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» The Sub - Chapter 10


"Sooka! Yob tvoiu mat'! Paashol v'chorte!" Svyadov shouted a long string of insults directed toward his submarine as he stepped off the gangplank at Vladivostok. He knew he was using the words of a commoner but he didn't care in the least. Someone damaged his boat and he had the right to be pissed.

Looking for something to take his anger out on, he kicked an oil drum off the dock. It bounced off the sub's hull and rolled off into the water. "Govno!" he shouted. Svyadov turned to the maintenance chief on the dock, "how long will it take?"

"Considering the damage you took you should be praising whoever or whatever god you believe in that you made it back alive," the maintenance chief replied. "I said how long will it take?" Svyadov started to get agitated. "And where can I get a good bottle of vodka and some aspirin?"

\"Well your left screw is bent all out of shape and the generator is damaged slightly. That shouldn't take too long, we have all those parts here. The real problem is your towed array and communications blister. We don't have any here and probably won't get one for the next couple days but when the next train comes in I guarantee that your sonar will be on it."

\"So that will take about three days? Lets just hope we can wait that long," Svyadov leaned closer to the maintenance chief. "Now what about that drink?"
\"The officer's club is right across from submarine pen 7 but you are wanted at the headquarters building. There is a car waiting for you outside."
The car ride was rather short. Svyadov could have walked the distance, but he would have to deal with the base security, which was extremely tight. As Svyadov entered the building there was one last security checkpoint. He took his pistol out of the holster and handed it, and his identification to the guard as he passed through the metal detector. "Will this damage the film?" Svyadov gestured towards the bag he was carrying.
"It shouldn't, comrade Captain," the guard replied.
"Ah the infamous wolf of the Atlantic, Captain Viktor Sergei' ich Svyadov. A pleasure to meet you in person," a man in admiral's dress said. "I am Admiral Boroshkin, commandant of this facility."
"Good to meet you too, comrade Admiral," Svyadov saluted. "I have some interesting video for you to see here, plus the battle report."

The briefing room was small, probably an interrogation room a the time of the Great War, situated right in the middle of the second floor. A television and VCR were already set up at the end of a long oak table. Several captains and executive officers of other ships were seated and stood as Admiral Boroshkin and Captain Svyadov entered.

"Gentlemen please be seated," Admiral Boroshkin said. "This is Captain Viktor Sergei' ich Svyadov, the man to whom you owe your lives today. If it was not for him, this entire base would be a crater. Now that I have introduced our man of the hour we have more pressing business to attend to..."
"Thank you, comrade Admiral. Now to the battle reports..."
"Sorry Captain, but that was not what i meant by 'pressing business'. It is imperative that we get you men out on your next mission as soon as possible. As you may well know, this war is turning against us and this operation may just give us the victory we need to keep morale up. Gentlemen, you all will be working as a taskforce centered around Vice Admiral Stoyanovich's Dreadnaught, the Odessa, in support of the invasion of the Hawaiian islands. Captains Svyadov, Mishkin, Govenko, Ushakov, and Lazarev, you will be providing escort and Captains Tributs and Udaloy with their Sea Scorpions will be providing air cover. Captain Kuzntszov's Dreadnaught, Kaliningrad, will be providing additional support."
"Excuse me Admiral but why do we need air defense for the task force?" Captain Kuzntszov stood up.
"Good question," Admiral Boroshkin replied. "It is because after the invasion of San Fransisco, the American Pacific Fleet relocated their aircraft carriers to Pearl Harbor. The carriers are not the only problem, however," He stood up and walked over to a map posted on the wall. "The Americans also have a large contingent of land based aircraft on Ford Island here in the middle of the harbor. A large Korean taskforce has also been assembled to reinforce the Americans at Pearl. When they get there I want them to find nothing but rubble and rusting hulks of ships! Now Mr. Svyadov I understand you took some damage so we have reassigned you and your entire crew to a new vessel, the TK-466. It has a new sonar system and is better equipped to fire those guided torpedoes you like so much. You will find it at Sub Pen 19. Any further questions? No? Good. This briefing is now over, you will be leaving at 1600 Moscow time, that is four hours from now. Good luck gentlemen."

Chapter Eleven

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