okay, let's get moving." Conrad finished, everyone seemed hesitant though. "Well what's going on? Time is not our friend, lets move."
"Sir, there is one more thing." Harrison finally spoke.
"Oh...shit." Conrad said practically reading Harrison's thoughts.
"Sir, there was no time; they were there with out any warning." Harrison said apologizing.
"So, not only did we let them have Washington, we just gave them our leader as well...absolutely terrific, what a revolutionary way to fight a war." the COEUSF said sarcastically. ":Alright, call back Major Tate and tell him to move towards Washington, not Annapolis and get the 27th Marine to Baltimore as fast as you can." Everyone went their separate ways in an extreme rush. Harrison stayed near Conrad awaiting his orders. "Shit, Harrison three hours to come up with a brilliant plan to save our nation."

» Chapter Ten

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