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» The General - Chapter 1

Adrian Conrad's hand lifted up from its nocturnal resting place and swatted unsuccessfully at the alarm clock a few times before finally connecting with the snooze button the fourth try. He then lifted his head ever so slightly to see what he hoped beyond all hope he didn't see 4:30 A.M.
"Crap." he mumbled to himself. He then proceeded to lift the covers and climb out of bed. He knew today was going to suck even more then it usually did, primarily because of the fact that he stayed up a lot later than usual, but it was worth it he continued to think after all he did get to spend "quality time" with his wife last night, an occasion that was becoming rarer and rarer each year. Then after a few moments of willing himself he finally stood up and proceeded to take care of the morning business. 
"Where do you think you are going, dear?" his wife said from beneath the covers. Adrian stopped in his tracks.
"Now how can I avoid security checkpoints for a living, yet I can't get out of bed without waking you?" He questioned.
"I am just that good." she replied. He of course working for the U.S. Customs and Immigration as a security checker would try to get in the country without Customs knowing, for security purposes or so that's what he had his wife believing, he even took her to "work" a few times to make the story go over even better. "Why can't you just call in sick?" she begged, "They have plenty of people to cover for you." Adrian almost broke into laughter, knowing that he had a presentation today about overseas threats for a joint NSA/CIA panel, which he absolutely couldn't put off. After finally resisting his wife's offer he had to rush to complete his morning routine which included showering, dressing (which took longer than usual because he had to his sneak his military uniform into his bag (which he absolutely despised) and would have to change later because he always wore a suit out, to keep his cover, and eating a rushed breakfast that consisted of a glass of orange juice, which he managed to spill on his pants.
Shit! he thought, this was going to be one horrible day. He had no idea. Then moments later Adrian and his wife, Lisa, exchange kisses and then the Colonel hopped in his "baby" and drove off towards his job at Dulles International, or Langley, Virginia CIA headquarters, a short 20 miles that would probably take an hour depending on how many eager-beaver, ass-kissers (in other words politicians) would be clogging the interstates.

* * * * * *

His morning commute was anything but normal; the interstates seemed to be in a reverse rush hour, every one was trying to get OUT of D.C. instead of into the Capital. He pondered it for a moment then decided to forget all about it and rolled down the windows to his Aston Martin (which he had to go to great lengths and expense to get, but that wasn't really a problem, since he being from a well-off family and making six figures with his combined salaries and his wife coming from a family with more money than god (as he like to say, them being a family of bankers and the some of the most ruthless at that). Which he had a good some in an overseas market making a crap load of dividends half of which went into his Swiss bank account "retirement fund" and the other half getting reinvested into the market. It made for a nice pension he valued roughly at 100 million dollars and growing by 10% per year, of which he dared not tell his wife about for they would be living"rather, owning some small Pacific or Caribbean island. He loved his job, the thrill, the excitement and most of all he loved working for his country which any good capitalist would to protect his assets. For all it's shimmering glory his Aston Martin was rather basic, not unlike the movies his was what you would call the basic package, no rockets, machine guns or other cool gadgets that he had hoped they would actually invent, he knew it would make his job a lot easier or at least the rush hour commute) and cruised through traffic on his way to his destination. Upon his arrival he noticed an extreme upgrade in the complex security and as he pulled up and went through the normal security protocols and with the addition of a few new ones he had noted.
"I see they finally took my suggestion and upgraded security around here." he said in a light manner.
"I wish it was like that, sir." the Sergeant said, "This is for real!" and with that Conrad took his belongings and proceeded with a very perplexed look on his face. Upon entering the complex he was greeted with by a lieutenant and a party of enlisted men.
"Colonel Conrad?" the lieutenant asked, "Please come with us we have a situation." He complied and a short way down the corridor he asked.
"What kind of situation?" he muttered.
"One that needs your special abilities." was his reply.
"You have my undivided attention." Conrad said with a smile on his face. Nothing made him happier than someone specifically needing him.

» Chapter Two

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