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» A New Beginning - Epilogue

General Krustov was brought before an international jury of the newly founded United Global Defense Force, an organization that had the purpose of defending all nations against the tyranny and oppression that had swept the world with the absence of Soviet dominance in the world. The trial of General Krustov was a long and doleful. The list of charges included crimes against humanity, and war crimes. He was found a traitor in Russia. He pled guilty to all charges except for crimes against humanity. In the end, General Krustov was tried and convicted of all charges against him. The sentence was a departure to one of the many gulags in Russia for life. These gulags were like concentration camps. They were tattooed like cattle in the arm, and they were basically used as slave labor until they were released or they had died of starvation and exhaustion.

Krustov looked around him as he saw what was before him. He saw a large complex surrounded by barbed wire. Many fences creating corridors to areas of the camp. He was marched en mass with countless others who had "betrayed" the motherland. However, he was not a betrayer of his homeland, but a patriot, a freedom fighter for his nation, not for the new pro-Allied leaders of Mother Russia. The world is a lair of fools now, he thought. He smiled, now I am off for a personal tour of Stalin's legacy to the Soviet Union.

"As the Allied leaders rallied for a small victory out of many against these renegade warlords across the globe, A shadowed figure watched his spy satellite view-screen from a chair in an unknown location. "These Allied fools think that they are nearly God-like with their advanced technology and their simple victories against these pitiful warlords. In time, I shall test their valor, and their strength. Then we shall see what these two forces really fare against me."

"Yes, Master" the initiate said.

A Note and Thanks From the Author

I hope you guys enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it. This story really wouldn't have been possible without the fans of the Red Alert series. Thus, I give my endless thanks to the fans of the RA series. Some special recognition must go to these people as well:

- Rob: for giving me the opportunity to post my war story on CNCSeries.
- Allieddog and Wraith: for their help and ideas for this war story

The End

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