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» The General - Chapter 8

     Nothing changed for the 4th army, even after the conference in Canada. Bad news still echoed from the west and still no sign of any activity from the east. After the conference, Toms decided that Conrad's post was too boring and went looking for some adventure where fighting was more prevalent. Conrad was sitting at his desk sipping his morning coffee reading battle reports from the western fronts, as had become his routine in the morning, when he was interrupted.
"Sir, a visitor for you." Harrison blurted out.
"Can't you see I'm busy. Tell them to come back in a few hours." Conrad replied not even looking up from his readings. "Sir, its the director of the CIA!" "Well, I don't care if its God himself. I'm finishing this report, tell him to wait i'll be done in a few minutes." Just then an older man entered the room. "You'll will see me now, General. I am very busy man and don't have time for your games." the Director said. Conrad finally looked up to see his old friend. "Harrison, you'd better leave the room. This might get ugly." Conrad spoke. "Umm...I guess." Harrison responded not really sure what to make of the situation. He then turned to leave, Conrad followed him to the door and then shut it and closed the blinds. "How's the farm holding up with out me?" Conrad asked. "Oh were doing fine. But its not me I'm worried about...its you." Director Helmsy responded. "You made quite an impression at the meeting, and who was that with you?" "A friend, and that asshole deserved what he got." "So how is Mr. Toms anyways?" "Oh you know him. Hey did you hear what he did to those Russian ships the other night? Amazing." "Yes, I know it was impressive considering he was having dinner with the Prime Minister of Turkey at the time." "It's not my fault people can't record events accurately." "Quit with the games, Adrian. You and both know it was you." "And if it was?" "You can't go around doing that anymore. You are in a position of great importance now. People are counting on you." "For what? I've haven't done anything in two weeks." "Its obvious isn't it. The Russians are starting to bog down in the west. They will probably try to open a third front in the east." "...*coughWashington*." Conrad interrupted. "I know it is the most logical choice. But isn't our decision to make. The president is confident that the fleet will protect her from attack." "Ha, the "president" was confident that our nukes would protect us and see where it has gotten us. His confidence has nothing to do with the reality of the situation. But anyways something isn't right. If they were going to attack me, they'd have done it by now. Their just letting me build strength, its not making any sense what they are waiting for." "Few things do, but who are we to decide what does or doesn't make sense, just to follow our orders the best we can. Like the good soldiers that we are. Now take care I'll talk to you in a few days, Durvey and I are going to London to see what our European allies are up to." Helmsy said patting Conrad on the back and then beginning to leave. "Bear Trap?" Conrad said just as Helmsy was about to open the door. "Yes, what about it?" Helmsy responded stopping himself from opening the door. "Is it on?" "Well that's one of the items on the agenda in Europe." Helmsy said after a moment of hesitation. "Don't screw with me. Tell me 'yes' or 'no'." Conrad replied staring directly into the Director eyes. "Bear Trap is......a go. You'll be receiving further information as soon as need." Conrad nodded and Helmsy then left after exchanging salutes. "What was that about, sir?" Harrison said entering the room after Helsmy left. "A hunting trip." Conrad replied with a smirk.

*    *   *   *   *   *

"Sir, Recon 2 has spotted enemy armor moving towards the north." A junior officer yelled. "Where are they headed to?" General Smith asked. "Colorado Springs, sir. Just like Conrad said." "Could be a coincidence, there are several possible targets along that vector." "Our counter-attack is ready. Should we proceed?" "No, not yet. We still have to make sure." "Of what, sir?" Smith hesitated at the question for a moment. "...Order the attack."

*    *   *   *   *   *

"Comrade Timoka, our tanks have broken through the American lines and are on our way to Objective 1." "Good, proceed as planned." Just then two shells exploded a nearby tank. "I thought you said this area was cleared." General Timoka asked enraged. "It was Comrade, I don't understand the allies were in full retreat." the officer replied.

*    *   *   *   *   *

General Smith stared out his binoculars at the battlefield before him. His aide that was next to him spoke on the situation. "Looks like we got them on the run, sir." "It would appear so, good thing we had a heads up." "Yeah, the G2 boys sure did a good job, saved a lot of lives today." Smith retired the battlefield for his command tent. "Where are you going, sir?" "I have someone to apologize to."

"Hello?...This is General Conrad speaking."

*    *   *   *   *   *

"I don't understand Comrade Timoka. We had the advantage how did we let it get away?" "The allies...they knew. How I don't know but I just do. There is no way that they could have beaten us otherwise." "Well what are we going to do about it?" "Nothing, until we replace our losses from today, but until then I am going to Washington." General Timoka replied with a smirk.

» Chapter Nine

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