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Buggy ($300)
This is NOD's answer to GDI's Humvee. It's a versatile vehicle which can tackle all terrain with ease and considerable speed. It's fast-firing gattling cannon is excellent at mowing down low-tech GDI infantry and harassing the GDI harvester. You should avoid confrontations with high-tech infantry and Medium/Mammoth tanks as you will just be ripped apart. Whilst in the buggy you should never remain stationary. You don't have enough armour to just sit there and take a pounding: Firing while strafing is the key to success here. If you feel that you are about to be overwhelmed by more powerful and more armoured foes, then retreat and allow your high-tech teammates to deal with them.
Rating: 5/10

APC ($700)
NOD's APC is identical to GDI's in almost every way. Useful for taking masses of engineers to the enemy base to plant C4 on the MCT of major buildings. Or with its relatively high armour, and low cost, clearing infantry in front of a tank assault and acting as cannon fodder. Experimentation with combinations is the key.
Rating: 6/10

Light Tank ($600)
NOD's light tank is a good solid choice to beef up your army early in the game. Not quite as powerful as GDI's Medium tank, nonetheless it compensates for the slight loss in power for a slight increase in speed and $200 saving on the price tag. Can dish out punishment to armoured opponents and buildings alike, but advanced infantry enemies should be avoided at all costs. Perching yourself on higher ground, from which to attack the enemy is also strongly advised. Mix yourself in with a balance of infantry and flame tanks and you will find yourself part of a formidable fighting force.
Rating: 7/10

Flame Tank ($800)
Undoubtedly the most popular NOD vehicle and for good reasons. It's fairly quick, it's versatile and it's unrealistically good at torching anything from basic infantry, to medium tanks, to buildings. Many a game is won and lost within the first few minutes by the NOD side either successfully or unsuccessfully completing a flame tank rush at an attempt to cripple GDI when they really don't have the means to respond to such a threat. Sometimes a low-pinging and skilled multiplayer opponent can dodge in between your two flame turrets while firing at you but this is rare and a quick swing of both turrets usually brings you the desired effect.
Rating: 9/10

Mobile Artillery ($450)
NOD's artillery is similar to GDI's MRLS in the way that they are both long-range artillery vehicles but NOD's artillery fires shells single shells unlike the MRLS which fires a salvo of rockets. The artillery is too vulnerable to lead any kind of assault and hence you should remain behind your light/stealth/flame tanks at all times and just pound away at the enemy from distance. You have to be more confident in your aim with the artillery than the MRLS as it only fires one shot at once, but it does reload a lot quicker than the MRLS and obviously does more damage per projectile.
Rating: 7/10

Stealth Tank ($900)
The stealth tank is the thorn in the side of every GDI player inside a vehicle. The fact that they can stay invisible until they are in position and ready to fire make them similar to a Chameleon armed with dual rocket launchers and hence they are highly sought after. In groups of 2/3, once they've sneaked round the back of some enemy medium/mammoth tanks then the drivers may as well get out as they will be annihilated before they can turn their tanks around. Positioning yourself in a hard to reach place and moving continuously should also ensure you plenty of kills/points and a good team contribution.
Rating: 8/10

Apache ($900)
Almost identical to GDI's Orca, this is NOD's airborne strike force. The only real difference being the colour scheme and you can quickly get new cool ones via a stop at Renegade Skinners.
Rating: 7/10

Transport ($700)
A differing model is all that is really different between this vehicle and GDI's Chinook transport 'chopper. Both are very good at quickly shuttling units around the map to launch a base assault from the infantry divisions. Sneak attacking is the name of the game as you are unarmed and quite vulnerable.
Rating: 6/10

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