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» Mission Seven - Operation Brain Dead

Location: Antarctica
Par Time: 60 minutes
    Mission Objectives:
  1. Build a Soviet Radar
  2. Destroy Psychic Dominator
  3. Destroy all Yuri Forces
    Mission Parameters:
  • None
It's almost over Commander. Yuri's plot lies in ruins. However, he still has one last Psychic Dominator located somewhere in his stronghold in Antarctica. Bring the Abandoned Soviet base on Tierra del Fuego back on-line and build a radar dish so we can pinpoint Yuri's exact location. Then, with the combined might of Allied and Soviet forces, put an end to Yuri's plot once and for all.

Starting UnitsStarting StructuresReinforcements
  • Five engineers
  • None
  • Allied MCV
  • Three Grizzlies
  • Two Mirages
  • Two IFV's
  • One Prism

  • Walkthrough:
    You start out with a paradrop of five engineers inside the abandoned soviet base. Quickly move to capture the MCV and tesla reactor, as soon as you capture the MCV the two sentry guns come under your control. Build a barracks and build two battle bunkers on each side of your base, also repair the two garrisonable buildings and put five conscripts in each. Then build a refinery and then a war factory and then another refinery near the gem patch also build another war miner for a total of three. Build two rhino's and put them on each side of your base also add four flack tracks to defend your base after you add a radar which you should build next. Yuri will continually send attack forces via transport to your base. so be sure to have a good defense. If you want you can try to establish a navy, but there are a lot of boomers lurking in the sea, but if you can then you can pound the shores with dreadnoughts and air craft carriers.

    After a few minutes you find out where the Psychic Dominator and Genetic Mutator are, then allied reinforcements are chronoed in on the main content where Yuri's base is. The countdown for the Psychic Dominator and Genetic Mutator also begins. Immediately deploy the allied MCV and quickly tech up. Also move your tanks on the right side of your base because of an attack of lasher and a mastermind tanks. Also, immediately build a few battle bunkers and fill them with conscripts not gi's because their cheaper. Build two engineers and put them in the two IFV and send the IFV's to the very bottom left corner where you'll find a money crate and two oil derricks capture them and secure them with pillboxes and battle bunkers. It is imperative that you get there before Yuri does, otherwise in is almost impossible to root him out once he gets in.

    Start to build up an army of prisms and mirages, be sure to keep them spread out so that a Psychic Dominator attack can wipe out your whole army. Yuri will coincide a Psychic Dominator attack or Genetic Mutator attack with a land base attack of lasher tanks, magnetrons, and masterminds, if you have enough forces your shouldn't have a problem. Build a Chronosphere and transport as many prisms as you can near the Psychic Dominator and take it out. Repeat for Genetic Mutator too. When you have at least twenty prism tanks you are ready to make your initial assault. Start with the very top of his base and methodically work your way through his base you may need to keep building mirage and prism tanks incase your army gets wiped out. Just remember to attack masterminds with all of your forces together, the quicker you kill them the better.

    You should eventually be work your way through his huge base and once you destroy the last unit then you win the mission and the world is safe again. Note: You don't have to destroy the boomers that are in the sea to win the mission.

    Allied: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

    Soviet: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

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