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» Mission Six - To the Moon

Location: The Moon!
Par Time: 45 minutes
    Mission Objectives:
  1. Find a location to build a base
  2. Locate and destroy Yuri's lunar command center
  3. Finish off all remaining Yuri forces.
    Mission Parameters:
  • n/a
Yuri plans to launch himself to the moon after initiating his psychic dominator wave over earth. We need to install a base on the moon so we can build an attack force capable of destroying Yuri's moon bases and his Lunar Command Center.

Starting UnitsStarting StructuresReinforcements
  • 3 Rhinos
  • 5 Cosmonauts
  • 1 MCV
  • N/A
  • N/A

  • Walkthrough:
    Unlike your average map, there is no ore on the moon; so you will have to be very careful with your money (you are given 70,000 at the start. The best place to build a base is in the bottom right hand corner of the map. The map is a very long but narrow one; with Yuri's Lunar base located right at the bottom of it. Use your starting cosmonauts to scout around with; but when you see any Yuri bases make sure you scout no further in that direction as they have gattling gun protection. Your basic build order should be:
    PP Barracks Radar War Factory Battle Lab Industrial Plant Nuke Plant
    Build 15 cosmonauts as soon as your barracks is up; they will help to defeat any Yuri cosmonaut attacks.

    Yuri will send a few different types of attacks at you; cosmonaut attacks, gattling tanks attacks, mastermind and gattling tank attacks and UFO attacks. Once your war factory is up build 1 flak track and 1 rhino. Use the flak trak in co ordination with your cosmonauts to take out enemy air attacks; use your tanks to take out the gattling tank attacks; the mastermind and gattling tank attack is harder to deal with. Use all of your tanks and your cosmonauts on the mastermind as soon as possible; then attack the gattling tanks.

    After these few attacks are over the enemy may send lasher tanks as well as rocketeers; use your rocketeers to take out the tanks as early on as possible; and use your flak trak (which should be elite by now - make sure you let it get in the action in order for it to become elite) to take out enemy cosmonauts. By now your industrial plant should be ready. Que 5 rhino tanks and 1 terror drone; use the drone to scout up the map.

    After you have about 10-12 rhinos build 1 more flak trak and then just que apocalypse tanks; their anti air abilities will be useful as well as their very powerful cannons.

    The first base you should take out should be the one on the left in the middle of the map. Send your cosmonauts to the very left edge of the map; now take out the bio reactor at the front of the base; your rocketeers will be able to take this out and the psychic tower next to it without going in range of the gattling cannon; once they are destroyed move 5 apocalypse tanks up the edge of the map. Destroy the walls, walk in, take out the barracks,mcv, bio reactor and gattling gun. Now send in your cosmonauts to finish off the rest of the base; don't let your apoc tanks go in range of any of the psychic towers! Whilst doing this you should have at least 3-4 flak traks at your base to fend off enemy air attacks. Once the base is destroyed a money crate will be left behind; collect it. Now move your forces back to your base.

    To take out the base on the right hand side follow this method: send 5 apoc tanks backed up by 3 flak traks; destroy the southern perimeter of the base; using the apoc tanks to take out the structures and the flaks to wipe out enemy cosmonauts. Then take out the left hand side of the base with your apoc tanks - make sure you keep them out of range of the psychic tower. Once the gattling guns on the left hand side of the base are destroyed, send in your cosmonauts to take out the psychic tower. Now withdraw them and use your apocs to finish off the rest of the base; once it is destroyed be sure to collect the money crate that will be left behind. Start queing cosmonauts and rhino tanks with the rest of your money.

    Once finished taking out the right hand base you should take out the one in the top left corner; send the force you just used against the right hand base to take it out. When you get there use your apoc tanks to take out the gattling guns near the entrance and then your cosmonauts to take out the two psychic towers (you will sustain some cosmonaut losses but it isn't important). Make your way into the very top left hand corner of the map, taking out all structures en route, and then move eastwards across the base - destroying everything in your path. Once you are near to the lunar base order all the forces from your base to join up with your attacking forces. Now take out the lunar base and then finish off the few gattling guns and bio reactors left over. Time for the final mission.

    Allied: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

    Soviet: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

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