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» f1reburn Versus Jim

Len1917 (Jim, Iraq) vs. F1Reburn (Paul, USA)

Today's match was strange, not because RA2 was more laggy than usual, but because both players (Paul and I) both hadn't played RA2 in a looooooooong time. This was to set the tone for the rest of the day, with many an opportunity for victory going a begging. On LBL mistakes are usually punished in a few clicks, but today, everything was different.

What was even more strange was the one sided-ness of the scouting. As usual a whole number of dogs were dispatched, and yet it was Jim's who prevailed, uncovering vast tracks of F1's territory virtually unopposed, only stopping to occasionally munch an enemy dog.

With victory within a hair's breadth, it seemed inevitable that a 3 tank rush of Jim's would easily crush F1's poorly designed base. But it was not to be. Skillful positioning of a few Grizzlers and a battalion of GI's spelled doom for Jim. He gayously drove his 4 precious rhinos, safe in the knowledge that aerial cover was provided by a flak track, and that those GI's were mere meat for his dogs teeth.

Alas, fate does not come without a sense of irony. Despite protestations about messing up his build order, it soon became clear that F1 was trying to pararush. They were rapidly melted by a desolator. Meanwhile Jim moved his dogs up to the enemy ranks. In a daring and superbly executed maneuver, The infantry retreated and the dogs were slaughtered by the grizzlies. As Jim frantically charged forward with his tanks, amidst many an expletive over the chat window, the Tank force was lost.

As both forces retreated, It soon became clear Jim's nemesis was infantry. In the mean time, both players consolidated their forces in a phony war, broken only by the faint rattle of a terror drone.

As Jim's battle lab went up however, things changed forever. Followed by a naval yard, this combination could mean only one thing - IT'S DREADNOUGHT TIME! Due to a cunning plan however, Jim ordered a Dreadnought at exactly the same time as a Kirov. As these brutes began to rumble to their targets however, F1 was already pumping out IFV's at quite a rate. Jim's army had one final spasmatic chance of victory.

And for just one second it looked like he might pull it off. As F1's structures began to fell one by one, the taunting keys on Jim's keyboard were dusted off and put into action. Around 50% of his base was destroyed.

But the cackling laugh of Tanya brought Jim's hopes crashing down to the bottom of the ocean. As the kirov fell from the sky also, F1 proved that apart from having been playing YR for 6 weeks, he can still OWN at Ra2.

But in the traditions of the third Reich, Jim held his position to the last man. Moving his MCV up to the top of the lower left hand corner cliff, he surrounded it with fanatic rhino tanks, an Apoc, and a Flak track. Just down from the slope lay a deadly combination of 7 Terror Drones and 3 Desolators. Knowing defeat was in the air, as F1's tanks tore through his base, Jim sold up and prepared to be boarded.

In one final act of tremendous valour, The Desolators and Terror Drones actually held off the 12 or so opposing Grizzlies. And alas another opportunity for defeat was lost. With F1 still failing to see why I wasn't dead (My MCV was still there, so Quick Match continued), ultimately, with no base and failing guards, the high pitched whirl of the Harrier was the solemn beat to Jim's funeral.

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