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For this section I have selected some of the best tips from the Tip of the Day Archive .

Tuesday, April 3 Posted by: Rob The Tesla Trooper

The Tesla Trooper is an extremely useful unit. It is very powerful against tanks and cannot be run over. They are available as soon as you get a Soviets barracks. They're far more powerful than any unit that the Allies can build at such an early stage of the game.

Try to keep tesla troopers in groups; they are easy prey for dogs if on their own. In small groups they can be devastating, sporting the ability to decimate tanks and structures alike. They are against the terror drone. If your opponent builds a lot of terror drones then build a few tesla troopers. They will kill the drones with 1 tesla shot. Also, another tactic is to simply load them into a flak trak and to drive the flak trak into a group of terror drones - the tesla troopers will all pop out and cause hell.

Monday, April 2 Posted by: erikmcfar How to use Naval Units

On of the best features in Red Alert 2 is the expanded navies of each side. Many people in both tournament games and regular games overlook this feature and rely on land units when the navy can play a big influence. Some of the best maps that have a good mix of land and water and most players can hold their own, but when they get into a situation where you are on an island and land units are not involved. Players often find themselves "up the creek without a paddle."

#1 Allied Navy
On a all mostly water maps 2-3 destroyers will be sufficient to start out with. When on a mix of water and land don't worry about destroyers(unless opponent is soviet then 3-5 is good) wait until you have a battle lab and then build 5 dolphins to start and then more as necessary. 5 dolphins can easily take out an enemy naval yard and stay hidden from the enemy. Only thing is make sure they stay out of range of prism tanks and longer ranged units. Once you have established your navy 5-10 dolphins and or 2-5 destroyers its time to punish your enemy start by building 2-4 cruisers depending on your enemies ( anymore is overkill) and then build 2-4 aircraft carriers and position the fleet outside the enemy base and begin the destruction. You can also have your destroyers pound land based units from outside their range(i.e. tanks and dogs) to infiltrate engineers and taynas. Be sure to leave fleet outside the range of land based units. When playing allies vs. allies leave 2-5 dolphins or a destroyer to protect from tayna's. When playing allies vs. soviet leave dolphins around surface ships to protect from squids.

#2 Soviet Navy
First begin with 2-4 subs for scouting then build a few more for a total of 4-6, then build 4-6 sea scorpions for air protection. Subs are good against dolphins but not as good against destroyers unless in packs of 2-4 subs. Once you have about 6+ subs and a few sea scorpions make the initial attack on his navy. Add a few squids to harass surface ships, once you beat his navy or cripple it send in 3-6 dreadnoughts to finish his base off. By this time they should surrender or be eliminated by a land assault. Subs are not good against dolphins (need hi sub to dolphin ratio). Use subs and sea scorpions to guard against Taynas. Use squids to take out enemy destroyers.

Friday, March 30 Posted by: Rob Nighthawk - yes it IS useful!

The nighthawk is an underestimated unit in my opinion - whilst its effectiveness depends solely upon the game situation it is still a very versatile unit; best used for dropping units as near to an enemy base as possible, and then causing havoc. There are various combinations of infantry that you can put in nighthawks. For example, many people simply put in 5 engineers - why not add a dog or a tanya? They will kill any infantry in the base (usually) and hence protect your engineers. Don't just leave the nighthawk sitting there once you've unloaded your engineers; it does have a gun, albeit rubbish to put it bluntly.

When moving your nighthawk about you should follow some basic rules; always try and fly it where your opponent will not be looking. Remember, they are invisible to enemy radar - which is why they are so useful. However they are noisy and easy to spot - so try moving them around the edges of the map, then the chances of your opponent seeing them are minimal. Try using waypoints to do this as it will save you some time.

