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» The General - Chapter 4

"Look at that Harrison. They are acting as if I gave them orders myself." the COEUSF commenting on the Russian's behaviors.
"It would appear so, sir."
"The eyes Harrison, its all in the eyes. You control what the enemy sees you control the battle and the war. Remember that it is going to be vitally important in the outcome of his war."
"I'll try, sir."
"You will and that's an order." The two men continued observing the battle from a fourth story window a few hundred a feet away from the front lines. Until they were interrupted.
"Sir, radio for you. 8th Airforce." the radio operator said handing the general the end of the phone.
"Good I have something to settle with them." Conrad replied.
"General Conrad?" the voice at the other end of the phone asked.
"Speaking." replied Conrad.
"I'm Colonel Peters, now there seems to been some sort of mix up, a matter of air support."
"No, mix up Colonel, we were promised air support and were not getting it." replied Conrad.
"Well I am afraid that its not that simple, sir."
"Oh, it isn't we either are or we're not. And we are most definitely not, Colonel."
"Perhaps, the General doesn't understand the situation, we have other considerations, the safety of our pilots, sir."
"God dammit, we have brave men dying by the bushels down here because you won't suck it up and come help us."
"General, with the anti-air assets in the area make any actions by us practically useless."
"God, your not a commander your a coward. I refuse to talk with cowards. Put someone else on, NOW!"
"Dammit, don't make me come up their and shoot you for cowardice myself" Tired of putting up with the belligerent general the Colonel handed the radio to another officer near him.
"Here someone wants to talk to you, Paul."
Colonel Peters told the younger officer. "Captain Morgan, speaking." he spoke hesitantly. "This is General Conrad down here in New York. Now let me set things straight. If I don't see your planes in thirty minutes, I'll have you arrested along with the dear Colonel arrested for cowardice and I'll find someone with some balls to come help us. Understand?" "Yes, sir. We'll be there as soon as possible."
"Good, Conrad out." Conrad then gave the phone back to the radio operator. "It took me having to kick some butts, but I got us our air support."
"You were kidding right, sir?" asked Harrison.
"Fear is the best motivator, learn to use it and you might actually get something done."
"If you say so, sir."
"Look at that Harrison. We've got those S.O.B's on the run. Come on lets get down there." Conrad turning his attention back to the battlefield.

"Where is he?" Conrad shouted into a group of marines resting after completing their mission.
"Where is who, sir?" replied one of them.
"The magnificent son of a bitch that led this outfit." responded the COEUSF.
"Oh, you mean Rogers, sir."
"Yes, him, well where is he, soldier?" Conrad growing impatient.
"Well...I'm not sure, sir." Conrad's attention was then drawn to a yelp in a near by building. Conrad immediately went to investigate the source of the noise.
"What the hell are you doing there, Rogers?" Conrad asked.
"I took a couple in the shoulder, tell me sir. Am I going to make it?" Conrad knelt down and examined his wound.
"Are you going to make it? That is nothing more than a scratch. Something to show your grandchildren. Not only are you going to make it, but when we tear down the gates of the Kremlin you'll be there." Conrad said to Rogers. "Besides you can't die I still have to decorate you for today. Great job soldier, now go get better."
"Thanks, sir."
"Sir." Harrison interrupted.
"What is it Harrison?" Conrad replied slightly agitated.
"I just got notified of a few dozen prisoners that we have just taken and are being transported out of the area. Just letting the General know, sir."
"Tell them to wait, I want to question them."
"Very well, sir. Shall I take you where they are, sir?"
"Yes, I would like that very much." Just then Conrad noticed the scream of jet engines overhead. "What do they say? Better late than never. Harrison please inform the airforce that if they want to be helpful they may start by destroying anything that moves on Long Island." Harrison nodded and they proceeded to meet the first group of POW's that they had captured.

