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Officer ($175)
The GDI officer is a good all-round choice. It's chain gun rips through infantry much quicker than the standard soldier's rifle. You are faster and can take more damage before succumbing. You can dish out a fair amount of damage to vehicles, although sticking to close-quarters infantry battles is what will rack you up the points with this character. For good balance you should combine yourself with a rock soldier or two and an engineer, this foursome is a fearsome taskforce on the battlefield and is relatively inexpensive to assemble and you have the ability to take out any unit which approaches, although beware of large groups of enemies as you will be vulnerable.
Rating: 5/10

Rocket Soldier Officer ($225)
This is the character to be if you have limited funds, but need an option to take out those pesky light tanks. The rocket soldier's 6round clip of rockets enables serious damage to be done to any vehicle before reloading, and a one or two of these soldiers can easily take out any tank on their own. Don't try close quarters battle as your gun is suited to long range and remember the rocket takes longer to reach its target than an instant bullet. Avoid infantry in general as you cannot fire quick enough to combat them. Take cover behind large vehicles and fire when an opening arises and make friends with an engineer and you can create some serious damage.
Rating: 6/10

Sydney ($150)
This is a character which fires out the same deadly tiberium that your harvesters mine. Poisoning and killing infantry is the name of the game here and Sydney does this with ease. Steer clear of vehicles, as your weapon isn't the best against them. Your projectiles aren't instant either, so take that into account when going into battle and make sure that you are at a maximum of 'mid-rage' before engaging the target, (preferably slightly closer). Decent armour also makes out for a good choice if you enjoy fragging people, than blowing up tanks. An interesting character to use, I think you'll find you'll either love or hate using it due to the constraints it has.
Rating: 7/10

Hotwire ($350)
Hotwire is twice as quick at repairing allies with the repair module than the engineer, and so with that alone, is a worthy upgrade from the standard engineer. However, a particular favourite of online play is to make the best use of the Proximity C4 that this character is equipped with. Place at choke points; i.e. where your opponent MUST go through en-route to your base (tunnels, the entrance blocks in front of your Advanced Guard Tower etc.) This guarantees damage, and if you have willing team mates, you can finish any infantry or vehicles off after they have been weakened by the blast, if they are waiting in a pre-determined position, (a form of camping i suppose, but very effective).
Rating: 8/10

Deadeye ($500)
Deadeye - Your standard sniper rifle comes with a four round clip and excellent range as standard. Aim for the chest and head when taking out infantry and low-tech ones will succumb quite easily. Make sure you find a nice little spot to nestle into and begin firing away. Don't remain there forever though, as no matter how stupid the enemy is, they will get wise, so have 3/4 points per map where you can go to and use variation. Does ok damage to light vehicles, but if you find yourself firing at vehicles a lot, then you've picked the wrong character really, and you would be much better suited with the Gunner. Your aim is not to be spotted, so taking out enemy snipers before they spot you is essential as they will have a big mouth and make sure that a Humvee is fast-tracked to your locatio.
Rating: 5/10

Gunner ($400)
If you're after making some shredded metal then this is the guy to do it with, if you don't want to break the bank and go for a top-end character. He is much more powerful than your normal Rocket Soldier Officer, and basically guarantees your armoured units some support from a distance. As with sniping, never stay in one place for very long as the enemy is not as dumb as a computer and will quickly get wise to you. Plan in your mind at least three spots to switch between while launching your rockets at very long range on the enemy tanks. Remember, even if you don't hit them exactly, rockets have good splash damage, which is also useful for polishing off their engineers who keep undoing your hard work. Try and team up with a Havoc or a deadeye, as they can deal with infantry exactly, instead of having to rely on your splash damage. Your bigger cartridge of rockets should enable you to take at least one enemy out per reload, as long as you are reasonably accurate.
Rating: 7/10

Patch ($450)
Although his gun is very different, think of Patch as an upgraded shotgun trooper, as if you are more than a few virtual yards away from your enemy, you ain't gonna do too much damage to him. Stay in sheltered areas, tunnels, buildings and places like the barracks entrance where you can quickly dart back in if necessary. Don't bother going after anything other than infantry, leave that to Rocket troops and the like. I personally don't like Patch, but if you're into close quarters combat (and if playing online, have a fast connection), then you CAN rack up the kills with him. Strafe the enemy while firing, and all the poor folk with slow connections won't be able to keep up with you. Remember, you aren't a one man army like in single player, you must take cover and call in some back up if the job exceeds your characters capabilities.
Rating: 6/10

Sydney Specialist ($1000)
Now we're into the fun! I love playing as the Sydney Specialist; it kinda gives me the same feeling of absolute power that I used to experience when I still had my motorbike. The armour here is of a prototype nature, and hence is like a brick wall against anything other than enemy black hands etc. You can take out tanks in a few shots, and APC's/Buggies in just a couple. It is possible to crank up your points against infantry with the portable Ion-cannon, but I don't recommend it. Aim for a big target. Flame tanks are easy meat, as their weapon has limited range and their armour isn't the best, so you can rip straight through them. You are also VERY effective against buildings, if you manage to sneak into the back of an enemy base then you can 'wreak havoc'. Such tactics are best accompanied with two friends I find, one chaingun officer and one Gunner.
Rating: 9/10

Havoc ($1000)
The face of GDI's forces is in impeccable form in Renegade as usual. Given the choice (i.e. Not in a team situation where you are given orders), I would prefer to spend my 1,000 credits on a Mobius or a Sydney Specialist. However, for those of you who like to pitch your tent in a corner and rack up the infantry kills then this is the primary way to do it. The large amount of armour you also have allows you time to realise you are being fired upon and retreat and change position, before you are actually killed. If you keep on the move and have a plentiful supply of targets and a quick net connection, you can easily top the scoring by just using this tactic. Highly recommended, by the man himself.
Rating: 8/10

Mobius ($1000)
The Automatic Volt Rifle is a nice piece of kit. Allowing for similar fragging levels as a Sydney Specialist, and in my opinion, you should go about your tasks in similar ways with these two characters. This loses a bit against vehicles and buildings against the Sydney Specialist, but it doesn't half make up for it against infantry. You can literally fry them. Once again, your heavy dose of armour can prove to be your best friend, enabling you to go and get repairs. Use on the offensive, don't camp your base with this. Go and attack the enemy and make sure they don't get out their base, after all, that ensures they aren't ripping yours to shreds.
Rating: 9/10

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