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» The General

Author: Erikmcfar
Date Started: 28th January 2002
Current Chapters: 15
Explanation: "The General" is the ballad of an American officer, Adrian Conrad, who rises the ranks to the top of the US Army, to lead the daunting task of defending America from the Russian invasion.


"Dr. Harrison! Dr. Harrison!" yelled a young man racing down the hallway, until he caught up with a grizzled old man.
"What is it Mr. Snow?" the old man replied.
"My thesis paper, sir. You gave me a D- on it. I don't understand." complained the student.
"Have you suddenly gone blind or something I wrote exactly what was wrong with your paper." responded Dr. Harrison with a impatient tone.
"You said my research was incomplete. I don't understand I spent over a hundred hours researching it." the student again complained.
"Well you obviously spent it researching the wrong thing." the Doctor again responded.
"I searched every database, I had several first person interviews and I even was able to search the Cutla's records of the war." the student explained.
"Ha, the Cutla, what do they know about the US-Russian war, they showed up 25 years after the fact, far too late to have a clue what really happened, their records are just over zealous accounts of the current records we have, no the reason I gave you a D- was because you left out THE most important person of the entire period." Harrison explained.
"Who?" responded the pupil with great puzzlement.
"How long till your next class, Mr. Snow?" Harrison asked.
"Not for another few hours, why?" responded the student.
"Come into my office." Harrison ordered. He then unlocked the door he had just locked, opened it up and went in, he then put his stuff on his desk and asked the student to sit down.
"Whoa...I didn't know you served in the army, was it during the war?" asked the student with eager anticipation.
The old man paused for a second, took a deep breath and began. "Yes I was in the service during the war you are referring to. But I hide that now, because I am ashamed to be associated with the government after what they did. I took my leave moved my family far away from the capital and stayed as much out of the way of politics as possible." As he moved over and recovered his jacket with the shroud that had fallen off his uniform.
"But why, Dr. Harrison? It would have been a great honor to served during that time." responded the student. "Well that's what I thought, too. Until I found out what happened to the greatest American hero since...ever. He saved us all, and all he got in return was a pile of shit." he said shaking his head.
"But I still don't understand." replied the student.
"Of course you don't. You along with everyone else have been lied to for the past 50 years." he said with a dead serious face. "The story I am about to tell you will change your every belief you have ever held dear, everything have thought and will thought will be changed by this story, however if you wish to leave I give you this last chance, after I start there is no turning back. Do you wish to continue?" he said staring straight into the pupil's eyes. The pupil nodded yes with a stone cold look on his face...

» Chapter One

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