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» Ambush - Chapter 3

Seven V3's Lined up near the ridge and simultaneously opened fire towards the unseen foes. Several bright flashes and powerful blasts followed, but then a shockwave that nearly toppled every tree in sight rumbled over the land just before two tank turrets, several bulky limbs and what looked like a large magnetic coil slammed into the ground. Technicians began to scramble about the remains of the tank turrets, moving the coil into the battle lab for further examination I heard my radio click on and begin announcing orders.

"[To all armor battalions; their tank has the same main weapon and armor specifics of the Grizzly tank. Put all Rhino tanks in front and plow through the enemy platoons.]"

Turning to Smitts I said,
"Seems as if we're starting the counter attack."
"Hmm, kind of like in world war one, like we're going over the top."
"You a history teacher?" He turned and looked at me with a smile rarely seen in wartime.
"Not yet, if it wasn't for this war I would be taking final exams in college."
"...Isn't that a good thing?"
After a brief moment of silence we both began laughing uncontrollably.

Our laughter was stopped by a sudden rain storm that seemed to conjure itself from nothing.
"This may help our chances, the terrain up there can become almost like quicksand in a downpour like this."
Smitts nodded affirmingly as he kept his eyes steady on the lined up platoons. He hopped down from the tree and ran for a group of GIs that were readying to ascend the ridge. I quickly followed him and began shouting orders.
"Dig your fox holes as quickly as possible, three to a hole, and lay down a suppressive fire until the tanks arrive."
With that said I quickly shouted.
"Move out!"

All the GIs that had once been enjoying a game of cards, or a hot cup of coffee were now racing up the hill. The men who couldn't find a blast crater or dense foliage to hide in dug their foxholes and began firing at any worthy target.
"Hold your fire! They saw this coming, save your ammo until I say."
My radio began squawking again, only this time it was the sound of Smitt's voice.
"Sir, I can see about twenty infantry units, and... they all look like Yuri. Wait There's even one, he's on some kind of hovering pod."
"It's none other than Yuri himself."
"You've got to be kidding. Why would he show up, he must know he'd be the first targeted"
"Yes, he must know that, unless..."
The rumbling of tanks threw off my train of thought, I turned to see them barreling up the ridge at full speed.
"Smitts, can you take out the psychic troops?"
"They've disappeared into some tents, I can't see any of them."

» Chapter Four

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