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» Ambush - Chapter 7

I knocked on the door of the small country house; it reminded me of my home growing up, quaint little house, lots of open yard, and a slightly crooked screen door. A frail old-looking woman answered the door breaking my day dream.
"Yes, who is it." She kept her eyes on her knitting.
"Mrs., Mrs. Smitts?"
She looked up too see a large, brown haired soldier holding a folded American flag and a small telegram on top of it. A look of shock arose on her face as she took the flag and letter and receded into the house.

I stood unable to move for several minutes, but finally moved slowly back to my car. I turned the key, and the radio clicked on with a news report.

"Breaking News! The last of Yuri's forces have been destroyed, and a Floating Disk believed to be carrying Yuri was shot down by an Aegis Cruiser over the south pacific earlier this morning. This same Floating Disk has been seen leaving many of the battles at the closing of this war, and is believed to have been designed solely for the purpose of Yuri's escape. Later this week the Disk will be located and raised for examination."

I turned the radio off, and leaned back with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The End.

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