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» The General - Chapter 3

     For as much as the Russians had caught the Americans sleeping, they did very little to take advantage of it. The landings in and around New York had turned into mass confusion. The main Soviet force was to land in Brooklyn while a smaller force was to land on Long Island and establish it has the Russian's forward HQ. However, because of the number of Islands in the Harbor and the Soviets lack of familiarity with the city the main force actually landed on Long Island and the smaller one landed in Brooklyn this gave the American commander ample time to adjust his force accordingly which was waiting in the Bronx for "an invasion somewhere in the Tri-States area." The smaller force was only equipped with an infantry division and a light armored vehicle platoon and when they encountered the larger American force they were unsure why '"the Americans had such a large force to protect a such a small island" but they proceeded unknowingly which they were quickly routed and only then realized they where not on Long Island, so they went back and established defensive positions around the beach head for the main force. The conquest of Long Island took a little over one-half hour with the only resistance coming from a few unruly ctizens angered that they were being delayed for work. After the force reached the other side of the island they wondered if they had already reached the Great Lakes to which the commander of the lead armor elements wasn't even sure of and not only till the head General, General Velos, informed them of the mix up and that they had not "even landed on the main land" much to everyone's surprise. At this point the American commander probably could have overran the beachhead and the invasion of the main force a lot more difficult if not stalled it for a few more hours or even a day at the most. But he elected not to taking the orders of "stall, not repulse" a bit to literally much to Conrad's dismay when he learned of it later.

*    *   *   *   *   *

"Welcome to New York, sir."                
"It's pretty damn quiet for supposedly the site of a major soviet invasion," replied the COEUSF.                
"Well, sir. Apparently the Russians got the landings mixed up, a smaller force landed on the mainland, which the larger force is on Long Island. They are in the process of moving the heavy armor elements from Long Island to the beach head established in Brooklyn."                
"You mean to tell me that we didn't wipe out that beach head while we had a chance?"                
"Well, Captain Harrison felt that it was too much of a risk at this point."                
"Oh, god. He's not just being too literal he's just afraid. Don't worry I'll fix that. Anyway take me to this genius I want to find out what the situation is right now," replied Conrad.                
"Yes, sir. Right away, sir. My jeep is over here, sir," replied the driver as he led Conrad to his vehicle.                
"Which one of you is Harrison?" yelled the COEUSF into a crowd of soldiers standing near what appeared to be a make-shift command center.                
"That would be me, sir," replied one of the men stepping forward.                
"I am General Conrad. I am now in charge," Conrad asserted while handing Harrison his papers. "Bring me up to speed on the situation here."                
"Well, we encountered what we thought to be the recon of the main invasion force about a hour ago, however, our planes saw that the main invasion force was stuck on Long Island, the group we ran into was supposed to lead the security effort not spearhead the assault. Right now we are at a stalemate with the beachhead. They really screwed up today, sir."                
"That"s the first bit of good news I've heard all day. But why haven't you launched a counter-offensive to throw them back to the sea?"                
"Well until we got these pictures we weren't exactly sure of the size of the force. I was just about to organize a counter-offensive. Perhaps we could organize that now, sir?"                
"What the hell is there to organize? The longer we wait the more tanks they can get on the beach. We have to attack now! Let's  let the sons of bitches know just who their messing with."                
"Yes, sir. I'll radio the front to launch a counter-offensive right now. We can observe from over there, sir," replied Harrison pointing to a building a few hundred meters away.                
"We will do no such thing. I'm going to the front and launching the counter-offensive myself. Oh, one more thing Harrison, the only observing that will be done in this army will be from the front, understood?"                
"Yes, sir. I'll be right behind you, just some stuff to tidy up here." Conrad saluted him and went off to find his driver to take him to the front. After Conrad disappeared one of the men that was previously huddled with Harrison approached the man formerly in command.                
"That son of a bitch is going to get everyone here killed, sir."                
"Perhaps, but maybe that"s what this outfit needs right now. Just take a look around. The morale here is very poor. Maybe with someone at the helm that actually believes we can beat back the invasion, instead of just stalling it will motivate them to actually do that," replied Harrison, supporting Conrad despite sharing the same opinion with his officer.                
"I guess so sir, but he appears to have no regard for life...not even his own."                
Harrison just chuckled at this. "Come on, lets get to the front before he leads the charge himself."

