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Humvee ($350)
The lowly hummvee is ugly to say the least but it's damn useful in a game of C&C Mode. These vehicles are used for early base assaults and to eliminate stray infantry with ease. If a couple of you conceal yourself and open fire upon an enemy harvester then you can cause it serious damage or even kill it by the first few minutes. Combining speed with a mounted machine gun, this is one of the best ways to spend your early-game cash. The Humvee is useless against advanced infantry and rocket infantry (although to an extent they can pick them off so long as you keep moving), but used early on against low-tech foes it can let all hell loose.
Rating: 5/10

APC ($700)
The APC is a more heavily armoured Humvee in many ways. It's a critical vehicle. Used within the first few minutes of a game, this vehicle loaded with engineers/advanced engineers can cripple an enemy base before the battle has really got going. Using a similar mounted gun to the Humvee it is also useful for picking off those annoying soldiers and circling flame tanks and killing the engineers which are behind them repairing them. This allows your medium tanks to move in and decimate the oppositions forces and march on their base. Although heavily armoured it is still vulnerable on it's own so make sure you take cover when attacking the base.
Rating: 6/10

Medium Tank ($800)
This is the mainstay of your teams armoured divisions. It combines manoeuvrability with power and considerable speed for something of it's size. Hence why the medium tank is THE vehicle to buy whenever you have the funds and if your intention is solely to slice your way through some flame/stealth tanks. It's not the best against buildings but its significant effectiveness against armoured enemies is enough to warrant the price tag. Try to stay clear of advanced infantry enemies such as Black Hand forces as you will just provide easy kills for them. Try and support your teammates with this tank, especially advanced infantry and humvee/apc's as you can take out their armoured adversaries with ease.
Rating: 8/10

MRLS ($450)
The Mobile Rocket Launch System is GDI's artillery weapon. If your the kind of player with a keen snipers eye and one who likes to contribute to the battle without getting his hands dirty, so to speak. Then the MRLS is the obvious choice. It's slow speed and slow reload is more than compensated for by the firepower it unleashes with each salvo of rockets. Useful against all armoured enemies, it is however, against buildings where this vehicle particularly excels. A good tactic is to take cover using a cliff and just edge out enough to see the enemies Obelisk and begin pounding it. This will swiftly bring it down. You'll want a friend as an engineer to back you up, and a medium tank or two close by to deal with those who try to stop you. Remember to conceal yourself well as you are slow and lowly armoured.
Rating: 8/10

Mammoth Tank ($1500)
The Mammoth tank is the tank that many a renegade newbie will save to buy immediately. However more experienced players will agree with me when I say it's better to have spent your $1,500 on almost two medium tanks. However if you feel you must be the 'big boy' of the battlefield then bear a few things in mind. Such as have a couple of infantry covering you (at least one engineer) as stealth tanks will try and sneak round the back of you. If this happens you can kiss goodbye to half your tanks armour before you've even managed to turn this hulking monstrosity around. Just pound the enemy from a distance instead. Park yourself at the top of any available hill or vantage point and fire away. Move position every couple of minutes so that they're not to sure on where the fire is coming from.
Rating: 7/10

Orca ($900)
GDI's death from above comes in the familiar shape of the Orca. Sporting a chain gun and missiles, this is an excellent way to use hit and run tactics against NOD. These, along with the other flying vehicles experienced a flurry of popularity after the Flying Vehicles patch was released, but now although it's a good dimension to have to GDI's arsenal, people are realising they aren't going to win many games unless they have a good balance of units. These units are best used in support roles. Don't go in Gung-ho expecting to wipe the floor with the entire NOD team just because you're 50feet above them. The best way to contribute is to use your agile 'chopper to your advantage and keep strafing and firing away at the enemy.
Overall Rating: 7/10

Chinook ($700)
The unmistakable Chinook transport helicopter does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. This is the vehicle that GDI use to quickly move infantry around the map. The obvious applicable tactics when it comes to using this vehicle is to fill it with a mixture of Engineer/Mobius teammates and make your way around the edges of the map and sneak into the back of the enemy base. Once inside you should unload and quickly get out of there as the Chinook does not have a weapon to speak of. You should stay away from any well-armed enemies at all cost and if it all possible, avoid the main battle in general, while you are in control of one of these.
Rating: 6/10

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