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» A New Beginning

Author: Shiznit
Date Started: 31st August 2001
Chapters: 7
Explanation: "A New Beginning" tells the story of the remaining Soviet forces attempting to re establish their control over the world after suffering a terrible defeat at the hand of the Allies.

Chapter 1- Renegade

The weather was cold in the vast forests of Siberia this time of year. Siberia was one of the harshest environments in the world. If you were not careful, the forests would swallow you whole without remorse. Such was the way of things in this world. The way the Allies had crushed the Soviets. General Krustov had heard some months ago via radio that Moscow had been captured by Allied troops. He also heard that most of the Soviet forces had surrendered to the Allies in many key locations, Mexico, Lybia, even in Iraq, the Russians greatest ally. However, Krustov had no intention of surrendering. No, General Krustov would not surrender to these Allies again. He had fought them in the Great War, which is what most Soviet commanders had called it. He had been a part of the Soviet first strike forces that swept across Europe and had devastated the West. His partner Generals thought that it would be a quick victory, and they began to celebrate extravagantly. Then the Soviets began to suffer defeats from the Allies. One after the other, they were pushed back to Moscow, and were forced to surrender.

When Premier Romanov came to power, General Krustov thought they had a new chance to defeat the Allies once and for all. Most of the Soviet commanders were aware that the World Socialist Alliance was just a diversion for Romanov to rebuild the Soviet army. But as the war commenced, and the Soviets had almost conquered the world, we began to suffer our defeats again, and then we surrendered like cowering dogs, in awe of superior Allied technologies. These nightmares haunted his memory now for decades. He had seen in his mind's eye the fires burning in almost every one of Mother Russia's major cities: Kiev, Leningrad, and the glorious city of Moscow. He could see the Cathedral of St. Brasil, with her great towers and strange architecture, collapse in on itself after hundreds of years, since the days of Czar Ivan the Terrible. In the end Romanov turned out to be a weak ruler, overconfident and perhaps overzealous. Surrender was not an option for those who knew Russia's proud history.
But I will not surrender, he thought. I will fight on. Now as his army was encamped some hundred miles from Vladivostok, General Krustov plotted what options were at his disposal to do as much damage as possible to the Allies. Him and his staff chose their decisions wisely. They still had many troops at their disposal, over 90,000 infantrymen, sorted in their expertise: tesla soldiers, conscripts, and assorted men, like Ivan Terrorists. They also had about 300 tanks, many for a defeated Soviet division. Krustov thought that his army had enough capability to attack the allied-controlled city of Shenyang, in China. From there he could gather up other renegade soviet armies around the world and make his own war upon the Allies, taking them completely by surprise.

The Allies thought the war was over and that all of the Soviet divisions had surrendered, not so. Since they used their Chronosphere to warp straight to Moscow, the Soviet divisions spread around the world had not been accounted for. Now his staff had agreed to his plan. The new Soviet Empire would be forged. A new era in world history would come to pass. He would be called a hero of the Motherland, Hero of the Soviet Union. He will take back the glory that the Allies had stolen from them. General Krustov saw the grimness upon his soldiers' faces. The same soldiers that had been fighting for him during this war, the war that Romanov had brought them. Many of the veteran soldiers under his command did not want to fight this war again. Many of them still had children to raise, to see them grow up. They asked themselves what they were fighting for. Were they fighting for their own dreams of happiness and retribution against the Allies, or Romanov's. However he knew that they would fight on for him. That he would bring retribution for the crimes against Mother Russia.
One of his soldiers walked into his command tent;
"All forces ready Comrade General" the lieutenant said, from what Krustov could see from his rank insignia
"Good, thank you Comrade Lieutenant" Krustov responded.
Now they set off for Shenyang, China, to face their destiny.

» Chapter Two

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