*    *   *   *   *   *

"What a mess. What a mess. What a horrible mess," muttered the Russian General Velos. "We should be half-way to Buffalo now, yet our main force has not even step foot on the mainland."
"We still have far superior forces to the Americans, comrade General. Once we land on the mainland we will be back on schedule. This American intercept force is nothing more than a speed bump to our tanks," Velos' number two reaffirmed.
"You fool. Have you not learned nothing about these Americans? You give them time and they will crush you. the key to beating America is speed. She is vulnerable to surprise attack, however, if allowed to regroup and counter-attack, not even our great soviet-war machine can come close to challenging her. The more time we sit here waiting for our forces to relocate will only give them more time to build up defensive and forces to stop us...I just got off the radio with HQ and they asked how the battle was proceeding. I told them that we had some minor delays and should resume the offensive shortly. They were outraged. Apparently or forces in Mexico and the Pacific have meet with little or none resistance. Conquering vast amounts of territory and prisoners, yet all we have to show is a puny island and a little sliver of a beach head that could disappear any moment. I fear that if things do not improve quickly I may be taking a permanent leave of absence in Siberia," Velos replied almost in tears.
"It seems unfair that the general be responsible for the mistakes of subordinates. Surely command knows this, comrade General."
"You're right. And when I told command about that very thing they agreed with me and authorized me to take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again."
"Comrade General, I can guarantee you that it won't happen again."
"You're right again. It won't," After this Velos drew his pistol and fired twice. "Incompetence will not be tolerated." he muttered to the dead body. He then yelled to someone in the other room to strip the body, toss it out to sea, burn the clothes, and remind all of those what the price of failure is, whether it be by the hands of the Americans or his own. Failure results in death.

*    *   *   *   *   *

"Okay here's what we are going to do. I want second battalion from the 27th transferred to our right flank, and make sure the Russians see you. I want them to think that we are massing for an attack on their left flank, when in reality the push will come from our left with the remnants of the 27th and Sergeant Rogers' Marine platoon. Make your way to the beach then sweep the coast for any remaining units. Now 8th division and 2nd battalion will attack from the right when you see their units leave to help fight our attack from the left. Any questions?" Conrad said huddled by his senior CO and NCOs.
"Ya, I got one, sir. What if the Russians don't shift their lines to our buildup? They'll get cut to pieces, sir," asked a lieutenant.
"Ah...good question. In that case the roles will be reversed. 8th division and 2nd battalion will attack first, then 1st and the Marine platoon will attack at the sign of enemy withdrawal. Oh, a few more things. Take as few prisoners as you can. We already are short on men we don't need to waste anymore guarding POW's. Second, any building that you can't easily take call in air support and third, there should be some heavy armor units in the beachhead area, so be careful. Try to capture them first then take them out if you can't. We'll need all the equipment we can get, even if it is Russian. Once the area is secure pull back from the beach as they will surely call in naval bombardment....If there are no further questions you are dismissed. I want Operation Suppress initiated in five minutes." After everyone stood silent for a moment. "Good lets move out." The meeting was adjourned and everyone headed to their specific place.
"You think it will work, sir?" Harrison asked.
"Of course it will work. It has to. I know the Russians too well for it not to. I know their tactics. I know their doctrine. They rely too much on human intelligence. Once they spot the shift in our line they will send every thing they can to defend against it. Leaving their flank totally unprepared. replied Conrad.
"And may I ask how you know this, sir?"
"Ask me again after we win this war," Conrad said with a smile and a wink. Just as Conrad was about to order the commencement of Operation Suppress he was interrupted.
"Conrad? General Conrad?" Conrad immediately turned around to see the source of the interruption.
"I am. And who might you be?" replied the COEUSF slightly annoyed at the interruption.
"I'm Captain Frank Messer...NYPD. I was told I could find you here."
"Good I wanted to get in touch with our friends in the civilian sector, however, I have been a little preoccupied at the moment."
"Just wanted to see what we can do to help out."
"I doubt that could use you on the front lines, but there are a few minor things that you can do to really make my our lives a lot easier. First I need the entire borough of Brooklyn evacuated of the civilian population its probably going to get a lot more dangerous once the Reds get their force on the mainland. Next, I need you to have your police organize a civilian watch program, to lookout for paratroopers and your police, SWAT, and national guard deal with them. Also, one more thing as I don't anticipate having a great deal of POW's I still need somewhere to put the ones we do get. Do you think you can handle all of this, Captain Messer?"
"Should be no problem, sir. I'll keep on the radio to await further instructions." As Captain Messer turned to leave Conrad yelled out a foreign phrase to which no one knew. Except for Messer who hesitated for a moment and then continued on his way.
"Oh just one more tiny favor Captain Messer," Conrad shouted out as the police officer was walking away.
"Anything, sir," was his reply.
"Its really silly, but uh...could you send my regards to all your Boholsehvick pals for me?" Everyone stopped and tried to make sense of what that exactly meant, while Conrad drew his pistol and fired once at Captain Messer, killing him immediately.
"What was that for General? Harrison asked in a state of shock.
"You mean you couldn't tell that he was actually not Captain Frank Messer, yet a Russian spy?" Conrad replied.
"What do you mean? He seemed normal to me, sir."
"Well, I guess they are getting better, but that one still made a fatal mistake. That phrase I said to him was in Russian. It meant "your a liar." He knew exactly what I said that's why he paused. And that's how I knew for sure he was not from the NYPD. I'm sure that he'll have some type of Russian identification on him." Conrad explained. Harrison proceed to search the man and after a moment or two found some documents in Russian, which he immediately presented to Conrad. To which he responded: "Told you so. Now if you'll be so kind please relay my requests to the real NYPD. I have a conter-offensive to launch." And with that shot the Americans had begun their counter-offensive against the Russian invasion.

» Chapter Four

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