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» f1reburn Versus Cabal - The Rematch

The tension in the air was so strong that I had to wipe off my monitor to see. The eager anticipation of the rematch (on the same map of course and the same teams) was heightened by the endless rounds of miscommunication and WOL screw-ups.

The match started with F1reburn slinging insults at Cabal, his computer and his internet connection (because of the slow load up). Both competitors flew into doggy production, both with three. F1reburn reached the middle first and was able to defeat Cabal's Expeditionary Dog Force. F1reburn had taken the middle, with two dogs surviving, one stayed put and the other went and guarded the bottom derrick on Cabal's side of the map. Cabal was in deep trouble, he could have been cut out of one of his derricks, however, in a critical error F1reburn's dog went to scout in the opposite direction that Cabal's engineer was coming from, Cabal secured the derrick and the quest for domination could continue.

F1reburn takes the middleMeanwhile, F1reburn secured his position by getting an engineer/IFV and a GGI/IFV to the middle, followed by a few GI's and a few grizzlies. F1reburn was looking to dominate, he began building towards the middle, while Cabal was regulated to building a refinery near his airport. After a failed paratroop in F1reburn's base, which was stopped by a pillbox and a few rocketeers. This was a dark time for Cabal. He was falling behind in units and in credits. He needed something to get him back into the game and instead of going for the attack, he decided to go on the defensive, using his paradrops to defend his base. F1reburn finally got a glimpse of Cabal's base at the cost of two rocketeers.

In the NavyAfter Cabal's battle lab went up, I was for certain that he was going for the dreadnought rush, and a few moments later I was correct in my assumption when his naval yard plopped up, however F1rebrun hadn't seen that part of the base and his activities went unnoticed. However, by odd chance F1reburn's next paradrop was exactly next to Cabal's naval yard, his plot had been discovered and after F1reburn's own battle lab went up, he countered Cabal's naval threat. Instead of risking a dreadnought Cabal decided to build up his sub fleet. And after a few dolphins came out of F1reburn's naval yard, then moments later a Cabal's naval fleet engaged F1reburns. However, F1reburn had the home-field advantage with fighting by his naval yard and this was Cabal's undoing. He just didn't have the forces to keep beating off F1reburn's dolphins and the supporting mirage tanks, he was defeated a few moments later. However, F1reburn didn't take advantage to go and finish off his Naval yard, could this be a mistake? Would it come back to haunt him? Stay Tuned.

Run Away! Run Away!Moments later, the sun roof opened on Cabal's primary war factory and out came a brand new kirov. F1reburn's lines where in horror, this could be the end, because Cabal had a sizable rhino army. However, Cabals, new kirov obviously came with an inexperienced crew as they could not make up their mind of the target (first they were going to for his base, then his mirage tanks) and its slowness, finally was taken down by a combination of a battle fortress and a GGI/IFV. F1reburn took a sigh of relief and Cabal's hand going through the wall could be heard clear across the Atlantic. Cabal was really in a hole, we was behind F1reburn by about 5000 credits. Then his situation became even more grim when suddenly F1reburn's units disappeared underneath the protection of a gap generator.

Say Goodbye to your NavyHere comes the SunThe game came to a pause, with both sides building up their navies (F1reburn building only dolphins and Cabal building only subs) and their armies. And for the first time in the game F1reburn had seen what he had been anticipating the entire game - the desolator, four of them to be exact. Cabal also constructed two flack tracks one for transport and one for decoy. At the same time Cabal launched his second attack against F1reburn's TWO naval yards. Which was in vain and it led to the destruction of his sub fleet and his naval yards (left). Now Cabal was desperate, he had be defeated at every turn, he needed a break, he needed a miracle. Then he remembered his desolators which he packed up into their flack tracks and sent them into F1reburn's lines. The flack track carrying the desolators was destroyed, exposing them, one desolater down, then another, it looked bleak for Cabal, then when all hope had been lost two of his desolators finally deployed exposing F1reburn's army to the radiation (right). His GI's were melting left and right, his once proud prism army was reduced to a fraction of its size, several of F1reburn's mirages were also smoking. Cabal say his chance to attack, he then positioned his army of rhino's and conscripts in position for the attack.

In positionThe Attack Begins The tide turnsCabal with the edge

The attack began with Cabal throwing his armor divisions into the teeth of F1reburn's defensive positions, the first few tanks falling to F1reburn's tree army. However, the waves of rhino's kept coming and with his battalion of conscripts going the fight. Cabal seemed to have the advantage as his tanks seemed to be overpowering F1reburn's counterparts. It seemed that F1reburn would be defeated after dominating the entire game. However, the combination of the prism tower and deployed GI's and Cabal's failure to cut the power was his undoing. As his miners where no match for the combined power of a few prism towers spelled their doom and the end of Cabal's hopes of victory.

There will be no retreat! 3rd Army to the RescueDuring the engagement both sides had continued to build up their forces, and F1reburn had built up a nice fleet of four carriers that had begun to pound Cabal's base, he added another carrier to his fleet, however his fleet ventured too close to the cliffs and Cabal's semi-rebuilt army and he was able to send one packing to the bottom of the sea. After a few more moments and a few more rhino tanks, Cabal sent his entire army to the bottom and for one last hurrah (left). The campaign was a doomed from the beginning. In a quasi-battle of the bulge, with Cabal having a slight advantage at the beginning, was quickly stopped and destroyed by F1reburn's rebuilt mirage army (right).

Cabal's empire is crumbling Tora, Tora, Tora F1reburn went into serious mirage tank production, with almost 10000 more credits, he was able to produce them constantly while Cabal only had something new every minute or so. After a few paradrops and a few more sorties by F1reburn's fleet reduced Cabal's main base to nothing more than a war factory and a battle lab, Cabal's last purchase with the advantage of his battle lab, was a siege copter that slowly but surely cleared out the invading paratroopers, then F1reburn took his impressive tree army and began to conquer the territory that had been the source of the last Cabal invasion and it was reduced to ruble in a matter of moments. Cabal's lone siege copter offered the only resistance as it only was able to destroy one.

To the Death! All good things must come to an end After a series of unsuccessful paradrops by cabal, he retreated his remaining forces to his airport protected by about a platoon of conscripts, his siege copter and a sentry gun. They offered little resistance to F1reburn's massive army, when all of Cabal's defenses had been defeated he circled the last remaining structured and wiped it off the face of the earth faster than you can say. "To the Death!." With the victory F1reburn extends his battle report record to 3-0 (2-0 against Cabal and 1-0 vs. Jim), come to think of it he's been in every battle reported game, so he's won every battle reported game. This is something that will have to be changed...

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