"Is this all we got?" Conrad asked the Sergeant guarding a group of POW's.
"No, sir. This is just the first group. We got a bunch more near the beach. Most of them didn't put up much of a fight." replied the Sergeant.
"Did you find anything? Documents? Orders?"
"No, sir. Just some weapons and ammunition."
"Good work Sergeant. I guess I'll have to do it the old fashion way." Conrad then turned his attention to the fifteen or so soldiers that had been captured. "Do any of you speak English?" No response not even any movement from the group that was now sitting down. Conrad continued to ask similar question for another minute or so then he turned to the Sergeant again. "Bring me that one, Sergeant?"
"Yes, sir." the Sergeant gruffly replied and went and yanked the lieutenant up that Conrad had pointed to and brought him over to where Conrad was standing. Before Conrad could get a word out the Russian spat in his face. Prompting all the soldiers near by to ready their weapons. Conrad slowly raised his hand signaling for them to stand down. He then wiped the spit off his face and wiped it on the back of his pants. Conrad then began to laugh. Prompting the Russian and his comrades to do the same. Conrad then turned to his men and motioned them to going in which they did very pathetically. The Russian then yelled something in Russian which prompted the group to explode into laughter. Conrad stopped laughing and just stared at the Russian.
"That was very good. Can you think of any others?" Conrad asked in Russian. You cold hear the jaws drop on every Russian that was in the group. "Well I asked you a question?" The Russian just stood their silently trying to recover from the shock. "Didn't think so. Now you are going to tell me exactly what I want to know or you'll be practicing your insults in the afterlife. What are your objectives?" Conrad continued. The Russian looking around trying to find away out of his predicament.
"Lieutenant Alexander Redondo, 3784-8902." he finally spit out.
"No, I didn't ask for your name, rank and serial number. I asked you for the mission objectives here today."
"Lieutenant Alexander Redondo, 3784-8902. Lieutenant Alexander Redondo, 3784-8902." he replied confidently.
"I see this is going nowhere." Conrad muttered to himself. He drew his pistol and backhanded him across the Russians face breaking his nose and making his face a bloody mess. He then went over and picked up the soldier by his hair and spoke into his ear. "Now you will tell me what I need to know our you will lose your ability of reproduction." Conrad pointing his weapon at the Russian's genitalia.
"Please I know nothing, nothing. We were supposed to land on that other island over there not here. Please don't shoot. I know nothing." the Russian finally cracking. Conrad released the Russian from his bear hug and wandered back towards his jeep.
"Did you get anything, sir?" Harrison asked.
"No, these stupid idiots don't know anything. They're just dumb and lost. They only thing you'll get out of them is their name, rank, and serial number." Conrad switching back to his native tongue. He then paused for a moment and then turned around and fired his pistol into the head of the Russian that he'd been interrogating. Literally spilling brains all over, including himself, but Conrad took no notice. "Alright, get the rest of these assholes out of my sight." Conrad ordered. The Sergeant immediately got his men up and marched them out to join the rest of the prisoners captured.
"What was that for, sir? He was unarmed and wearing military uniform." Harrison asked.
"Unarmed? Really?" Conrad replied walking a few meters away picking up a soviet weapon and tossing it down near the Russian. "He doesn't look unarmed to me. Come on. Let's go figure out what our next move is." The two officers then proceeded back to their jeep and then back to their makeshift command center.
"So how do you know Russian, sir? Harrison asked again.
"I told you. Ask me again after the war is over." Conrad replied with a smirk.

*    *   *   *   *   *

"Comrade General, Moscow on the line, sir." a young officer said poking his head into the General's makeshift office.
"The end. This is my end." Velos replied with his head in his hands. He then very cautiously picked up the phone and placed it near his ear. "General Velos speaking."
"What news do you have, Comrade General."
"Well it appears the Americans were able to get more divisions in the area making an assult foolish, Comrade Premier" Velos lied. "I thought that our preparation took care of their divisions, General." "They must have moved some from other areas, but all I know is that a landing now would be foolish." "Very well, we have other plans for your army anyways. Withdraw to Point C and await further inistructions." "Yes, Premier Comarde." The phone the clicked off. "Well how did it go Comrade General?" asked the young officer. "I still have my life, for now at least..."

» Chapter Five

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