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» The General - Chapter 5

"They're up to something.....Yes they're definately up to something. They've been sitting there for the past three hours doing nothing. Definately, up to something." Conrad thought out loud.
"Probably organizing their forces for an attack, sir." Harrison replied.
"That's what they want us to think. They'd be silly to do that now. If they were going to do that they'd done it by know. Why would they wait further, allowing us to gather more forces. It doesn't make any sense, they've got something up their sleeve."
"If you say so, sir." Conrad just glared at that response by Harrison before he turning his attention back to the situation. His thought was again interupted by the static of the radio. Harrison picked it up.
"Who is it and what do they want." Conrad predicting the obvious.
"8th airforce, sir. Captain Morgan." Harrison replied not wanting to. Conrad hesistated for a moment and most likely mumbled something inappropriate under his breath before responding.
"Fine...give it to me. He then brought the reciever to his ear. "What is it."
"Sir, we are kinda having some"
"Spit it out Captain."
"Well, the casualites we are taking are getting...well very high."
"And because of this you wan't to postpone bombing, till we can reduce the risk of loss. Am I right?"
"Well yes, sir." quite surprsied at the response.
"This is a war Captain and in a war people die. Do you understand?"
"Yes, sir. But sir before long we'll run out of people to put in planes."
"General, another someone on another line wants to speak to you." another soldier interupting the conversation.
"Can't you see I'm talking to someone now, I'll talk to them after I'm done." Conrad said back to the officer covering the end of the reciever.
"Sir, its very important." the officer said again.
"Yes, I understand your concerns about the loss of life, but I need your planes to keep surpressing the enemy." Conrad turning his attention back to the radio. And motioning the officer to wait until he finishes.
"Sir." the officer continued.
"God dammit, can't you see that I am talking to someone else. I will talk to them after I'm done." Conrad completely taking the reciever away from his head. "You know what never mind." putting the phone back up to his ear. "Fine, you win, no more sorites, tell we deal with the anti-air ships." He then threw down that reciever.
"Here, sir it's Lt. Eva." Conrad at the point of losing it snatched the reciever away from the officer.
"This better be important." he barked into the reciever.
"Sir, I just thought that I'd let you know that Agent Tayna is now deployed in the area and at your command. I'll patch you through." A few moments later Tayna spoke.
"Ya is Tayna, what do you need me for." Conrad almost dropped the phone at the apparent lack of respect for an officer, not that he took pleasure in doing so, but a certain level of respect was necessary in his opinion.
"This is General Conrad and you will refer to me as sir, when you speak."
"Sorry, SIR. I am not here to kiss your ass. I am here to fight Russians. Now if you need me for something fine, but otherwise to make me patronise you with that formal crap." Conrad was absolutely speechless, but deep down he admired Tayna's frankness. He quickly regained his composure and responded.
"Alright, fine you want to do some good. Get your ass out there and give those Russian ships that are shooting the shit out of my planes permenant residence on the bottom of New York harbor." Conrad returning the same frankness.
"Good, Tayna out." Conrad then slowly drew the reciever down and carefully handed it back to the officer that originally gave it to him.
"Is something wrong, sir?" the officer asked.
" nothing is wrong, just having a nice chat." Conrad said complacently, he then picked up his binoculars and gazed silently back out towards the Soviets.

*    *   *   *   *   *

Afternoon turned into evening as Conrad continued to gaze with out of his camp, not moving or speaking for some time, just watching. The several lights on the Soviet held island were visable and movement could be seen aswell. The darkness was then disturbed by a half-dozen simultaneous explosions in harbor, illuminating the night time sky, but while others around him celebrated, Conrad stood motionless barely taking notice of the explosions. Harrison took notice of this.
"Sir, those ships are Russian ships, sir. Isn't that a good thing?"
"Of course it's a good thing, however, what I really want is to know what they hell those bastards are up to. Now there would be something to celebrate about."
" you want me to go ask them?" Harrison trying to cheer up the general.
"No, no...that's alright. I'll go ask them my self." Conrad replied giving Harrison a smile, the first show of emotion he had in several hours.
"General Conrad." A soldier came running up to where Conrad was.
"Yes, over here." Conrad replied. The soldier came up to him completely out of breath he'd obviously been running for a few minutes. "Well what is it."
"Message from Agent Tayna, sir. She said it was very important." the soldier was trying to spit out the words in between breathes.
"She told me to tell you that she say several Russian ships and transports heading out to sea. Their pulling out sir." the COEUSF was deeply confused by this, scenario after scenerio he played out in his head in a matter of seconds, but he couldn't find a logical explanation.
"Harrison, go confirm that." the COEUSF orderd as he continued to think, he then spoke to the g.i. "Thanks soldier, that will be all." A few moments later Harrison came running back up.
"Sir, just got confrimation that Soviet ships are leaving the area."
"But to where is the question."
"Well according to arial reconnosance there appears to be a massing of ships about five miles out, we think thats were they are headed." Harrison replied. Conrad was still very uneasy at the unfolding of events.
"Alright, here's what were going to do. First, Harrison go find me two or three of the best shooters that you can find and bring them to the Pier 3." Harrison nodded and promptly left. "Next, I need some type of small vessal with a motor on the back and paddles at the same place." Another officer quickly ran off. "We're going to pay our dear Russian friends a visit." Conrad said quietly.

