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» Ambush

Author: Lpark
Date Started: 28th January 2002
Current Chapters: 7
Explanation: Ambush tells the tale of a SEAL in the Allied forces as well as the team under his command.

Chapter 1

It's been a week so far, and still no sign of an impending attack. Yuri has claimed he will soon overwhelm what is left of the Soviet and Allied forces stationed here, but I have yet to see or hear anything out of the ordinary.
"All he has are Initiates and those Brutes that looked like something out of my little brothers comics." Private Karf noted "With the weapons we have stocked here Yuri wouldnt stand a chance himself."

Several more Privates replied with a sarcastic sigh, but I pay little attention to the soldiers little conversations. My SEAL team and I were readying for a demolitions practice mission.
"Two teams of four following just behind me." I shouted. "Karf! Lead the Blue team. Winston! Red Team. Move Out!" I started towards the water and again I yelled "Fifty feet out stop an wait for my signal, MOVE!"

As I stepped into the water, I could feel a low rumble, and then a blaring siren. I called for my team to retreat but was drowned out by the sound of three surfacing Boomer Submarines. They towered over the water like skyscrapers, the water running down their sides gleaming in the morning sunlight.


I threw off my gear and ran back to the barracks to retrieve my dry uniform. As I ran, Flak Cannons and SAM Sites Turned in the direction of the Boomers just as each subs missiles rose into their armed positions. I saw the eyes of a Russian Cpatain who ran by as he shouted something to his comrades, fear and anger there, and nothing else. Finally back in dry clothes, I was outside in time to see the Boomers missiles take flight, Surface to Air Missiles and Flak were filling the sky. It was like a horribly twisted Forth of July, the missiles exploding in mid air amidst large black clouds of flak, the concussions of the blast nearly knocked me to the ground. As I looked up I saw that the Boomers had distracted the anti-air sites long enough for some cargo planes to drop what looked like five hundred infantry and fifty tanks, upon the ridge above this base.

"How did Yuri catch us like this, how could three subs get into this area?"

Other Seals and GIs are running left and right setting up at the base of the cliffs, throwing down walls of sand bags at an alarming rate, and some GIs with anti-tank rockets setting up behind the others. I looked back at the shore, but all of the subs were gone, as quickly as they had appeared they had submerged once again. The rumble of the tanks were echoing off the cliffs, when what looked like an armored car with twin fifty caliber gattling guns just mounted the edge of a cliff and slaughtered a platoon of infantry before it was destroyed. A Squad of rhino and grizzly tanks were sent up the hillside, all that followed were a few bright flashes, loud explosions and one tank being lifted into the air by an unseen foe. We are in a bad area, the terrain on the peaks above were far too unstable to set up any kind of outposts. As of now we are blind, we cannot tell what we're up against, and dare not venture to it.

I climbed atop one of our barracks to see if I could get a look from a better angle. With my binoculars in hand I managed to see a few of the enemy's troops. Large silver helmets, grayish uniform and no gun. What they could be I could not imagine, but it was obvious that they alone could not have destroyed those tanks. Before I could finish the little scouting I could manage something knocked my binoculars out of my hand, I quickly got behind the barracks, realizing there were now snipers on the cliffs. Within moments blood curdling screams filled the air, I looked to see what the matter was, and saw one of the best on my team inflate and explode into a cloud of green gas which quickly began infecting the other soldiers around the area. Just as I thought we were all screwed a newly recruited sniper spotted me and ran to my position dodging what looked like darts the whole way.

"Two snipers, I think, each flank of the ridge." I quickly told him in a rush to hide my racing expression.

He quickly took position and laid waste to the two snipers on the cliff, after a minute of searching he could not find anymore so I stood to see how many soldiers we had left. Only what looked to be seventy-five percent, I grabbed the newbie and just about dragged him the whole way over to the pillboxes. As we took to the canopy of a large tree for cover, the newbie and I felt what we thought was an earthquake until we saw the two transports on the shore. Three Apocalypse tanks and one of the newly designed Battle Fortresses came rolling out. They happened to be the reinforcements we were supposed to receive last week, the four behemoths stayed towards the back of the base to avoid any sneak attack, after they were informed of the rhino tank being lifted off the ground of course. I felt some false confidence that those four units could have won this battle alone, but quickly dismissed it as fantasy.

"Hey. Whats your name? private."
The newbie looked at me and said...

» Chapter Two

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