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» The Sub - Chapter 12

Final War

"Comrade Captain," the sonar officer shouted. "Four torpedoes in the water from the submerged contacts! They are drawing left towards the Koreans. Three explosions and breakup noises coming from the fleet."
"Well that's three less ships for us to fight," Svyadov replied. "Right full rudder, lock all torpedoes on the closest Boomer, match bearings and shoot."
"All tubes fired electrically, comrade Captain," the fire-control officer said.
"Conn, sonar. Weapons accelerating," came the announcement from the sonar officer. The fire-control officer verified that by saying that all four torpedoes had locked on. The first TEST-68 acquired and hit the bow of the Boomer, taking out the torpedo room. The three others went under the Boomer and exploded all along its keel, compromising the outer hull. The water pressure crushed the Boomer like a tin can. The second Boomer's captain, rattled by this, blew his ballast and surfaced. The missile tube doors opened to reveal twenty large ICBMs with nuclear warheads. One of the nearby damaged Korean Destroyers opened fire on the Boomer with it's still intact 130mm cannon, blowing a hole in the missile deck and detonating some of the missile fuel setting off a chain reaction tearing the Boomer apart.

"Conn, sonar, Ospreys in flight. Wait, five, no six, no seven torpedoes in the water. They sound like American made Mk-46s."
"Don't they know that the warheads on those won't even crack a Boomer's hull?" Svyadov thought out loud. "Fire-control it is time we turn our attention to the Koreans. Sonar are there any large targets that we can target?"
"Yes comrade Captain. There is a large two-screw vessel, probably a carrier. It is lightly defended by what seems like two destroyers and an Aegis cruiser."
"Make our depth twenty meters. Torpedo room load tubes one and two with SS-N-19s and tubes three and four with TEST-68s, flood the tubes and open the outer doors." "Tubes one and two SS-N-19s, tubes three and four with TEST-68s, flood and open doors, aye comrade Captain."
"Conn, sonar, seven explosions coming from the last Boomer. No more screw noise and there is a knocking sound. It is damaged but not out of the fight yet. Comrade Captain! Three torpedoes in the water bearing 112 and drawing right. They are headed for TK-191!"

Captain Govenko's sonar officer notified him of the incoming torpedoes. Govenko ordered his sub to descend to 150 meters and release noisemakers. The first torpedo fell for the noisemakers but the others went active. The second torpedo slammed into the side of the TK-191 just below the conning tower imploding the bridge and killing everyone in the room instantly. The last torpedo exploded just in front of the screws blowing off the last twenty feet of the sub and flooding all the aft compartments before the bulkheads could be secured. The mangled hull slowly descended to the ocean floor.

"Fire-control match sonar bearings on the carrier and fire tubes one and two."
"Match sonar bearings and fire tubes one and two aye comrade Captain." This was followed up by "Tubes one and two fired electrically, comrade Captain." The two cruise missiles broke the surface and fired up their main motors. The Aegis cruisers instantly detected it and moved to get between the missiles and their target. The missiles were flying so low that the Aegis's missile systems could not track them. The crew of the only Aegis cruiser in range of the carrier switched to its backup system: the Phalanx anti-missile gatling guns. The Phalanxes on the Aegis threw up a curtain of hot lead but to no avail, both missiles made it past the Aegis, pulled their popup maneuvers, and slammed down into the carrier deck setting off ammunition and volatile jet fuel.

"Fire-control match sonar bearings on the next two Aegis cruisers and fire tubes three and four," Svyadov was trying to eliminate the carriers and Aegis cruisers first. He didn't care if the escorts arrived at Pearl, just as long as what they were escorting didn't.
"Match sonar bearings and fire tubes three and four aye comrade Captain."
"Comrade Captain," the communications officer said. "Admiral Stoyanovich wants to speak with you."
Svyadov held the sound powered phone to his ear. "Go ahead comrade Admiral."
"Comrade Captain the Odessa is within firing range of the American base. I want you to target the three Aegis cruisers in the fleet so we can make a successful launch." "We are already on it, comrade Admiral. We have targeted two of the cruisers," Svyadov turned to the fire-control officer. "How long until the torpedoes reach target?" "Should be any seond now, comrade Captain."