A nighthawk engineer rush is risky - if it gets shot down with the infantry in it then you can lose up to $3000 in one go. When building your nighthawk and loading your troops onto it, you should try to make sure that the enemy can't see you. Try using a gap generator or put it somewhere where your enemy can't see. It can be a rewarding tactic, especially in stalemate games. If you manage to capture some of the enemy buildings then try building your own next to them - e.g. grand cannon, barracks, prism tower, etc.

The above isn't useful in short, quick tournament games really. Its better for a late game situation, as if you try it early on and fail, you will have very little money.

Wednesday, March 28 Posted by: microtank How to use Terror Drones properly.

Terror Drones are prober one of the most useful units in RA2. They can be used for lots and lots of things.

SCOUTING: Scouting is pretty easy with Terror Drones, although they don't uncover as much of the land when moved, they are very fast and will uncover the land very fast anyway. You must also look out for the strength of Terror Drones, they are very weak and can be killed easily with fine gunned units e.g sentry gun, GI, War Miner and much more. They are also very good for getting crates, they will to them very fast.

HOW TO DRONE A WAR MINER: One of the easiest ways to drone a War Miner is to wait until it docking in the refinery to unload its ore. When this is happening the guns on the Miner is inactive and he will have no why of stopping the drone, unless he has Sentry Guns or defenses. (This works best at the start of a game when your opponent has little defense) Also never ever try drone a Miner whens its on ore as the Terror Drones slow down on it, this gives the miner and easy shot.

TERROR DRONES IN FLAKS: Terror Drones in flaks are very useful. All you do is fill a Flak with Terror Drones and drive it into the enemy tanks, when the flak is killed all the drones will drop out of the flak and land right next the enemy tanks. This is when they jump in the tanks and cause havoc.

TERROR DRONES KILLS DESOLATOR: Terror Drones can kill Desolators without even getting damaged. So if you have a big pile of troops and tanks in the middle of the map trying to hold your position and you see your enemy sending Desolators to try kill them. Don't worry, just have some drones as backup and those Desolators will not be a problem. Terror Drones can also not be taken by Yuri's.

Saturday, March 24 Posted by: microtank Tanya + IFV + Bridges

Here is a very useful tip when using Tanya's and IFV's on maps with bridges, e.g. Hammer and the Sickle.

What you do is put a Tanya in an IFV so your opponent will probably think that it's just a GI man in the IFV. Then just before he crosses the bridge with his units get your very fast IFV there at the bridges hut (the part where you can repair the bridge) and wait till most of his tanks are on the bridge and coming, then just eject the Tanya from the IFV and blow the bridge; BAM all tanks sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Wednesday, March 21 Posted by: Rob US Paradrop Tactics

Paradrops are very powerful; if used correctly. If you manage to deploy 8 GI's then they will easily kill any dogs that may be sent at them - but if there are dogs underneath them when they land, then they will be killed in a matter of seconds. So the thing to do is to make sure that you drop them away from enemy dogs/pillboxes. Try to drop them somewhere conspicuous, but make sure at the same time, that they aren't too far away from your enemy's base. If you manage to get into an enemy's base then you must aim to get one of your paratroopers to become an Elite - do this by destroying an ore refinery or another important building. Then destroy the barracks and the power source; then destroy any war factorys and so forth.

Paratroopers can also be used to plug gaps in the map; they are especially useful for this if your opponent has you cornered in your base. If you think carefully about where to drop and what to do with your paratroopers then you will have a large chance of causing serious damage in the enemies base. You have to make sure that you don't just carelessly order them to land anywhere.

Many players paradrop all their GI's into one big group - and then attack. Don't do this! The idea of paradrops is to cause unexpected chaos - they are for surprise attacks behind enemy lines; if your enemy sees you building a large group of GI's from a paradrop then he will simply counter it.

Paradrops are also useful for destroying an enemies economy - but not so much the Soviets, as war miners easily handle paradrops. If you drop a group of paratroopers on an ore field that an Allied opponent is using then you will force him to take action; he will have to mount an attack in order to regain control of the ore field.

Conclusion & FAQ

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