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Soldier ($0)
NOD's basic soldier is what you originally spawn as at the start of the game. The standard trooper is equipped with a silenced pistol and an automatic rifle, aswel as a small amount of C4 explosives. Your rifle comes with 400 rounds altogether and holds 100rounds in each clip and is fairly effective against low-tech enemy infantry. If you come face to face with a vehicle as one of these then try and plant your C4 on the side of it, otherwise just run. In a team game like Renegade it's important that your side has a good balance of players in the first round or two as 6 engineers will not help your cause and neither will 6 soldiers, but a good mix of all basic characters will. You don't have an abundance of health when you're a basic trooper so try and stay under cover when you aren't moving, rocks and trees are great and even if they don't provide much physical protection from shelling, if they cover you enough so that the enemy can't see you then they won't bother firing in your direction in the first place. Also use this or one of the other 3 basic characters if you're saving money for that all important nuke beacon or a better character. The correct terminology for such a tactic is playing an 'Eco round' i.e. being economical with your funds.
Rating: 6/10

Shotgun Trooper ($0)
Again, largely indifferent to the GDI shotgun trooper. Both, in my opinion, are super-seeded by the more rounded standard soldier. However, if you love the sound of a pump-action, and to see a great swarm of shells ripping into close enemies, then follow this. If you DO get close enough to your target, then often if you aim for the chest 1 shot can kill basic characters. Although several can be needed against more advanced characters which have more health and more armour. Use it in confined spaces, such as tunnels where you are unlikely to miss your target and they cannot dodge your spray of shells. If you can find a box/rock to hide behind while you attempt to stall an early game, enemy assault, then crouch behind it and stand and fire, then duck. Repeat this process and you should find that your enemy is either halted in their tracks, damaged enough for team-mates to finish them off quickly, or respawning in their base. Do not try and use this weapon to charge an open area, your enemy will simply laugh in your face before one of their standard soldiers rips you apart. Remember, if you are intent on using the shotgun soldier, don't try and be the next Rambo, it will result in a quick death and leave your team one man down during the important early game attack.
Rating: 3/10

Flamethrower ($0)
This is a rough equivalent of GDI's Grenadier. On a personal note I prefer it slightly to the flamethrower. But that is not to say that this character does not have its uses. They are suited to varying circumstances. The grenadier can do damage to low-tech vehicles even after the first couple of low-tech infantry minutes have evaporated. The flamethrower is deadly at close range against infantry. A good computer and connection (sometimes) and the ability to know how to strafe (definitely) is the key to success with the flamethrower. Sports a slightly smaller firing range and the fact that its more suited to attacking infantry perhaps suits it better to the first 2 minutes than the grenadier, but after that I feel the grenadier is superior. Use in close quarters, and indoors if possible. Tunnels are also good spots to take refuge and 'heat things up a little'.
Rating: 6/10

Engineer ($0)
The engineer's functions are a carbon copy of those which its GDI counterpart sports. The engineer is a key unit though, as it has been in every C&C to date. Whether it be the first base assault, or mid-battle. It's ability to repair teammates, their vehicles and plant that devastating C4 makes it an excellent choice. However you must not think that as an engineer you can wipe out the enemy's base on your own. Far from it. The engineer is based around co-ordination and teamplay, you must repair your friends and they will cover you as you only have a the standard pistol to defend yourself with. When repairing tanks as they advance towards the enemy base, try and keep covered either by rocks, or walls and often the tanks themselves as you repair them. Remember you have to be fairly close to repair teammates, but not right on top of them, so use that to your advantage and don't stray out into the open unless you absolutely have to. Otherwise, a Mr Havoc may come a calling.
Rating: 6/10

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