The first torpedo targeted the Aegis cruiser that attempted to knock down the cruise missiles before. It hit on the keel, dead center. The normally repairable hole in the side of the ship was in the highest stressed portion of the hull and compromised the hull's integrity. The Aegis' center began to collapse upon itself as the two ends lifted out of the water and quickly went under the surface. The second torpedo targeted the next closest Aegis and hit one of the large storage compartments filled with ammunition for it and other ships. The resulting explosion tore a massive hole in the side, flooding most of the port side compartments, capsizing the cruiser.
"Conn, sonar, torpedoes in the water, five Mk-46 torpedoes from an Osprey! Thirty thousand meters and closing!"
Left full rudder, all ahead flank!" Svyadov shouted. "Procede to 200 meters and release noisemakers."
Svyadov wanted to stay ahead of the torpedoes. Their warheads didn't pack much of a punch but they could crack a Typhoon's hull and the Mk-46 was a much harder torpedo to trick than any Yuri's forces could throw at them. The first three torpedoes fell for the noisemakers but the last two kept on going, finally going active ten thousand meters away from the sub.
"Conn, sonar, five more torpedoes inbound bearing 231, twenty thousand five hundred meters."
"Damnit! Take us down to 600 meters and release four noisemakers!" Svyadov yelled. he then ordered the sub to take a hard right to try and shake the new batch of torpedoes coming in.
"Conn, sonar, three of the torpedoes have broken off and are heading in a new direction. The last four have fallen for the noisemakers."
"Good. Torpedo room load tubes one and two with the last cruise missiles and tubes three and four with TEST-68s. Make tubes ready in all respects including opening the outer doors."
"Load tubes one and two with SS-N-19s and tubes three and four with TEST-68s, make tubes ready in all respects including opening the outer doors, aye comrade Captain," came the response. A few seconds later torpedo room reported all tubes loaded and ready.
"Lock tubes one and two on the last Aegis cruisers and tubes three and four on the closest destroyer, match sonar bearings and shoot," Svyadov said,. "Tubes one through four fired electrically," fire-control responded several seconds later.
The first cruise missile did not have a long flight to target. The crew of the cruiser didn't even have enough time to switch it's defense system to the Phalanx gatling guns before the missile pulled it's popup and slammed down into the bow of the ship, blowing the front clean off.
The last surviving Aegis detected the incoming missile and switched to the Phalanx, throwing up a wall of lead to try to knock it down but the SS-N-19 slipped past and exploded just under the main missile banks on the Aegis, sending the ship to the bottom as a twisted heap of steel.
Admiral Stoyanavich, seeing all three Aegis crusiers go to the bottom, ordered the launch of the first two JS-3 SCUD-A missiles at Pearl Harbor. No sooner had the missiles left their launch racks that a second pair were automatically loaded in place. The Admiral then ordered the release of the rest of the Odessa's arsenal of 9M27F artillery rockets into the Korean fleet. The missiles bombarded the remainder of the carriers and destroyers, sending two carriers and seven destroyers to the briney deep.

The three torpedoes that had broken off persuit of the TK-466 had acquired a new target: the TK-071. Captain Ushakov ordered his sub to descend to 300 meters and launch two noisemakers to distract the incoming Mk-46 torpedoes and make a sharp turn to the left. The maneuvers and noisemakers distracted the first one, but the other three went active and slammed into the back of TK-071, shearing off the stern quarter and flooding most of the ship. The men in the stern were the lucky ones, the rest would die of suffocation days later.

