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Chrono CommandoChrono Commando

Method: You'll need an allied barracks and must infiltrate an allied battle lab.

Description: This guy is extremely useful. He has a powerful machine gun which kills infantry instantly and is capable of decimating tanks! As if that wasn't enough, the guy carries around C4 - and because he can chrono, he can destroy an enemy base in seconds. ($2000)
Yuri PrimeYuri Prime

Method: You need a soviet barracks and must infiltrate a soviet battle lab with a spy.

Description: Moves around a lot more quickly than your average Yuri - and its range is literally the whole screen on 800x600 resolution! This unit can cause absolute havoc due to its fantastic range. Unfortunately you can only buy one Yuri Prime at a time. ($1500)
PSI CommadoPSI Commando

Method: You need an allied barracks and must infiltrate a Soviet battle lab.

Description: Essentially another variation of Yuri. This unit's range is nowehere near as good as Yuri Prime's, but the fact that they carry C4 around as well does make them somewhat useful - though we don't rate these guys too highly. ($1200)
Chrono IvanChrono Ivan

Method: You need a Soviet barracks, and must infiltrate an Allied Battle lab.

Description: This unit is very versatile. Ideal for destroying allied harvesters and for jumping up onto tanks and sticking his dynamite on them. Place a couple of these units into an enemy base, keep them away from infantry/sentry guns and it's almost game over. ($1200)
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