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» A New Beginning - Chapter 2

The Attack

"All forces, prepare to move out," Krustov said.
He wanted to maximize the amount of caution and stealth, which would prove to be a better asset than the size of their force. Krustov's army intended to avoid standard patrols in Allied territory. Maybe there wouldn't be any patrols at all. However the scouting reports showed that the Allied forces were overconfident in that the Soviets would honor the surrender of their armies. The Allies would not even know what hit them. Krustov's renegade army would attack Shenyang without warning, and the whole of Manchuria would fall before him. Once Shenyang was taken, he would seize the factories that produce the vehicles and weapons of the Allies in this area. This would make Krustov not only a military leader, but the dictator of Manchuria. Once this was put into effect, he would gather conscripts from the extensive populous in the area. This would add to the other renegade armies that would already come to him, looking for a leader to guide them out of disgrace and build a new Soviet Union. Together they would crush the Allies once and for all. Krustov knew that the Russian armies that had surrendered were still active, possibly defending the Motherland should the Allies attack again. This would support the negotiations between Soviet heads-of-state and the Allies. The Allies had, for one reason or another, decided to let the defeated armies of the Soviets remain, perhaps as a peace-keeping force should any radicals attempt a coup on the government. As far as Krustov knew, the Allies were giving the Soviets aid. Those armies were still powerful then. When they find out that run-amok forces of the their army had taken parts of Allied territory, the Russian armies may try to stop him. Also if Krustov held Allied territory, the Allies may think that the Russians are attempting to regain their former power. The war may be reignited.

As they began to enter the heart of Manchuria, where Shenyang was located, Krustov began to plan out the actual method of striking the city. The scouts had reported that the Allies were not even on some kind of alert, indeed Krustov would take them completely by surprise. He decided that he would use his V3s to strike the city from afar while the remaining apocalypse tanks, he had about 50 of them, would attack the city directly. Then to finish them off, his Rhino Heavy Tanks would go in after the apocalypse tanks, eliminating the remaining soldiers. Infantry would provide escort for all of his tank forces.

For the rest of the day the army encamped a few miles from Shenyang. Krustov decided they would strike at night. It was the best way, psychologically and militarily. His commanders went over the plan with their troops. At 19:00 hours, Krustov's army broke camp and headed toward Shenyang.
The attack was indeed quick and decisive. The V3s smashed the outlying defenses, allowing the Apocalypse Tanks to quickly take key parts of the city. The infantry killed the remaining GIs or took them captive. Although Krustov had suffered some casualties, most of his primary force was still intact. The city, though, suffered grievously. About forty percent of it was gone, left to smoldering ruin. Rubble covered everything: sidewalks, buildings, and the dead. The inhabitants of the city did not even know what hit them. Now that General Krustov had taken Shenyang, it would only be a matter of time that the Allies and the Remnant army of the Russians would begin to close in on him, if they decided to attack at all. Krustov decided to hold his command in Shenyang until the winter had passed, making it easier for his army to move. Once the winter ended, he saw that he had two options. One, he could influence the North Koreans to help him in his cause, promising them that they would be reunited with South Korea, a major Allied nation. He would then attack South Korea and make a stronghold within the Sea of Japan. His second option would be to move east and retake Vladivostok. From there he could seize the Remnant navy in the region, and face the South Korean Navy in the Sea of Japan. However the Russians would attack them, and the Allies knew that the Russians were not attempting to regain her former power. That it was a renegade force. Krustov decided that the best option would be the first of the two. So, the army encamped for the winter, awaiting to see the world's reaction.

» Chapter Three

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