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» f1reburn Versus Erikmcfar - Rematch

Encounter on the high seas

Now for General F1reburn this was a venture into parts unknown. He had been warned strongly by allies that Admiral Erikmcfar's dominance upon the high seas was beyond doubt. They further reeled at his plans when they learned that they were to wage the battle in a region almost totally unknown to F1reburn, yet like the back of his own hand to Erikmcfar. The battle took place at around 4pm local time with both factions settling into their main isles to begin battle. They were separated by a sea which was only broken up by a few small islands which had no resources and no room for the expansion of any forces. Both sides begin to acquire the local resources from the ore fields and the oil reserves to fund their war efforts. F1reburn opted to build a war factory before a naval yard and then a radar centre to assess the situation and acquire information about Erikmcfar's plans before he finalised his own. Erikmcfar, however, couldn't wait to establish his presence in the area and he immediately began patrolling the region with a new fleet of destroyers.

A successful paradrop by ErikmcfarDuring the inevitable lull that occurred during the time when both sides were busy building up their forces they both exchanged drops of Paratroops, which were purely on reconnaissance duties as each base was far too well defended to be penetrated by such small and insignificant forces. They allowed F1reburn to see that he was behind as he only had two naval production centres whereas Adm Erikmcfar had three. Anxious to crush the upstart, F1reburn, erikmcfar launched a first strike against the main body of F1reburn's fleet that was anchored near his naval base. In the ensuing carnage both sides took heavy casualties and damage, but F1reburn was able to the majority of his surface fleet intact. Forcing Erikmcfar to withdraw to the east. However, this celebration was short lived for as a well placed paradrop by Erikmcfar was able to force F1reburn to sell his Battle lab and managed to take out a power plant before they were slaughtered. He soon realised that he should build another Naval Yard and catch up in production, or otherwise he would be eliminated in a short battle. He managed to put up a third yard but when he wasn't looking, a crafty move from Erikmcfar saw him sneak some dolphins around the back of F1reburn's fleet to once again to reduce him to two yards. This enabled Erikmcfar to go full speed ahead in production and to launch his next attack.

Erikmcfar shows his naval battle skills.This attack concentrated its efforts on F1reburn's forces from two positions, leaving the Generals fleet in 'No-mans land'. F1reburn's naval task force had been eliminated. Erikmcfar's camps were rejoicing at the thought of victory, knowing that the General had not yet been defeated by the previous Cabalian empire, or any such establishment since. Erikmcfar now believed that he was in for an easy ride to victory now that he controlled the waters. But he had not counted upon F1reburn's excellent land resistance which is well-known and revered by all. F1reburn essentially began to 'shut up shop' by selling off his remaining structures and settling into the centre of his island and building up his anti-air defences, knowing that Erikmcfar would release a fleet of Aircraft Carriers, which have become the largest reason for his domination during Naval skirmishes. Erikmcfar took too long to capitalise upon the misguidance within F1reburn's ranks and F1reburn was able to amass an army of around 25 IFV's to counter air attacks along with a large supply of power to provide the juice for his anti-air Patriot missile batteries.

Naval Power. Cat and Mouse. F1reburn playing the waiting game.F1reburn initiated a game of cat and mouse where he would attack Erikmcfars ships if they came within range and then retreat while firing away at the Hornet attack jets above. This resulted in minimal losses for the General, which made Erikmcfar rethink his plans. However it didn't take Erikmcfar long to realise that he was attacking in the right way, just in not a large enough capacity and he also realised that F1reburn was fending off his attacks because of the income he was receiving from his oil fields which was enabling him to produce more IFV's and patriots and a reasonable rate. He now mounted a larger fleet and concentrated all of his efforts on the south side of F1reburn's island which was home to the derricks, however a strike from around 15 Hornet jets saw one of them demolished, with the subsequent explosion obliterating the neighbouring one. This crippled General F1reburn who now mounted substantial losses from the blitz which was raining down. Victory was at hand for the INL. However, a poorly coordinated invasion of the island along with insufficient forces led to the repulsion of the invading army. F1reburn was still alive, but just by a thread. A second invasion was planned, this one would not be as hastily put together. Erikmcfar had plenty of time as his hornets were running constant sorties against anything that was in range. A grand armada consisting of four transports, and six destroyers finally set sail from Erikmcfar's base their destination was Spud Beach. This time they would not be denied. Despite a valiant effort on the part of the SLS. The combination of destroyer/carrier aircraft bombardment and a substantial invasion force there was nothing more F1reburn could do. The invasion rolled into F1reburn's former base that had only moments ago been abandoned. Victory for Erikmcfar and the INL.

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