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Welcome to the FAQ Section of the Ultimate Renegade Strategy Guide, designed to save both you and us time by listing frequently asked questions and of course providing the relevant answers. In the event of us receiving any questions not on the FAQ multiple times, then we'll update it. Here we go:
  • Can I copy and paste this guide onto my website?
    No, direct people to the relevant page on (

  • Can I sell or distribute this guide?
    No. This guide is the intellectual property of Paul "F1reburn" Tait and, unauthorised reproduction is severely prohibited.

  • Can I use part of the guide for my own work or base another guide on it?
    No, copyright privileges will be strictly enforced for a work of such magnitude; respect the enormous effort that has been put into this guide.

  • Can I print the guide for my friends or for LAN parties etc?
    Yes. However we do appreciate you mentioning where you got the guide from to whomever you share it with.

  • I have a suggestion for a guide to form part of the URSG, can I send it to you?
    The guide is no longer being updated so sadly not. Feel free to post any tips in the forums though.

  • I am unclear about certain sections or what to do in certain situations in Renegade, help me!
    We don't answer questions by email due to time constraints, please direct all Renegade questions to the forum.

  • I really wish to express my thanks to the guide's author(s) for this excellent guide.
    Sure! All gratitude makes us feel satisfied and like the whole slog was worth it. Direct any offerings of appreciation or freebies to Paul.

  • Why isn't there a downloadable version of the guide?
    Placing the guide online is better for us bandwith wise and also means that if we update it, you'll see the latest version - unlike if you chose to download the guide. Maintaining a downloadable version as well as an online version is simply too time-consuming.

  • How long did it take to make the guide?
    Initial planning for the guide, courtesy of Jim, started in April. Then Paul plugged away with a tremendous solo effort for a few months, eventually receiving some help off Ash. It was then left to Rob to get it online and 'brush it up'. So it was four months after the conception of the project that it finally came into the world, so to speak.

  • Can I advertise this guide on my website?
    Sure! Feel free! We're provided a selection of banners for any of you wishing to link to the guide. We'll be very grateful for any of you who choose to do so. Use the relevant link with each banner to obtain the HTML Code if you wish to run the image off our server.

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