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» Mission Five - Operation Clones Down Under

Location: Sydney, Australia
Par Time: 45 minutes
    Mission Objectives:
  1. Destroy Yuri Cloning Facility
  2. Destroy all Yuri units
    Mission Parameters:
  • None
Yuri has established a cloning facility in Sydney, Australia. It is believed that he plans to clone the world leaders. We must put and end to this operation.

Starting UnitsStarting StructuresReinforcements
  • Six Destroyers
  • Two Dolphins
  • Five GGI's
  • Three GI's
  • Two Grizzlies
  • Two Chrono Miners
  • Construction Yard
  • Barracks
  • Three Power Plants
  • Naval Yard
  • Three Patriot Missile Systems
  • Four Pillboxes
  • Black Eagle Strike

  • Walkthrough:
    You start out with a base on the north side of Sydney near the Opera House. Then you see a boomer appear and start to attack your base, but soon two dolphins and a few destroyers show up to fix that problem, then Eva shows you were Yuri's cloning city is, to the south. Then you immediately come under attack by several groups of initiates that attack your miners, a chaos drone that attacks your GGI's and four lasher tanks attack your base. Also, Yuri initiates are frequently paradropped in your base. Tip: If you want to stop the paradrops you can destroy the Tech Airport in the bottom left corner of the map.

    After you gain control of your forces send you GI's into the building directly in front of your base. Also, send your grizzlies info of that building to defend against a lasher tank attack.

    After that build three more destroyers to help against an onslaught of boomers against your naval yard. After you destroy the attack of boomers and destroying all the boomers on the map a strike of sixteen black eagles comes and destroy's the two Yuri naval yards and ending the Yuri naval threat. Also, you gain access to build black eagles. Next build an afc and a battle lab, build a spy sat, then build six prism tanks and four mirage tanks and send them towards the Yuri base.

    After the black eagles attack, send your destroyers and bombard the Yuri base near the sea, when attacking psychic towers be sure to attack with all your destroyers. You should be able to take out about all of the base near the sea. Destroy every thing in your path with your prism tanks and use mirage tanks to deal with any lasher tanks that come your way. Methodically move down the map allowing the prisms to destroy all the occupied buildings, and then wipe every thing off the map, it is not that hard the only things that pose a threat are: slave miners(minor), yuri clones, and chaos drones.

    The prism tanks have the longest range of all the units so you don't have to worry about psychic towers, gattling guns or garrisoned buildings. After you have destroyed most of Yuri's unit producing buildings he will sell them and send all of his units towards you. It is a slaughter but its fun to watch. You win when all the Yuri units are destroyed.

    Allied: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

    Soviet: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

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