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» A New Beginning - Chapter 6

Fallen Ones

The noise was deafening inside the city and as the GIs approached the walls, they were bombarded by heavy cannons and mortars. It was like a storm of steel that had engulfed them, and they had to wait until it passed. Many of those GIs were huddled next to the wall, praying to God from the cross around their necks, or watched in terror as he saw his friends struck by the shells. Many thought that they were not going to get out of this alive. As they thought this, one of them looked up and pointed. There were five Black Eagles coming from the southeast, the air strike had arrived.

Captain Richards looked through his binoculars and saw the tower that was Krustov's headquarters, engulfed in flames.
"Ha! We got him!" he said through his radio
As soon as he said this, an uproar came from the reserve GIs and Conscripts that had been mortal enemies about a year ago. Many of them embraced one another as relief and hope came from All of the dead in no-mans-land between the two headquarters had sacrificed everything for this moment. All of a sudden, the heavy six-inch guns that had mercilessly bombarded them stopped. An eerie silence came, no one spoke to one another. It was totally silent. Many expected something to happen, another bombardment would come perhaps, or it would be silent for a very long time.

Richards again looked through his binoculars and saw a man waving a white flag. He looked badly injured. As he walked further, he saw a group of men following him, with their hands in the air, and appeared to be unarmed. The men and their "leader" walked, looking side to side, seeing their handiwork.

"Keep weapons ready, and get me and a squad of men out to meet them." Richards said The two groups of adversaries met at midfield. The leader of renegades spoke first.

"Greetings to you and your men, I am Krustov, and I surrender"

» Epilogue

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