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» The Sub - Chapter 11

Let There Be Fight

A cold wind kicked up as Svyadov left the headquarters building. He pulled the lappel of his jacket up over his neck and headed towards Sub Pen 19 to take a look at his new submarine. The TK-466 was moored alongside his damaged TK-210, all its remaining armaments being loaded into the new sub.
"Comrade Captain," a short, stocky man came wandering up. "My name is Grigoriy Nikolayev. The Admiral sent me here to give you a tour of your new boat."
"Is the setup the same as the 210's?" Svyadov asked.
"It is similar, but many new systems have been added. The Admiral and I thought you would like to see them before you leave."
The two headed for the sub and entered through the access hatch on the side of the conning tower. The clambered down to the control room. Nikolayev leaned against a console next to the large projection table in the center of the control room.
"This is your emergency ballast system, comrade Captain. Should an emergency arrise that you can't take care of under the surface, if you push this button," Nikolayev motioned to a large red button with a plastic cover, "it will quickly blow all the water out of your ballast tanks and quickly rise to the surface."
"Fine. What else is there on this boat?"
"There is an advanced sonar that can pick up much lower and higher frequencies than the one on the 210 and it has a feature to screen out background noise and identify biologics. Also the whole ship has been soundproofed to reduce the noise that your sailors and pumps make."
"Sounds good. Anything else?"
"No other critical systems to go over except better reactor coolant pumps but your engine crew has already been briefed on that. Now I must be going. Good luck to you comrade Captain."

* * * * *

Svyadov stood on the conning tower as the new sub TK-466 silently moved past the lighthouse flanked by the TK-300 (Captian Mishkin), TK-191 (Captain Govenko), and TK- 247 (Captain Lazarev). TK-071 (Captain Ushakov) held back with the dreadnaughts Odessa and Kaliningrad and sea scorpions Zemlyansk (Captain Udaloy) and the Ivan Rogov (Captain Tributs). Svyadov signaled the other captains to prepare for dive and from here on out there would be no radio communication from the subs, only the sound powered phones.

Svyadov was the last off the tower and closed the outer hatch as the Pacific Ocean poured over the bow. As soon as he dropped down into the bridge and sealed the inner hatch he shouted "all hatches secure. Dive officer make the depth three hundred meters at twenty degree bowplane."
"Yes comrade Captain," the dive officer turned to the men at the helm controls. "Make depth three hundred meters, twenty degree bowplane."
"Comrade Captain," the communications officer spoke up. "TK-191, 247, and 300 all report that they have submerged and are currently taking up their positions behind us."
"Very well," Svyadov picked up the mic. "Torpedo room make all tubes ready in all respects including opening the outer doors," he then switched to announce to the entire ship to man battle stations.
"Make all tubes ready in all respects including opening the outer doors, aye," came the message from the torpedo room.

Svyadov turned to view all on the bridge. "Now that we have submerged I will fill you in on what is going on. Our route takes us through the Sea of Japan and near the Korean coast. Reports have come in that the ROK Navy is on the move towards our target, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. We are taking point for the taskforce therefore we are its eyes and ears. I don't want the same mess that happened with the Boomer to happen with the Korean Navy and thats why I have ordered battle stations manned. There is no question that we will engage the Koreans, its just a matter of where and when and I want this battle to be on our terms. We will, as the Americans say, catch them with their pants down."

The entire sub lay quiet with the exception of the hourly use of the sound powered phones to relay their positions to the other subs and to the surface vessels. Svyadov sat studying Korean fleet tactics. "Comrade Captain," the sonar operator whispered. "Three subsurface contacts bearing 310, 313, and 299 respectively. two eight-bladed screws each, they are not ours."
"Alright, sonar," Svyadov responded. "Fire-control how long until we are in range?"
"Approximately ten minutes, comrade Captain."
"Good. Let us ge..."
"Comrade Captain!" the sonar officer interrupted. "Multiple Destroyer contacts bearing 022. I'm also picking up disturbances on the surface, probably Ospreys. Wait, wait. Three surface disturbances moving in very very fast. I can't track them at this rate and I estimate they are about two minutes from our position. They are headed toward the Dreadnaughts!"
Svyadov turned to the communications officer. "Get me the Zemlyansk and the Rogov quick!"
"Comrade Captain I have Captain Tributs on the Rogov."
"Give me the reciever," Svyadov swiped the phone out of the officer's hand. "Tributs, there are three fast moving objects about three minutes out from your position. My best guess is that they are cruise missiles. They are flying below radar because we can hear them down here."
"Thanks for the information, Captain. We will post a watch to get a visual on them," Tributs responded.

The American made Harpoon anti-ship missiles were launched from a Korean destroyer and headed for the surface fleet. The Ivan Rogov and Zemlyansk positioned themselves between the inbound missiles and the drednaughts. As soon as they had visual confirmation, the two Sea Scorpions threw up a wall of flak attempting to knock the missiles out of the sky. the Dreadnaughts joined in with their flak cannons but they exposed their sides to the missiles to do so. All the firing was to no avail. The first Harpoon pulled a popup maneuver over the Odessa's bow and slammed into the Kaliningrad's forward missile deck with two JS-3 SCUD-A ballistic missiles in their launching positions, setting off the kerosene fuel of the missiles. Seconds later the warheads were set off by the fires and blew off the bow of the Kaliningrad. Soon after, the second missile exploded over the aft of the ship sending down a shower of flames and hot metal into the aft artillery rocket banks. The rockets, firmly in their racks, fired and detonated upon impact with the outer doors of their housings. The last Harpoon pulled it's popup and went down Kaliningrad's smokestack number 2 and detonated inside, ripping the hull from the inside out.

Admiral Stoyanovich ordered the Odessa's stern pointed toward the Korean fleet. After the maneuver was completed the entire aft arsenal of 150 9M27F ungided artillery rockets was launched. The shower of unguided missiles hit the Korean fleet by surprise. Several rockets slammed into the fleet's five aircraft carriers, incapacitating one, and severely damaging three others. Even more rockets rained down upon the twenty destroyers in the fleet, damaging guns, Osprey hangars, and even sinking a few. Only the three Aegis cruisers and seven destroyers made it out of the bombardment unscathed.

» Chapter Twelve

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