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Officer ($175)
The NOD officer is a good solid character. It's bulky chain gun carves through infantry much quicker than the standard soldier's rifle. You are faster and can take more damage than standard soldiers. You can dish out a fair amount of damage to vehicles, although sticking to close-quarters infantry battles is what will rack you up the points with this character. For good balance you should combine yourself with a rocket soldier or two and an engineer, this foursome is a fearsome taskforce on the battlefield and is relatively inexpensive to assemble and you have the ability to take out any unit which approaches, although beware of large groups of enemies as you will be vulnerable to being overwhelmed. As is often the key, using quick movements effectively and quickly changing position is key. Never stay together unless you are being repaired by your engineer (if you have one), as the splash damage from incoming rockets and shells will harm you all. If attempting to combat such a grouping, then always take out the engineer first, to prevent him undoing your damage on the others.
Rating: 6/10

Chemical Warrior ($150)
The NOD 'chem trooper' as its known, is very effective at poisoning and quickly killing infantry. Low-tech ones don't stand a chance and will quickly die, however as with all attacks, when attempted on more armoured targets, expect to dodge their efforts before succeeding with your own. There's also a golden rule to using the chem trooper. 'If you see a vehicle approaching, either radio for back-up or retreat'. You may as well use a firehose against them. That of course is balanced out by its effectiveness against infantry. You're immune to the effects of tiberium as well, so use this to your advantage when positioning yourself for an attack. Also you can retreat onto it to dodge attackers which can't follow and if you stay in the middle of the field, someone may sneak up behind them and kill them, or it at least wastes their bullets as you're much harder to hit.
Rating: 5/10

Rocket Soldier ($225)
As with many units in Renegade, some have very similar counterparts. This unit adheres to that rule and is just the same (but just as useful) as the GDI equivalent. This is the guy to be if you have limited funds, but need an option to take out those pesky vehicles, although it damages the GDI Mammoth tank, expect to fire quite a few more well-placed shots before destroying it, than you would if you were attacking medium tanks. The rocket soldiers 6round clip of rockets enables serious damage to be done to any other vehicle before reloading, and a one or two of these soldiers can easily take out ANY tank on their own (as the Mammoths limited mobility can be exposed by a pair of rocket soldiers circling it in opposite directions). Don't try close quarters battle as your gun is suited to long range and remember the rocket takes longer to reach its target than an instant bullet. Avoid infantry in general as you cannot fire quick enough to combat them, and the splash damage could also damage your own healthy if at close range. Take cover behind large vehicles and fire when an opening arises and make friends with an engineer and you can create some serious damage.
Rating: 6/10

Technician ($350)
The technician is twice as quick at repairing allies with his repair module than the engineer, and so with that alone, is a worthy upgrade from the standard engineer. However, a particular favourite of online play is to make the best use of the Proximity C4 that this character is equipped with. Place at choke points; i.e. Where your opponent MUST go through en-route to your base (tunnels, the entrance blocks in front of your Advanced Guard Tower etc.) This guarantees damage, and if you have willing team mates, you can finish any infantry or vehicles off after they have been weakened by the blast, if they are waiting in a pre-determined position, (a form of camping I suppose, but very effective).
Rating: 8/10

Sniper Black Hand ($500)
This is NOD's standard sniper. His rifle comes with a four round clip and the range achievable with it is excellent. Make sure that if you can, you aim for the chest and head when taking out infantry and low-tech ones will succumb quite easily, but most will still die within 2 good shots. If possible find yourself a relatively secluded spot to settle into and begin raining down your shells. Movement is, as ever, key to your survival, as even the dumbest of online players, will get wise to your position after a minute. My advice is to have 3/4 points per map where you can go to, to fire from, this means you can keep them guessing. Does minimal damage to light vehicles, but if you find yourself firing at vehicles a lot, then you've picked the wrong character really, and you would be much better suited with the Gunner. Call in back-up and retreat to a spot where you can pick some infantry off. Another point to remember is that, you must try to avoid being spotted, so taking out enemy snipers before they spot you is essential as they will have a big mouth and make sure that a Humvee is fast-tracked to your location. Make sure you utilise your stealth capabilities, but remember, you're still visible to base defences and as soon as you fire, you're visible again.
Rating: 6/10

