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» The War Against Cuba

Author: R-Kane
Date Started: 11th December 2001
Current Chapters: 3
Explanation: The War Against Cuba portrays how a group of GI's struggle for survival in communist Cuba

Chapter 1 - Insertion

It is two years after Yuri's army was crushed. The Soviet Union had finally agreed to keep the territory it had and leave off the west. The president of America and the new Premier of Russia, Ivan Volgrod, had held many meetings involving peace. All was safe until July 12, 2189. The Cuban army sold off an MCV to a terrorist organisation known as PSG (People Support Group). Although the PSG had been crushed in their sleep as Russian Kirovs pounded their city into the ground, sparing no-one. (The UN made enquiries into this but were pulled back for fear of another Soviet invasion. Now the war was against Cuba. The Allies and the remaining three Soviet countries, led by America and Russia respectably, were now pounding Cuba with missiles, bombs and ground assaults. This is where the story begins....

The Hercules transport plane roared over the ocean toward Commercial District 00534. On board was squadren 23, consisting of five GI soldiers. Captain Robert Demane led this special team of elites on a mission to cut through the city and into the CD Comm center, capturing the radar to call in a Soviet invasion fleet. He was roused from his thoughts by a piercing shrill scream and red lights flashing. \"Okay, time for some action!" he shouted, pulling open the side door of the plane.

Four other men, Dan Howard, Phil Buxton, Kenji Visnel and Adam Bouten leapt out of the hatch and into the night sky. Demane pulled a salute to the pilot and dropped backwards out of the plane. As the air rushed madly past him, he reached for the ripcord on his parachute and pulled. A blue rimmed parachute blasted out of the bag and he felt the tug of upward draft slow him down. He saw the others some way below. Upon landing, they were to dash for the nearest building and turn it into their field ops base. Once a flare was fired, a Nighthawk would land on the roof to drop off rations, ammo, radio communications and of course, defences such as wire netting. Before he knew it, Demane wason the ground, where several civvys were opening fire at him with pistols. He grunted and ran toward the nearest building, a hotel. The rest of his team gave him covering fire whilst he picked the lock and Squad 23 entered the hotel, slamming the door behind them. \"Okay, you grunts, block the door totally with whatever you can find, desks, beds, tables, anything!" he ordered as he ran upstairs with a bullet proof box under his arm.

The lift was turned off and he was not bothered with messing around, so he ran to the roof access door on the 23rd storey and opened it. The cold night air flooded around him as he opened the box. Inside was a single flare. He positioned it and got out his matches. This flare was his only salvation. He lit the fuse and stepped back as it whizzed into the air and exploded. About twenty seconds later, the aircraft carrier Colossus released its RC Hornet planes.

They flew over the hotel and bombed numerous civvy resistance members with stolen Flakk cannons before the chopper appeared. It landed sharply on the roof, knocking off the plaster in the room below. Several Guardian GI's leapt out and began to carry in the supplies. \"Where should we set up?" asked one of them. \"Room facing north on the top floor will do!" shouted Demane over the top of the chopper engine. And so squad 21 had safely landed on the island, but now they had to wait until the local Spysat uplink came online.....

» Chapter Two

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