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» A New Beginning - Chapter 5

The Hammer Falls

The Coalition tanks decimated the Renegade defenses outside the city. The tesla coils that were erected in the last few months fell after each took several shots to destroy. As General Krustov saw this, his spirits sank. We are being beaten on every side of the walled city. It was now hopeless to find either safety in the devastated city or escape from it since he was sorrounded. What was to become of him should his army surrender, surely it would be death. He remembered what happened to Stalin's head generals once they were captured. They were given a choice: death by hanging, or suicide. Fortunately, he had escaped before the allies had found him. He looked back from his headquarters at the City Hall of Shenyang toward the battlefield. Nearly all of his tank force was gone and the infantry looked to be surrendering.

The end was near. Krustov sat watching the city being pummeled mercilessly by the Coalition forces, wondering what he had done wrong. He thought back, in the winter, when he and his men were fighting for Soviet glory. They had set out for a cause, and that cause seemed to be a just one. Now it seemed that no one, not even they're own people, wanted that dream to become a reality. So they would not be able to reach that dream. One of his officers walked in the room.

"Comrade General, the defenses are weakening. The coalition force has surrounded the city, and they're using Howitzers to strike at our fortifications beyond the city walls. We cannot take this type of punishment from such a great force, it is hopeless to hold out any longer."

"Thank you Lieutenant" Krustov said quietly.

Now he had to determine his fate and the fate of his soldiers that fought so hard for him. He looked back out the window. He saw that the Coalition forces had broken through the wall. He stood up and said to the lieutenant:

"Prepare to send in the reserve infantry to combat them."
"Yes Comrade General"

"All Battalions engage!" shouted Captain Richards to his radio. Colonel Richards was one of the commanders of the Allied-Soviet Coalition Taskforce (ASCTF) that was ordered to bring ex-General Krustov alive.

"Have all artillery focus on the central section of the wall, we're break through this wall!" he told his subordinate

"Sir, we have incoming fire from inside the city, seems to be several opposing V3s inside. We can't track them. Now from the looks of it he's sending in his reserves, probably Elite Guard. This son of a bitch won't quit until it's over, Sir!" the subordinate yelled.

The noise was deafening on the battlefield. You could hear the booming cannons of the rhinos and the grizzlies that struck the wall. Krustov was firmly entrenched in this city, and he wasn't leaving without a fight.

"Send the GIs through the breach" Richards said.

» Chapter Six

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