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» A New Beginning - Chapter 3

The Onslaught

On the radio, Krustov heard that the Chinese were outraged that the Soviets would attack their nation after the war was over. Krustov smiled. No one knew there was a renegade Soviet faction attacking the Allies. However, now he knew that the Remnant army would attack.

Krustov sent out scouts to see if and where an army was approaching. It was clear that the Remnant would be outraged at him. According to Russian regulation about traitors, he would be tried and executed. His army would be disbanded, and his top-level officers would be shot. The allies would indeed do the same to him, with the slightly better charge of war crimes instead of treason.

During his stay at Shenyang, he had rounded up the inhabitants of the city, and conscripted them into his own force. This was not only done out of necessity. However, Krustov himself hated these people. When the Soviet Union was formed, the Chinese refused to join in the pact. They too were a communist nation, second in power only to the Russians. The Chinese decided to cast their lot with the Allies, and betray their communist brethren. It seemed that Stalin and Romanov had decided to forget what China had done to them, but Krustov refused to. Now the time for revenge had come.

When the scouts returned, they had told him that a Remnant army out of the Ural Mountains was approaching. They would cross through the Siberian forests and take the same path he did to Shenyang. This would be a most interesting battle, Krustov thought. Comrade against his comrade. Not since the great battle against Yuri in Moscow had he seen such a sight.

According to his scouts, the army was massive, about 3 Soviet divisions with several support battalions. Krustov's own army was undermanned and unable to counter such a force. He would either have his conscripted force with his entire army fight for the city, or leave Shenyang for North Korea, a 100-mile journey. There he could create an even bigger army and take out the South Koreans while holding off the Remnant Russian army. He decided to stay and fight. The dream of global dominance over the allies would be decided in his own comrade's blood.

» Chapter Four

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