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» Allied Characters

President DuganPresident Dugan, US President

Dugan is the head of the Allies, official title "Allied Commander in Chief". His country, the US, is in crisis - due to the Soviet invasion - he must raise the forces to defeat the Soviets, and to prevent a wave of communism spreading across the world.
General CarvilleGeneral Carville, Military Leader

General Carville is the head of the US army - he has great experience in the arts of warfare and his knowledge will be invaluable in helping the Allies defeat the Soviet invasion.
EvaLieutenant Eva, Intelligence Officer

This chick aids you on the battlefield - supplying you with information vital to your mission. She warns you of incoming missiles and of attacks on your units or base. Whenever a unit or structure is built she informs you; making your life a whole lot easier.
EinsteinAlbert Einstein, Physicist

The Austrian genius returns; he may look a bit weird and mad but he is the Allies lead scientist - a huge asset. It is he who invented the time travel machine which stopped World War 2 - yet the consequence of that was the war with the Soviets (which the allies triumphed in).
TanyaTanya, Special Forces Commando

Tanya returns - as useful as ever. She plays a fairly influential role in the allied plot. She's the Allies top soldier - boasting valuable assets.

Soviet Characters

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