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» f1reburn Versus Erikmcfar

The Battle of Little Big Lake

The morning of Sunday March 3, 2002 started off as usual for the residents of Little Big Lake. However, their fragile community would be the center of a global conflict. Still recovering from a battle between F1reburn and Jim a few months ago. At the end of the day this peaceful fishing and farming community would find itself having to rebuild, again. Increasing expansion and domination my the rebel forces of General F1reburn has sparked the Imperious Naval League, a merciless empire that controls all travel and trade on the high seas, headed by the greedy dictator Erikmcfar. With the previous rebelling and conquering of the Cabalian Empire late in the year 2001 and establishing themselves among the ranks of the elite of the armies of the world. Erikmcfar fearing that F1reburn would threaten naval assets in the region, Erikmcfar, dispatched his army to stunt the upstart empire and reaffirm the INL status in the world.

In the early morning hours General F1reburn's scouts spotted the approaching INL army from the north through the mountains. F1reburn quickly took up positions in the resource rich south side of the map, while Erikmcfar was forced to settle the north side the lake. The initial actions were less than spectacular each exchanging some dog scouts to reveal exact positions. F1reburn took the early economical leads as was to be expected early tank production was equal and both sides invested heavily in airborne infantry, the rocketeer. Each empire having the same weaponry bought or stolen early in armament. The two sides began to build their forces after Erikmcfar massed a few sticks of paratroopers he struck at the resource rich east side of the map, however, F1reburn was already there with infantry and anti air(ifv) divisions, which countered Erikmcfars superior rocketeer force, Erikmcfar's troops were cut to pieces in the ensuing battle and one of his miners was also destroyed.

In a mad fury he unleashed a platoon of tanks to seek revenge on the remaining F1reburn infantry divisions which were quickly dealt with, but Erikmcfar's tank platoon retreated to the safety of his base when F1reburn arrived with reinforcements. At this point the game went into a stalemate where both sides where focused on building up their forces. While Erikmcfar was busy keeping pace with F1reburn's tank production. F1reburn had begun to construct his fleet in the lake to break the stalemate. Erikmcfar noticed this, but did nothing, realizing that he was stretched in resources at the moment and decided his only chance of victory would be in destroying F1reburn's army. Erikmcfar's position became increasing hopeless as F1reburn sailed into the middle of the lake. Erikmcfar needed a miracle. He got it when two F1reburn miners strayed too far north and where plastered by Erikmcfar's huge armored army consisting of mainly grizzly battle tanks. However, this is a case of too little too late, the dictator's fate had been sealed his base was shrinking due to the hornet air raids that he could do nothing about. Erikmcfar's only chance of victory comes at a last ditch tank thrust into the teeth of F1reburn's defenses.

As dark approached in the ensuing slaughter both sides took heavy losses and even the superior numbers of mostly grizzly and a few mirage tanks Erikmcfar armor could not penetrate the F1reburn position guarded by a large army of mirage and grizzlies also with fixed pillboxes and deployed bazooka troops. Victory was at hand for F1reburn. His fleet in the lake pounded away at the last of Erikmcfar's war machine as the remaining elements of F1reburn's army rolled and occupied the north side of the lake. The remaining Erikmcfar units were fleeing north to await evacuation from the sea. F1reburn had proven his status in the world and is a force to be reckoned with. Mass celebrations erupted in all F1reburn's camps and when word reached his capital there was immediate celebrations and a national day of celebration was proclaimed for the rest of the night.

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