On the surface five destroyers engaged the Soviet surface fleet. The Sea Scorpion Ivan Rogov opened fire using high explosive rounds in its 88mm flak cannons. A well placed shot to the bridge of the Rogov knocked it out of the action. Several flights of harriers bombarded the now defenseless Sea Scorpion and set it ablaze. The Odessa turned as fast as it's lumbering hulk could take it, firing a salvo of artillery rockets at close range into the side of one of the destroyers turning it into a ball of flame. The other four destroyers stopped harassing the Zemlyansk and turned their 130mm cannons on the Odessa. The Odessa fired off another two SCUD-A missiles at Pearl Harbor before the destroyers closed in.

"Conn, sonar, ten more torpedoes in the water," the sonar officer shouted.
"Release the last noisemakers and turn to bearing one zero seven!"
The last noisemakers distracted five of the Mk-46s, the remaining five went active soon after their passive sonars picked up the TK-466. The sonar officer reported that the torpedoes were speeding up and gaining on the rear of the sub at the same time that the accustic intercept reciever started chirping at the frequency of the incoming torpedoes. Svyadov ordered the sub several tight turns but the high speed maneuvers didn't work as well as they did before.
Svyadov grabbed the mic off the wall and shouted into it. "Attention all crew, brace for impact in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, "

Two torpedoes hit the screws, knocking them off and smashing in the last five feet of the sub. Another hit just under the reactor pumps, compromising the hull and flooding the entire aft section with water. The next torpedo exploded over the aft escape hatch and dishing it in, sealing the fate of all survivors in the aft section. The last torpedo detonated on the bow, flooding the torpedo room and all adjacent rooms. The sub rapidly descended and hit hard on the bottom of the ocean. Svyadov struggled to his feet and glanced over to the sonar officer, he was still concious.

"Comrade Captain, several destroyers are going active, i hear active sonar and aircraft, probably doing a magnetic anomoly detection." "They still looking for us?"
"Maybe comrade Captain. Wait. I hear a destroyer coming in fast. Splashes. Depth charges!"
"All hands brace for impact!" Svaydov shouted to anyone still alive on the bridge. The sea around the sub erupted in explosions. It was so loud the sonar officer yanked the headphones out of the plug and took cover under his station. "Hold on! We will get out of he......." A depth charge exploded just above the conning tower, throwing around everything that wasn't bolted to the floor. A pipe burst right behind Svyadov and knocked him out cold.

* * * * *

"To the left, to the left. No the other left! Now down, there, good."
A minisub connected to the forward escape hatch on the TK-466. One man opened the bottom hatch on the minisub and used a blowtorch to gain access to the interior of the sub. Several men loaded their automatic weapons and jumped into the void. The stench was unbelievable. The soldiers switched on their barrel-mounted flashlights. There were bodies scattered all around the room.

One man hit the butt of his rifle against the bulkhead. "No water on the other side, sir. I do need a bit of help opening it though." With the help of three soldiers, the bulkhead lock opened and a rush of cool air blew into the room. The men hit on every closed door, all turned out to be flooded until the last one. The men opened it and entered the bridge. The Russians inside were all malnurished and injured and in the back lay Captain Svyadov, bandaged and unconcious.

"His vitals are stable but I'm still a bit worried of his headwound."
Svyadov blinked. The light of the room hurt his eyes. "Where am I?" he said in Russian.
"Hey get Captain Michaels in here he knows what this Red is babbling about," one doctor spoke up.
"Ah good, you are awake," Captain Michaels said in Russian as he closed the door to the room behind him. "You have been out for several days. Welcome to Pearl Harbor Naval Station."
"I thought the Odessa blew this place up?"
"No, no my friend. Good for me... and for you that our Patriot system intercepted the missiles. If it hadn't you and your crew, well all that we could find, would have died on that sub."
"But why did you rescue me and my crew?"
"I will tell you in due time, Captain. Get some rest, the war is over for you now."

The End.

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