The the group had gathered near the pier consisted of Harrison, two soldiers that he found, two sergants pulled up in a small craft, tied it off on the pier and joined Harrison on the pier.
"Any idea what we're doing here, sir?" one of the sergants asked Harrison.
"One of the general's screwball ideas that will have to overcome terrible odds in order to complete." Harrison replied
"In other words a 'Suicide Mission,' sir?" the sergant asked back. The two ment that Harrison brought along shutterd at the thought.
"Well normally i'd say yes, but with this general I think just about anything is possible."
"Speaking of which where is he? I thought he'd be here by now."
"Well I'm sure he'll make a dramatic appearance." The group continued a conversation for a few more moemnts till they heard the ominous sould of a single person clanking towards them. The group readied their weapons, but as the figure stepped into the light, the were relieved that it was only Conrad carrying a bag.
"Your probably wondering why your standing in the middle of the night at the end of a long pier?" Conrad asked.
"The thought had crossed my mind, sir." Harrison replied.
"Are those the men I asked for Harrison."
"Yes, sir. The two best shooters I could find Franks and Kawalski."
"Good, and did you get what I asked, Sergant?"
"Yes, sir and enough fuel to get to Europe, sir." the Sergant responded sarcastically.
"Alright here's what is going on. A small group will take that boat to the soviet fleet where they will find the flagship of the Russian fleet, steal their war plans and make it back safely.
"Isn't that a bit impossible, sir?" Franks asked.
"The team will consist of Franks and Kawalski will provide support while another officer that speaks Russian that will acquire the documents." Conrad responded.
"Well, I don't know about the rest of these guys but I don't know Russian, sir." the other Sergant added. The other members of the group responded as not being able to speak Russian either, expect Harrison who just stood silently staring at Conrad.
"No, none of you know Russian but I do." Conrad replied removing his coat, revealing a Soviet-style uniform. Everyone but Harrison was stunned.
"Sir may I have a word with you?" Harrison asked. Harrison and Conrad took a short walk. "Sir, I know that you want to get in this war, but we need you leading us not running off on some suicide mission. I whole-heartedly object to this, sir."
"Thank you Harrison your objections have been noted. But this mission is more important than anyone, including me, besides the Russians won't even know we were there." Conrad then returned to the group. "Okay, Franks and Kawalski lets get in the boat." Conrad tossed his bag into the boat which made a loud clang. "We'll be back in a few hours, don't worry we'll make it, we have to. Oh and uh..keep a light on for us would ya?" Conrad yelled back to Harrison. The group saluted as they drove off into the night. Harrison was livid that he let the general go.
"Why did I let him go?" he asked himself.
"Sir, I don't think anyone short of God was going to stop him from going." one of the Sergants replied.
"Lets just hope they make it alive." Harrison and the two sergants stood there for a few more moments till the buzz of the engine was no longer audiable. They then turned back and headed towards the H.Q. When he arrived back at H.Q. Harrison reached in his bag and produced a bottle, paper and pen. He opened the bottle took a few drinks and began to write.

. . .I regret to inform you that General Adrian Conrad has been killed today in action outside of New York City. Upon inspection on troops in the field, the General was killed by soviet cruise missile. . .
Harrison continued to scribble on the paper for a few more minutes. He then folded and sealed the letter in an envelope and placed it in his jacket, then began to finish the rest of the bottle that he had just recently opened.

» Chapter Six

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