Laser Chain Gun Black Hand ($400)
Another fun character to play with. The laser chain gun is a monstrous weapon, which is a more powerful version of the NOD Officer's minigun really. It's fair to say that if you prefer being an all-rounder in C&C mode, then this character is for you. You're capable of ripping through the armour of most vehicles fairly quickly and dealing with any infantry at close and mid-range. The only time you're in trouble, is if you get caught in sniper fire. When this happens retreat round a corner, or in some trees or behind some rocks or anything. Just imagine it from through the snipers scope and remember that they can't track quick targets very well. Make sure that you become good friends with your 'crouch' and 'jump' buttons, as in close quarter firefights, it's such things which will save your skin. This member of the black hand does not have stealth capabilities, but it's effectiveness against infantry more than makes up for such a deficit.
Rating: 7/10

Laser Rifle Black Hand ($450)
Decent choice, however personally I prefer to go with the Chain Gun Black Hand (although to be honest, there isn't a great deal between them). This weapon fires slower than the chain gun, but each round does slightly more damage. It is not as easy to strafe using this character as it is with the chain gun Black Hand, as the slower rate of fire means a lower accuracy/hit rate on your target. This means you should try and stay at mid-range and let someone who has picked that character, go in for the close up kills. Aim for the chest/head area and often you can come away with 1 shot kills against low-tech enemies. As you should be firing from mid-range, you ought to have yourself some cover prepared in the form of a vehicle to dive behind and an engineer for support, protect you.
Rating: 7/10

Mendoza ($1000)
First up in NOD's big boys league is Mendoza. His Volt Auto-Rifle is extremely effective against any infantry or vehicles at close range, he literally fries them. Strafing is key to keeping your health high, even though to copious amounts of armour the top characters receive make you FEEL invincible. In actual fact you only last a couple of seconds longer against the GDI Advanced Guard Tower. When you see mammoth tanks your eyes should light up, as if you keep on the move, its turret can't move quick enough to catch you and you'll make relatively quick work of it. Try and ensure that you have a friend/ally nearby who is an engineer, or even better a technician. As ever, this means you can stay in the firefight for longer, saving cash and destroying more enemies. Against all infantry foes, a quick burst of your gun to the chest is enough to rip them a new one, so try and be careful with your ammo. As you don't want to run out in the open during a firefight and be left with a pistol. If you do stay alive for a relatively long period of time, then make sure you return to a purchase point and restock your weapon. As they say, "Be prepared."
Rating: 9/10

Raveshaw ($1000)
You should recognise him from single-player as the short cunning one. This is a clue in how to best utilise this player whilst playing C&C mode online. The long distance at which his gun operates, makes him ideal for not only picking off the odd few infantry (if your aim is good), but also for seriously damaging vehicles. The fact his weapon has to reload after each shot is the biggest downside to picking him, but that is testament to it's awesome power. A pair of these characters can make quick work of any GDI vehicle, including a Harvester. Because you are so small, it is advisable to just pop your head and gun above some cover, such as rocks and fire off a shot at a time and duck while you reload. If you aim for slow-moving objects like tanks, you should rack up some easy points. Remember, don't knock the little man.
Rating: 9/10

Sakura ($1000)
Ah yes, the objective of many a Renegade Skinner's lewd desires. Apart from the team and gender change, there isn't a massive amount to separate Sakura from Havoc, so I urge you to follow similar tactics and place yourself in strategically similar positions. Mid-map bunkers are always good, as is the cover of a flame tank with an engineer. Aim for the chest/head and 1 shot is all you'll need to use from your 4round clip. 4 rounds, remember that, its not a lot, so you don't want to get caught with your virtual pants down in the middle of the battlefield while trying to reload. So reload whenever you take cover, to save yourself the trouble. If anything is approaching within mid-range then because of your slow rate of fire you should get some help and retreat to lure them in. Whenever you're a sniper you should change position regularly and even with the extra armour this character gives, you should still remember that you need protection, so keep that top of your list of priorities.
Rating: 8/10

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