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» The War Against Cuba - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Siege

It was 2:00am when Robert Demane was awoken by a loud crash from below. Kenji ran into the room. \"Sir! Cuban Rhino tanks attacking!" he shouted, smashing a window with his M60 machine gun and firing out of it. Demane smashed another pane of glass and used his binoculars to look below. Sure enough, there were two Rhino tanks firing randomly at the building. \"Damn! Must've got a tip-off!" shouted Demane angrily. He ran to the console and punched up a number.

A radio crackled. \"This is Eagle Squadren Black Fire reporting!" came a Korean accented voice. \"We're under attack from Rhino tanks over at the East View hotel, we need aerial backup!" shouted Demane as another shot hit hit the building. \"Okay, we're on our way!" said the voice. A second later, the rest of Demane's soldiers poured into the room and took positions with their M60's. Suddenly, a shot was fired at the floor below, and the floor began to creak and splinter. \"Hey, get away from the window!" shouted Howard and the men leapt to safety just as the floor caved in to a vicious fire below. \"They're onto us!" shouted Howard. Just then, a screaming wail came over the building and two Black Eagle fighters flew over, destroying the Rhino Tanks.

As the operators climbed out, the GI's gunned them down without mercy. As Demane examined the mess, the door opened to a civvy, who walked in with a shotgun. \"How the hell did you get in!" shouted Demane, leaning down for his M-16. As he did so, a neat hole appeared in the civvy's head and he slumped to the ground, leaving a blood trail up the wall. \"Sniper! Sniper! Stay down!" Demane ordered as the men ducked. After some time, Bouten had an idea. \"Hey, someone get me a mirror. Cap'n, pass me the dead guy's gun please." he asked. A moment later, he had a shard of mirror attached to the shotgun. Bouten stood next to the window, and cautiously extended the gun. A loud crakk sound rang out and the end of the gun fell off. Bouten ducked down again. \"He's in the opposite building, on the roof." he whispered. Demane was now thinking hard. If anyone went near the window, they would die. So how would they get this guy. The Eagles had returned to refuel, no ships were in the area due to mass submarine activity and no tanks were around. This would be hard. It was early in the morning and dark, so the guy was using NV. NV screwed up in the light, effectively blinding the user temporarily. The actual building would still be empty, the sniper was probably a resistance member.

\"Okay guys, I have an idea. I want one of you's to use that Hi-Amplitude beam torch from the packs to temporarily blind the sniper whilst I run across the street and blow his ass to kingdom come. Can you do that?" he ordered. \"Can do sir!" said Howard enthusiastically. \"Good, I'll give you the signal as to when to use the beam. Let's do this!" he said, before crawling out onto the landing and sneaking down to the lobby. He took the emergency exit out into an alleyway. \"Okay, now!" he said down his radio. A bright beam appeared some way above, he had to run! Without stopping, he charged across the street, past the wrecked tanks, and toward the door of the building. He barged through the glass and lay still. No shot, he was safe. \"Great job!" he said down the radio. \"Yeah! Double Time!" shouted Howard back to him. Great, he was in and alive, now to bust that sniper. After he had quietly reached the top floor, he learned that the roof access door was jammed shut. Shooting it would be too noisy and the sniper would have a chance to run. Instead, he took the hard way, climbing out of the window, he caught his breath and slowly climbed up to the roof. The wind was quite powerful as he dropped quietly behind a water tanker. He could see the sniper some way away. Although he appeared to be civvy, he held an extremely powerful Sniper Rifle, the type used by the Psi-Corps Virus snipers, except lead bullets instead of poison needles. Silently, he crawled up to the civvy until he was inches away, the wind distracting his hearing. Demane aimed his M16 at the mans head, and fired mercilessly. The sniper's head exploded like a melon and the corpse began to fall. As it did so, Demane grabbed the rifle.

There was also a big box of ammo on the floor. Great, he now had a sniper rifle! Suddenly, his radio crackled. \"Yo, boss! General Garlow has given new orders! A Cuban official is at a club called \"Blue Paradise" exactly ten clicks north of here, he wants us to get a keycard from him." explained Kenji. \"A keycard? For what?" demanded Demane. Sector two is sealed off by an impenetrable wall sir, the only way in is a huge gate via keycard." explained Kenji. \"Ok, you stay put. I'll fetch it. I found me a sniper rifle!" he told his team. \"Okay sir, have fun!" replied Kenji. Now he had to get down from the building with his spoils of war and assasinate this official. Time to get back to work....

» Chapter Three

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