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» The Sub

Author: Wraith
Date Started: 2nd August 2001
Date Ended: 8th May 2002
Chapters: 12
Explanation: "The Sub" is an epic warstory of massive proportions that tells the tales of a submarine captain and his crew as the Soviet war machine readies itself for the invasion of America

Chapter 1 - Preparation

Captain First Rank Viktor Svyadov of the Soviet Navy was dressed for the Arctic conditions normal to the Northern Fleet submarine base at Polyarnyy. The five layers of wool and oilskin that enclosed him still wasn't enough to keep out the cold. A small dirty harbor tug pulled the TK-210 through the black water of the harbor and detached. The captain of the tug gave Viktor a salute and he returned the greeting. He glanced back at the bronze propellers churning the oily water behind the sub. Viktor gazed out to the north beyond the water, beyond the ice and frozen landscape to the Aurora Borealis above and wondered if he would ever see this again.
"Comrade Captain. There is the Petchkin." First Officer Josef Illyich said. The Petchkin was a Sea Scorpion sent to escort the TK-210 to her battlegroup to invade the United States. The TK-210 was a Typhoon-class submarine just leaving after its mandatory factory overhaul and a refit with a new pressure hull. "Shall I prepare for dive comrade Captain? Sir? Captain, are you feeling alright?
Viktor suddenly snapped back to reality. "Um, uh, yes Josef. I feel fine. I was just thinking."
"About what Viktor?"
"About the glorious victory over the hated Americans!" the Zampolit (political officer), Alexi Porodin, poked his head up through the hatch. "And comrade First Officer I suggest you pay keen attention to the Captain's rank when addressing him."
"Alexi," Viktor said, "try not to get so uptight about rank between us. Josef and I graduated in the same class I got a better score and just happened to be the son of a famous war hero so the Party looked a little more favorably upon me."
"Still, Captain. If the enlisted hear us talking using first names."
"You do have a point there, Alexi. Fine. Josef you will not address me as Viktor in front of the enlisted crew."
"Ah yes," Josef said. "But back to the task at hand. Since we have rendezvoused with the Petchkin I was wondering if you wanted to dive the boat."
"Good idea, Josef. Leave us to dive then." The three clambered down the tube connecting the conning tower to the interior of the submarine. Viktor looked up to get one last glance of the sky before closing the hatch.

Russian Northern Fleet: Submarine TK-210

Captain Sviadov was resting at the desk in the ready room when Illyich walked in. "Comrade Captain it is time."
The rest of the bridge officers soon arrived as well as the zampolit. Viktor picked up the PA and announced the true reason of mobilizing the Northern Fleet. "Attention all officers and crew of Typhoon TK-210. Many of you are wondering why we have been sent here off the Atlantic coast of the United States of America. Our glorious Premier Alexi Romanov has issued this tape for all captains to play over the PA system at this time. Please listen carefully." Viktor then pushed play on the tape recorder. The entire ship went quiet as the Gymn Sovetskogo Soyuza (Soviet national anthem) played and Premier Romanov began his address to his nation and armed forces.
"Comrades, today we make history. Today is the day we make those allied dogs pay for their atrocities against our people since the Great War. In a matter of moments you will attack the East and Western coasts of the United States and push in through Mexico and catch their forces off guard and allow them to suffer greatly as we take their land as our own. The cities of New York and Washington must be taken for they are the centers of defense and the capitalist economy. Without those, victory will be ours! FOR THE MOTHER LAND!"
And then the final notes of Gymn Sovetskogo Soyuza were heard. The attack began.

Chapter Two

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