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» Ambush - Chapter 6

The horizon became engulfed by fire and smoke; the sky was black with a glowing orange outlining the destruction. Puddles had become a slick mixture of blood, oil and mud. The air, rotten with the stench of burning corpses and diesel fuel. Some of the GIs that had earlier, talked of how they alone would get Yuri, exchanged fire between the friends they had made at the beginning of this war.

The silence shattered suddenly when the GI next to me's head jerked back and a bullet exploded through the back of his skull and hit his partner in the arm. I rushed for a rock formation at the side of the ridge overlooking the water hundreds of feet below.

One thought crossed my mind,
Who else, I couldn't reach him by radio, he disappeared from my sight, and Yuri doesn't use conventional snipers.
"Damnit, he screwed up, but he couldn't have let himself be controlled by a mere copy, it must have been the freak himself. But where the hell is he!"

Another GIs exploded in a fury of blood and gray matter, derailing my train of thought. I climbed along the formation pulling myself to its top, fifteen or so feet above the battlefield. Using my position as a chance to survey the battlefield, I looked around, to see what forces were left among the wreckage. One Apoc lost, the other retreating, most likely to reload, the few Rhinos that were left followed suit, all badly damaged. They had no tanks left, and few enough infantry for the last of our forces to handle. I knew Yuri and Private Smitts must be around somewhere.

"There!" Lying half in a small bush I could see the pants and boots of Smitt's BDUs.
It looked like Yuri was close by in a the tent but I couldn't be sure.
"If I take a shot without hitting their head I will only reveal my position.
Suddenly a blinding pain descended on me, I dropped my gun and clutched my head it felt as if my skull were squeezing in on itself. The pain left quickly, I wiped my face with my hand and looked at them, soaked in blood. I took out a handkerchief, and dotted my face with it, the blood was pouring from my nose and corners of my eyes. A rush of pain and nausea preceded the sound of footsteps around me and a screen of pitch black.

» Chapter Seven

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