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» Ash Versus Waraddict

Winner: Ash

Ash's Story:
As per usual I began my attack on the Harvester, throwing my only C4 down on its gigantic tyres and firing off a few shots; but I then heard "GDI Harvestor under attack" then began to get shot, and swung widely around. I looked at the tunnel entrance underneath the cliff, but in the very corner of my screen I saw Wara sat happily in my bunker firing away - so, I turned and fired.

At least, I would have if I could. My mouse decided to lock up at that moment, so hastily using the arrows I turned and sought shelter behind the hill. I ran in a straight line down the passage on the left of the mount (by where a short tunnel leads to the tiberium) and Wara did the same: luckily my default-centered cursor was perfectly positioned to get him in the head, and I was saved. Following that was a 6 minute peace while I cleaned my mouse (we're honest players....sometimes) and once the hairball was ripped out we resumed play.

I headed straight for the PT and bought myself a Med. tank with an Engi, then proceeded to the middle of the map; Wara's Harvester was there again so I let off a few shells, and then Wara came out in a Buggy, of all things. While he tickled my tank I bashed up his vehicle to one block of health, so he burned it up the hill and back to his base.

Happily carrying on I began to pummel his Airstrip, until I saw the Transport Plane: from my position I couldn't see what it was, and after several seconds of nothing I resumed my onslaught of the Airstrip. Then to my right a missile shot from a materialising Stealth tank, and the battle was hard; but because I had "lock camera to turret" on I could attack him without having to move the tank itself. With a little bit of health left I jumped out to repair, climbed back in just as Wara attacked me with a Stealth soldier and his C4. One shell later, that particular threat was negated.

I hit the Airstrip again, then another Stealth tank came out, but now I could get a shot on it, so before it got too close for comfort it was already destroyed. Now annoyed at how his tanks were no match for mine, he settled into the Airstrip with an Engineer.

Wara was repairing the Airstrip well, so I drove in right up to the Obelisk blasting away, then the second turret destroyed my tank. Because I was so close to the Obelisk I got in, covered the entrance with Proxies and put all my C4 on the MCT. I detonated the Remote's, but realized I was trapped, so instead of letting Wara get the kill and points I stood right next to the explosion and was taken out with the Obelisk.

I had a nice amount of cash in the bank now, so a Mammoth was the tank of choice, along with a Hotwire. It was slow going, but I was finally in the middle of the map (Mammoth's aren't the fastest mode of transport you can get). A Mendoza popped out from the top of the hill and began to shoot me, taking refuge behind the hill-face whenever I tried to shoot. Regrettably I gave up the hunt, and made my way to the defenceless base, hitting the Airstrip once again. Mendoza made his return, but sheltering behind the Obelisk did him no good, and a well timed shell brought his demise - a joyous time for everyone besides Wara, of course.

From then I destroyed the Airstrip without a problem, and tagged another kill while hitting the HON. The Power went down from my Hotwire's Remote C4, because a C4 placed by Wara went off on my tank (I dared not get out in case he sneak up and nick it, but I got another kill with the Mammy anyway).

It was just the Refinery left to go, but with my trusty pistol I got yet another kill, and ran across the Airstrip to the Refinery. Timed C4's down, my one remote, and with a cheerful set of explosions Wara's chances of a come back were down the drain. Good game

Waraddict's Story:
I started off as a Standard Infantry, thought I'd play one of Ash's typical tricks of going for the Harvester at the start so I preceded through the large base tunnel then through the small tunnel beside the Tiberium patch, I placed a Timed C4 on his harvester then I conveniently waited in the GDI Bunker for Ash to attack mine, he did, I took a few shots at him but not enough to kill him. He then moved away in such a manner that I figured out he was going to sneak up to me, so headed in his direction to finish him off, we intercepted each other underneath the natural terrain bridge and with his lucky aiming he killed me!

Finding myself back at base, I figured his next move would be the Hotwire move through the tunnel beside the power, I bought a Buggy and an engineer to go with it, and waited there, I had the buggy because, just in case he was attacking my harvester again I'd drive out and crush him good, nothing happened for too long, too long because I knew by then He'd have something a buggy can't manage, I heard my harvester was under attack again, I moved out and I was right, it was a medium tank. I just drove right through the Tiberian Field shooting at it while it ripped armour of my buggy, and so I cowardly retreated going along the "high road" from the GDI side. I C4ed the dam thing because I didn't want any empty vehicles in my base, its a good thing to do this as there have been too many times in Ren games that a free vehicle was lying around for the attacker. I knew what to do, I'd blast his ass off with a stealth tank, simultainiously he had started attacking the Airstrip and so I rushed up to intercept his medium tank, I failed, I had damaged him done to a bit of red left but I knew the sneaky ******* had a Hotwire inside to repair the vehicle b4 I could touch it again, even so I attempted to pick off his Hotwire with a stealth soldier while he repaired, no such luck, he had it fully repaired already and because I had enemy on radar on he made quick work of my stealth soldier too, after another failed attempt to destroy him with another Stealth tank and odd base repairs in between Ash decided to get into my obelisk by driving up with his tank, he lost it, but he got in and blew my defence, I had spotted this and tried repair on the outside as he had proxies on the door and the timed C4 were about to blow but of course it was too late.

Finally I got pissed off with how useless my Nod vehicles were against his GDI vehicles and so I took an Infantry strategy instead, Mendoza. Straight away I made it for the tall point of the map in the middle and from there I kept my eyes both on the GDI front entrance and on the tunnel, then it came round the corner of the GDI base entrance, a Mammoth Tank, typically him I thought. And so like a hoping rabbit I started blasting at him with the Volt Rifle, he made several attempts to kill me as I picked armour off his vehicle as it went from his base to mine. Finally the Mammoth went out of view when it went into my base at a quarter of its energy, he would be expecting me to go straight after him I thought, so I took the tunnels instead at started shooting at him at the front. Finally he killed me, I bought a Stealth Soldier and made another attempt at him in my base, no such luck. after destroying my Airstrip and my Hand of Nod I just placed Timed C4 on him which I think he didn't notice, the Mammoth Tank was Destroyed but unfortunately that ***** of a Hotwire went right into my power and I had to kiss it bye bye.

It was then I knew I was truly screwed, only one or two minutes to go and he had roughly 6000 points while Ash had a little over 1000, I just went out as ordinary infantry and picked up a sniper rifle, then I thought I'd just go for the peak again, it was then I saw a medium tank come out of the base, and stop. "Where are you?" Ash messaged, "As if i'm going to tell you" I replied and as I finished typing that he shot at me straight on, I found myself back at base, then time ran out.

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