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» Sniper Games - Chapter 5

After the eight men had reached the ground and the Nighthawk pulled away, Lieutenant Michaels decided introductions were in order. "Since we are going to be fighting together for a few missions, we might as well get to know each other. Moran, Reed, you have already met sergeants Russell and Goldstein, our demo and electronics experts now its time to meet the rest of the squad."

"I'm Corporal Jim Young, heavy weapons," one man said as he hefted the strap of his M-60 machine gun over his shoulder.
"And I'm Sergeant Toshihiro Nagumo, anti-armor," another said. "Don't let the name confuse you, it may be Japanese but I was born in the good ol' US of A. Oh and most call me Toshi." Toshi carried a M-4 carbine and a Javelin anti-tank missile launcher.
"Corporal Jamie Halberstadt, fire support," the last one said as he cradled his weapon in his shoulder. Jamie had an M-4 carbine with an M203 grenade launcher and carried extra ammo clips.
"Now its your turn," Michaels said to the two snipers.
"Lieutenant Denis Reed, sniper."
"Lieutenant Phil Moran."
"Good, now that we all know each other, we can get down to business," Lieutenant Michaels said. "Intel says that the V3 drives into a clearing just below that ridge over there," he pointed just north of their position. "They are usually escorted by a pair of Rhino tanks and some infantry along with an ammo truck with a pair of extra missiles. Reed, Moran, I want you two to take position on that ridge. Young, you go with Toshi and Jamie and set up an ambush to knock out the tanks. Russell and Goldstein you come with me, we will hide in the brush 'till the shit hits the fan, everybody got that?" Everybody nodded in agreement. "Good, let's get in position."

Reed's eyes scanned the road impatiently. It had been hours since they took position on the ridge in some thick brush and palmetto trees. All of a sudden he heard a smack a few feet behind him and he quickly spun around. "What the hell are you doing?" he whispered harshly.
"Goddamn mosquitoes," Moran said. "Hey I gotta take a piss, be right back," Moran wandered off behind some palmettos.
"When did the likes of you stop acting like a professional?" Reed said over the headset.
"When we were shipped down south to this hell hole full of swamps and mosquitoes."
"Hey cut the chatter," Toshi cut in. "Here they come."

Moran quickly scurried back to his position and took the lens cap off the scope. They could hear the squeaking and clanking of the Rhinos heavy treads and the low diesel growl from their engines. Toshi held firm until the tank holding up the rear had passed. He carefully took aim with the Javelin anti-tank missile and fired. The missile spiraled out of the tube at high speed looking for the infrared signature of its victim. It slammed into the tank's external fuel tanks (common for most Russian tanks) igniting the fuel and knocking out the engine. The crew jumped out of the tank and Jim opened up on them with the M-60.

The driver of the V3 launcher was severely shaken up by this and instinctively reached for his lighter to burn the launch codes. Reed got off a shot right through the driver's eye, smearing the back of his head all over the cab before he could burn the papers. The other man in the truck, obviously the commanding officer, looked on in horror and shock as his friend was splattered all over him. Toshi knocked out the other tank but this time the crew didn't exit, they knew what was going to happen to them if they did. Jamie joined in the fray finally, tossing a fragmentation grenade down the air vent, killing everyone inside the tank. Moran took aim on the driver of the ammunition truck who had stripped the gears trying to put it in reverse. Moran took the shot, hitting the driver in the neck.

By this time the conscript escort came running down the path to help but Michaels and Russell jumped out of their hiding spots and cut them down where they stood with bursts of 5.56mm fire. Goldstein finished the rest off with a full automatic burst from his M-4 carbine, emptying an entire clip into the retreating soldiers. The commanding officer in the V3 flung open the door and fell out, landing on his back. Reed took care of him with a shot to the chest. The crane operator in the ammunition truck had managed to get over his buddy, still writhing in pain and gasping for air like a fish, and pull out a pistol and was fumbling with the clip. Moran quickly acquired him and put a bullet through his head, leaving a neat hole in the front and a ragged mess where it exited. The driver, still alive and struggling, managed to kick the door open. Russell ended that man's misery with a shot from his 9mm Beretta.

Moran and Reed rose from their hiding spots and sprinted over to the rest of the group who had gathered around the V3 launcher. Michaels pulled the bloody papers with the launch codes out of the officer's cold dead hand and passed them over to Corporal Goldstein.
"Well?" Russell asked impatiently.
"Well what?" Goldstein replied
"Well can ya launch that thing?"
"Of course. Find me the manual so I know how to work this," Goldstein glanced at Reed.
"Why me?" Reed said.
"Because you made the mess in there. Don't get any blood on the manual, thank you."

Reed opened up the driver's side door and a body fell into his arms, spraying blood all over his well-crafted ghillie suit and uniform. "Ah shit!" he yelled. Reed crawled over the seat into the glove compartment on the passenger side and pulled out all the papers he could find. "It's one of these. You can read Russian you find it."
Goldstein skimmed through the papers quickly finding the launching operations and proceeded to input the codes.
Jamie and Toshi began planting thermite grenades in all the important and salvageable parts of the vehicles and set a timed C4 charge in the V3 launcher. "Now what?" Jamie said.
"Well, I set this to launch in five minutes and I reprogrammed it's course to land right back in the Red's base. All we have to do is set the charge and run like hell towards the evac zone."
"Let's hope we have a ride waiting this time," Michaels said.

» Chapter Six

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