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» The War Against Cuba - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Penetrating The Wall

Demane got down from the building via the once locked roof access door, which he shot open, and was soon carefully on his way to the club. The sight on the rifle was NV only, so he had to do this under darkness. He moved quickly, going across remote areas such as parks wherever he could. The Blue Paradise was in the Red Light district.

Demane reached the side entrance of the building and located a bouncer. He could assasinate him, but the rifle had no silencer, so he needed to use his knife. Making sure no-one was around, he climbed onto a neon sign and edged around the building until he was over the top of the man. Now for the hard bit. He held the knife above the man's head, and dropped it. It hummed through the air, and embedded itself in the man's skull, who slumped to the ground. Demane dropped and retrieved his knife, as well as taking the bouncer's silencer and connecting it to the sniper rifle. Time to move on.

After a few minutes, Demane was dressed in the bouncer's clothes, his own clothes in a bag near the rear entrance, his escape route. The rifle was easy to hide due to a unique folding system, effectively making it sawn-off size. It was hidden under his tux. The club stank of smoke and pole-dancers seemed to draw the attention of the guards. He has obtained a photo of the official from Kenji before he left, so he knew what the man looked like.

After a while, he spotted him talking to some conscripts from the Cuban army. Now to find a hiding place. He walked around a corner and found a janitor's closet. After some persuasion, he removed a roof tile and slid into the roof itself. Very carefully, he edged along until he was about thirty metres from him. Demane carefully lifted a tile and poked the muzzle of the rifle through slightly. Aiming for the man's head, he swallowed and fired. Without a sound, the man fell over the balcony onto the streets below. The conscripts started shouting and firing madly. Then the club turned into chaos. Demane crawled over to the balcony, which was now deserted, and jumped down onto it. Looking over the railings, he saw one of the conscripts run toward the official's body. He aimed with the rifle and fired, blowing off half of the man's head before dropping to the ground.

Demane scaled the building to the ground and quickly searched the corpse, stealing the keycard and running off into the night, grabbing his equipment bag on the way.

When he returned to the block, he was under heavy fire, as were his comrades in the hideout. A siege chopper fluttered loudly around the roof and randomly fired into windows. \"Guys, you okay in there?!" he shouted over the radio. \"Yeah, just about captain! We moved the equipment into the basement! Get down here!" came Howard's relieved voice. Demane sprinted toward the alleyway which he used to enter the hotel, he was spotted by a conscript who gave chase. As he entered the main hall, he vaulted over the desk and waited. A second later, the conscript entered and fired randomly to scare him out. It didn't work. Demane slammed the M-60 onto the table and opened fire, knocking the enemy on the floor and splattering the walls with blood. It took him a minute or two to locate the basement and entered. \"Sir! Good to see you alive!"

This story wasn't finished unfortunately..

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