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» Ambush - Chapter 2

Seeing my rank for the first time, he quickly replied.
"Smitts, Sir." He reached for a handshake, but I ignored it, keeping an eye on the ridge.
"Smitts, eh." I took out a cigarette and offered him one but he refused. "How long have you been in the service?"
"Six months, I think."
"Hm, is that all?"
"Well, I had a year of special ops training." He seemed a little annoyed, but tried to hide it.
"Thats what everyone says." Now he was pissed, but again he managed to control it.
"How long until you think they'll attack?"
"I dont know, maybe soon, maybe even tonight. Although I doubt they would wait that long."
"...well. How long has it been so far?"
"Its been an hour and a half since those Boomer subs appeared, and my SEALs were lost in the wake."

He stood up on the branch and streched a bit. We both watched as four IFVs rolled out of another amphibious transport.
"Its seems we have control of the water again, doesnt it." He said confidently.
"The Boomer is a deep-water sub, each of them could have easily repositioned themselves without drawing our attention, just as they have already proven."

With that said the radio began sqwaking commands, and an officer appeared and began giving hand signals towards the tank squads.
"All tank platoons equip HEAT ammunition" The radio echoed.
"So, they're going to use the High Explosive Anti-Tank rounds? Why not the standard Sabots?" Smitts asked unintelligably.
"The HEAT rounds should finish just about every tank they have in a shot or two each, and since they are High Explosive, infantry wont be much of a problem either."

The tanks were beginning to line up at the base of the scaleable areas of ridge and I realized what was about to happen.

» Chapter Three

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