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» Defector

Author: Shiznit
Date Started: 2nd December 2001
Current Chapters: 3
Explanation: "The Defector" tells the story of an agent attempting to save the Allies from a rouge agent about to reveal Allied secrets


Time: 0100 hours
Location: Southern Siberia

Covert operations are always a dangerous business, and most who participated in them did not live very long. Agent Greg Miller was a member of the elite Allied Covert Operations Task Force (ACOTF). Its purpose was primarily intended for sabotage and intelligence, of which Agent Miller was the best. He was credited with the completion of over one hundred and twenty missions, and decorated as one of the finest soldiers of the Allied forces.

He was now somewhere in Southern Siberia, close to Vladivostok. His target was to take out the nearby supply depot of a local terrorist group. He was supposed to meet up with another agent of the ACOTF, Agent Grey, a decorated soldier himself. The amount of security was extensive, and it would be very difficult to get in and out without anyone noticing or being killed.

He approached the front entrance to the base, about two hundred feet away. Agent Miller looked at its defenses. There was technology he had never seen before. There were strange sentry guns that didn't seem to have anyone operating them. There were also huge towers placed at the perimeter, emitting a low hum and flashing brightly. Miller was fixed in a trench and occasionally looked up above the trench and looked at the base, figuring how he could get in. Suddenly, the power appeared to be going off line. The large towers were not flashing anymore and the auto-guns were not moving. This was the time he thought, I have to make my move.

He ran about forty feet, took a knee, and fired his silenced rifle into a guard about to take aim. When he got closer to the base, he followed its walls while simultaneously taking out the sentries. He found a back entrance and entered from there, jumping over the gate. He saw an underground passageway and decided to enter it. There were lights leading to the underground, but they were not lit due to the power outage. He managed to feel his way through the passage, following a strange light. After about five minutes of wandering through the tunnel, he heard someone yelling.
"Drop the gun!"
"I'm unarmed," he answered
"Good to see you old friend" Grey said, pleased with the codeword that Miller answered with.
"And you too Agent Grey, you nearly scared the shit outta me" Miller said
"Come, I think there's something you need to see. Its not far about 100 yards from here"

Gray led them with a small flashlight. He told Miller about how he discovered this vast network of tunnels underneath this base. Grey also said that this base wasn't just a terrorist operations base, but a small supply base for some new force. Suddenly a massive explosion hit the surface creating a small earthquake below.
"Get to the surface, move!"
They followed the dim light leading to the exit. When they came to the surface, Agent Miller was in shock with what he saw. There were at least fifty troops led by a man with an AKM machine gun who took out the sentries with ease. He also saw several squadrons of MIG fighters destroying major buildings of the base, which would explain the small earthquakes and rumblings.
"Get out of here! I'll hold them off as long as I can"
"No Grey, I still have to complete this mission!"
"These damn Russians will finish it for you!" Grey yelled

Miller ran back to the way he originally came from. He ran all the way back to his rendezvous point where he was going to be picked up by Nighthawk helicopter. He wondered what would become of Grey.

» Chapter One

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