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» Ambush - Chapter 4

The Rhino and Grizzly tanks ripped through the bushes along the slopes of the hills, slinging mud every which way from their heavy treads. They regrouped themselves at the top and took the lull in the action to make final checks on equipment. The radio transmissions were a little choppy thanks to the storm that had moved in on the base so unexpectedly. The smoke from my cigarette was quickly taken off in a swirl of wind, as I tossed it into a nearby mud puddle. An eerie silence descended the battlefield as the rain let up slightly, and the forces of both sides took their last peace filled breath. I looked up to the horizon that was being clouded by the darkness of the storm only to see an army of Yuri's Brutes hulking towards our forces.

["OPEN FIRE!"] The radio transmission ripped through the silence.

The tank forces slammed forward at top-speed ramming into many of the Brutes, all of them surviving, the tanks pulled back to the GI platoons and the GIs opened fire. Green blood began splashing about the ground as much as the rain itself, hands, arms, even a head or two began dropping as well. Many Brutes managed to make it through the hail of gunfire, one was almost on top of me swinging at me with the one arm it had left it missed but I fell to the ground dodging the blow. The Brute raised its arm and brought it down just as I pulled the trigger on my MP5 hitting him in the face. His cycloptic implant exploded blowing pieces of his head and green blood all over me.

"All machine gunners aim for the Brutes heads and destroy their implants." I bellowed into my radio.
["We can't tell where they're firing from its like- AHHH"] It blared back.

I ran towards the site of burning corpses, throwing up along the way, I tried to ignore the site and smell of it all. I leapt forward sliding through a ten-foot wide mud puddle, and came to a stop behind a small group of GIs.

"If you can't hit their heads aim for the helmet or backpack, it will take away their abilities." I commanded to a soldier.
I turned to open fire on the Initiates and almost instantly the GI next to me burst into flames screaming in ways no normal man could imagine.
"Damn You!" I screamed as I emptied my magazine into several nearby initiates, my clip dropped into the soft dirt, I reached to my side pack to get another magazine, but was stopped by a heavy rumbling.

» Chapter Five

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