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» Sniper Games

Author: Wraith
Date Started: 20th November 2001
Date Ended: 11th November 2002
Chapters: 7
Explanation: "Sniper Games" is a war story based on the stories of American and Russian snipers fighting for their respective causes.

Chapter 1 - Preparation

A storm system moved in as First Lieutenant Phil Moran stalked a Soviet patrol through the forests of the Catskill Mountains, he had been hunting them for a good portion of the day. His ghillie suit, throwing his human shape out of proportion, had kept him hidden from view as if the conscripts ever looked behind them anyway. As the storm moved closer the conscripts began to set up camp in a small clearing. Spying out the one who was giving orders, Moran raised his RAI Model 500 long-range rifle and locked a round into the chamber as he aimed at the unfortunate sole. He whispered a small prayer and depressed the trigger. The .50 cal slug slammed into the conscript, a perfect headshot, taking everything off above the jaw.

The other four conscripts, probably new recruits, ran toward the body of their commander instead of taking cover. Moran quickly took another round out of his pouch and slid it in place with the bolt. He aimed at another conscript, just a random one this time, and pulled the trigger. This round hit the conscript square in the center of the neck, decapitating him.

This time the surviving three conscripts got the idea to hide behind a fallen tree and open fire with their Ak-47's where the sniper fire came from but Moran had moved down the hillside for cover. He took out a small mirror and signaled his partner, Second Lieutenant Dennis Reed. The next conscript wasn't as fortunate as the first two. Reed gave him a slug through the chest and was writhing in pain until he passed out from blood loss. During the noise and confusion that the last conscripts made he snuck down behind them and quickly dispatched them both with his 9mm Baretta.

* * * * *

Vasili Zaitsev pressed his cheek firmly against the wood stock of his Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. Zaitsev targeted an American soldier and quickly eliminated him with a clean headshot. It was virtually impossible to find any sniper in the ruined buildings of Baltimore's downtown area. The allies had built an ingenious series of tank traps along the roads. It held up during the naval bombardment but all the Americans had left were a few TOW launchers, a handful of RPG's, and some 88 mm howitzers. The TOWs were no match for Soviet armor but they could prove a nuisance by hitting the tracks and the howitzers would easily punch a hole through a Rhino but they would be taken out with ease as soon as the Apocalypse tanks arrived from the fleet.

Zaitsev was ordered to find and \"clear" any tank traps of enemy troops so the Rhino tanks could move deeper into the city. He quickly spotted the glint off an American sniper's telescopic sight. The sniper was hiding in a trench behind the tank trap Zaitsev was currently clearing. Zaitsev took the shot and the sniper was hurled back against the trench, the rifle falling from his hands. His bullet had entered the barrel of the enemy soldier's rifle, splitting the breach like a banana and blew off his cheek. Zaitsev aimed again and shot the sniper through the chest killing him.

The next GI to be targeted was training his TOW on the lead Rhino tank approaching the bulwarks of the tank barrier. As the lock-on tone sounded in the GI's ear Zaitsev pulled the trigger and the enemy soldier slumped over in the trench.

The last allied soldiers in the trench were manning the M2 heavy machine gun. That machine gun would cause real trouble if it was allowed to fire on the rear armor of the Rhinos. Zaitsev quickly acquired the one with his hand on the trigger and took him out with a shot through the neck into the shoulder of the GI right next to him. With a flick of the wrist the ammo clip dropped out and Zaitsev reached into his pouch and put a new one in. When Zaitsev looked up again the machine gun nest was a crater and its occupants a formless pulp thanks to the lead Rhino's 125 mm gun. It was time to pack up and go back to base.

* * * * *

Moran and Reed finished searching the bodies and gear of the conscripts for anything that might be important and started back down the trail to base. "Great hunting today, huh?" Moran said.
"You betcha," Reed pulled out a small jar with four right ears in it.
"Oh god Dennis why the hell do you always have to do that?"
"Some of the officers give ten bucks per right ear. Hey can I keep this ear too?" Reed pulled out the ear taken from one of Moran's kills.
"Ugh. That's sickening."
"You think you're any better? You blew a guys face off today remember."
"Yeah but I didn't cut off his ear and stick it in formaldehyde. Actually he didn't have a right ear left after I got through with him," Moran chuckled.
"See man, this is what I'm talkin' about. The way you word it makes you sound like one sadistic mother f...."
\"Halt! Stand down and identify yourself!" one of the sentries at the entrance to the outpost said.
Both of the soldiers took out their ID cards and showed them to the sentry. \"Lieutenants Phillip Moran and Dennis Reed. Anything else we need, private?" Moran said in an intimidating voice.
\"Um, sir no sir! Sorry to inconvenience both of you, sir," the sentry replied nervously.
\"Why the hell do you have to be so mean to the privates and NCOs?" Reed said as they passed the sentry station.
\"I'm just having fun with "em Dennis."

* * * * *

The sun was barely showing above the western sky as Zaitsev pushed open the flap of the "Wolves Den", a tent in the Soviet encampment designated for snipers only.

"Welcome back Vasili. How was the hunting today?" Valentin Konovalov, Zaitsev's unit commander, said while looking through some papers.
"It was hell out there. American snipers all over and some had decent hiding spots too, not to mention all of those GI's with RPGs and TOWs and the machine gun nests. I need a break."
"Well you will get your break soon. The Apocalypse tanks are coming in from fleet tomorrow. With them spearheading the attack it will make your job a little easier. Get some sleep, you are up for another sortie tomorrow."
"Give the general my thanks. It was getting pretty hectic out there." Zaitsev took out a bottle of vodka. "Want some? I found it in some building that i was sniping from."
Konovalov took out some glasses. "Pour on my friend."

Chapter Two

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