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» Defector - Chapter 1

Time: 1500 hours Location: Vladivostok, Russia Ex-Agent Grey entered Vladivostok with a smile on his face. Those Allied fools, he thought, they never knew what hit them. He had been working with the Soviets for many months, giving them intelligence on secret Allied base locations in various parts of the world. Agent Grey had also given the Soviets early, limited intelligence about the "new force", known as Yuri. The reason why he didn't tell his former friend and fellow agent, Miller, was because it would tip him off that Grey wasn't giving the Allies the full information they needed in order to prevent both the Soviets and Yuri from coming back to power.

Grey decided to cast his lot with the Soviets because they had the greatest fighting spirit. The true reason they had not become victorious was not because they were inferior to their Allied adversaries, but because of the high level of corruption within Soviet leadership. The Allies then took advantage of this weakness and defeated them only because of the combination of their advanced technology and of the Soviet's weakness. However, the Soviets now had a new opponent, Yuri. He was their primary threat, and they still had a score to settle with him. It was unfortunate that Yuri had stolen mind control technology, because with it he was a major opponent. Should he gain enough power with that technology there would be no hope for the already dwindling Soviet Union.

The Soviet High Command instructed Grey to go to Vladivostok and meet up with a submarine called the TK-210 and her captain, Viktor Svyadov, in one of the local military docks. The sub was in for repairs, supplies, and rearming after a battle with a Yuri Boomer and her escort craft. The TK-210 was originally ordered to defend Vladivostok from attack by Boomer cruise missiles. The sub was damaged badly from this attack. Since reinforcements had arrived from the Soviet Pacific Fleet, then that left the TK-210 from her duties, and her new orders were to provide transport for Grey to Iraq.

Iraq had taken a heavy toll from series after series of bombings from Allied aircraft, severe economic depression, and destruction of almost all of its major cities during the Second Great War. Most of Iraq's major oil companies were either bankrupt or in debt and most of its ports along the Persian Gulf were destroyed or severely damaged. However one of these ports had been recently rebuilt. It was called the port of Umm Qasr, at the mouth of the Euphrates River. It was quickly becoming one of the major ports in the Persian Gulf, exporting mostly oil. However, Iraq would accept the new Soviet ship, for it carried the Union's salvation.

Grey had several top-secret documents that he had stolen from the Allies. The documents included several Allied secret base locations, intelligence on new Allied technologies, even a design for a new Allied superweapon. If the Soviets get these documents, it would give them the slight edge they needed to bring total victory over the Allies, then they would go after the traitor Yuri. There were several other things that Grey had that he didn't quite understand. One of the documents said something about a new type of mineral being found east of the Tiber River, in Italy. It didn't really matter, but Grey thought that the Soviets might be interested in it.

Grey had finally reached the docks that the Soviet High Command had instructed him to go to. Grey looked around as he noticed that no civilians were around. Ahead there was a security post watching for any intruders, Grey approached them.
"Greetings, My name is Jim Grey. I'm here to meet the TK-210, a Typhoon-class submarine." Grey said in Russian, he showed the sentries his passport and personal information. "Da, ok, you may enter" One of the guards said in English with a heavy Russian accent.
"Thank you" Grey responded. Grey entered through the gate and saw a sight he never dreamed of seeing. There were row upon row of Dreadnaught-class ships. They were absolutely massive. Indeed the impressiveness of the Russian navy had sunken into Grey's mind. He walked about half a kilometer across the shore of the port and saw his submarine. There was a man in a white uniform with several medals. As he walked closer, the man yelled.

"Greetings Mr. Grey, I am Admiral Alexi Boroshkin, and I am in charge of the Pacific Russian Fleet"
"Good to meet you, Admiral." He shook the Admiral's hand.
"My superiors tell me that you have something of great importance in your possession. They also tell me that you need transport to Iraq."
"That's correct Admiral." Grey said.
"Well it'll be a long voyage, about three thousand nautical miles"
"Yes Admiral" Grey looked over at the sub. It was of the most ingenious design, the most advanced in the world. On the dock there was a man, in heavy wool naval coat. He appeared to be extremely angry, cursing and kicked the oil drum off the dock as he observed the damage.
"Ah, you see the captain of your ship, his name is Viktor Svyadov, our best that Mother Russia has to offer."
"That man? That man is your best captain?"
"Yes. He has never lost a battle, and is extremely loyal to the Soviet Union."
"Very well, but he doesn't seem to be the proper officer that I would expect from the Soviet Navy."
"Yes, I see what you mean. But looks can be deceiving. Come let me show you the rest of the sub."
Admiral Boroshkin showed Grey the bridge, the engine room and where the massive nuclear reactor was located. He also showed him where his room would be. It was a small officer's quarters near the rudder. He explained that in a battle, a torpedo blew off the blister that held the towed sonar. The damage was partially severe, there was little time for repair however, the sub would disembark tomorrow morning.

Agent Grey entered one of the briefing rooms in Pacific Command Headquarters near the docks of Vladivostok. The room was small, with no windows; it must have been used as an interrogation room, similar to what the United States has. Already seated in the room was Captain Svyadov, talking to Admiral Boroshkin. The Admiral began to speak to the both of them.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, this briefing will begin." The Admiral pointed to a map of the Soviet Union and her surrounding nations, along with the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Admiral Boroshkin took out a laser pointer.

"Here is our current location, Vladivostok, and you two are going to the distant port of Umm Qasr, Iraq in the Persian Gulf. The distance is approximately three thousand six hundred miles, and will take nearly a week. Expect some resistance along the way, especially through the Sea of Japan, especially from the Korean Navy. Captain Svyadov, here is your course to follow, and your orders once you get to Umm Qasr." "Thank you" Svyadov said.
"Now as for you Mr. Grey" said Admiral Boroshkin "Once you get to Iraq, you will go to a secret location near Baghdad and rendezvous with many of the Soviet leaders of State, there will be at least one member of each nation there. You may offer your information to them."
"Yes, thank you Admiral"
"The submarine will disembark tomorrow morning, good luck gentlemen."
"Thank you Admiral" Grey said
"I will send you my information in a few days after we disembark" Svyadov told Boroshkin.

As the two men left the briefing room, Svyadov turned toward Grey.
"You know Mr. Grey, I would be quite upset if this little field trip of yours ended up into a disaster for the Soviet Navy. If this mission goes south, I will see to it that you will not be alive for very long. And that is a promise."

Chapter Two

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