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» Ambush - Chapter 5

The huge barrels of two apocalypse tanks peaked over the hill and began pounding the Lashers and Gattling tanks that had started towards the squads of GIs. The 120mm SABOT rounds sent shockwaves about 75 feet from the tanks themselves. When I turned my attention back to the GIs I saw and opening to move the men forward, we quickly packed up and moved forward about 100 feet before a Lasher hit us with a shell causing the squads to deploy into what cover they could find once more. I backed off the front line to see if I could find Private Smitts.

"Smitts, pick up." I said into my radio.
Nothing but static.
"Smitts, pick up." I yelled.
Static once more.
"Smitts answer me!" I Shouted.
"SHIT!" I tore the transmitter from my shoulder and threw it to the side.

I Moved to the left flank of the GIs and opened fire at the wave of Brutes and Initiates, green blood from the Brutes splattering everywhere until they finally went down after spending a clip and a half of the genetic monstrosities. The two Apocalypse tanks joined the left flank and kept their focus on the Lashers that were spinning circles around the two Rhinos out of ten that had been sent up with the GIs. The Apocalypses were living up to their names. An explosion in the distance quickly followed a nearby blast. Large chunks of metal were flying about, some GIs had been hit by the shrapnel, all of whom stayed focused on their targets.

The battle began to slow once more, an eerie quiet settled as we waited to see what would happen next. There was a little movement in the distance; the tent that had become a makeshift command post became alive with activity. As the tent at the far end of the field emptied, another wave of Brutes struck forward with Yuri's clones behind them. Every man on the line began to fire into the crowd hoping to hit the clones. As I reached to replace a clip I saw one GI turn, and with a lifeless look in his eye pull the trigger on the man next to him, killing him on the spot. I quickly popped the magazine in placed and put a bullet into the head of the soldier, adding to the bloody mess already covering the field.

» Chapter Six

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