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» A New Beginning - Chapter 4

The Reckoning

As the Russian Army approached Shenyang, a look fear and discontent was on the faces of Krustov's soldiers. They had been brought back to reality by this startling show of force by the remaining Russian forces. The artillery from the Remnant army had already begun to fire as Krustov's forces scattered for cover and went to battle stations. Four-inch guns pounded at the walls of the city as the Remnant tanks moved out of their bunkers and headed toward the city. Krustov's force began to fire their own artillery and sent out its infantry and tank forces.

Like the approach of a storm, the Remnant tanks came. You could hear the rolling and screeching of some hundred tanks barreling right at you. This is what Krustov heard at his headquarters at the heart of the city. As he looked out the window, he saw the approaching tanks, firing from their turrets as they sped toward the city walls. Just then, as he ordered, he saw his own tanks barreling out of the city gates. They would approach one another at midfield between the forest and the city walls. He was confident that his force would decimate the opposition's tanks because of his men's better training and experience. As he took a closer look at his enemy's tanks, he was shocked by what he saw. There was a contrast to the tanks themselves, they were of different designs. In the front there was the common Rhino as he expected, but the rear of the tank force was different. My God, he thought, they are Grizzlies. It wasn't the tanks themselves that he feared, it was the message behind them: The Soviets and the Allies were working together.

The two armies, Soviet and Allied, were polar opposites. The Soviets emphasized speed and brute force, while the Allies went with a technology based design to their forces. If those two ideals were melded together, the force would be nearly unstoppable.

The two forces of tanks were nearly about to collide, when Krustov's tanks stopped and began to fire at the oncoming tanks. The opposing Rhinos took many hits and dozens were badly hit. But the oncoming tanks kept rolling toward the city. The Coalition force stopped as well and began to fire, taking a heavy toll on his tanks. Krustov was right, it would be a most interesting battle.

» Chapter Five

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